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Australian Senate seat a possible path to freedom for Assange

In News on February 18, 2013 at 2:16 PM



WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange believes winning a seat in the Australian Senate would force the US and others pursuing him to back down, securing his safe passage out of the UK following his 8-month confinement at the Ecuadoran Embassy in London.

The September 14 elections in Australia could provide a platform for a man once described by Vice President Joe Biden as a “high-tech terrorist,” by raising the political stakes for those seeking his extradition, Assange explained in a recent interview with Australian website The Conversation.

By winning a seat in Australia’s upper house, “the US Department of Justice won’t want to spark an international diplomatic row,” Assange was quoted as saying.

“It will drop its grand jury espionage investigation. The Cameron government will follow suit,” he continued, adding that “the political costs of the current standoff will be higher still” if UK authorities insist on blocking his safe passage out of the country.

In January, Assange submitted his application to the Australian Electoral Commission, paving the way for his 2013 senatorial bid in the state of Victoria. Senate nominations are likely to close on August 22, and the six-year term of office would commence on July 1, 2014.

Australians living abroad can enroll to vote and run for Senate if they have left Australia within the past three years, and intend to return within six years of their date of departure. Assange said the last time he visited Australia was in June 2010.

Assange was dismissive of technical objections to his candidacy, and refuted claims that he was a traitor to his country, or that he had violated section 44 of the Australian constitution by being under the “acknowledgement of allegiance, obedience or adherence to a foreign power.”

He is also optimistic that regardless of the immediacy of his release, a rule stipulating that he take up his senate seat within two months would not necessarily cripple his chances: “In that case [of not being released on time], the Senate could vote to evict me. But that would trigger a big political row. Australians probably wouldn’t swallow it.”

The landslide second re-election of Ecuadorian President Rafael Correa on Sunday plays into his strategy, as it will intensify pressure on Swedish authorities whose case against him is “falling apart,” Assange said. “The Swedish government should drop the case. But that requires them to make their own thorough investigation of how and why their system failed.”

Following his victory on Sunday, Correa, who characterized the current standoff over Assange as a problem of “neocolonialism” and not asylum, said a diplomatic solution “must be found… as quickly as possible.”

Assange has been holed up in the Ecuadoran embassy in London since June, after claiming asylum in a bid to avoid extradition to Sweden, where he is wanted for questioning on sexual assault allegations. British authorities have vowed to detain him if he steps foot outside of the embassy in light of the European Arrest Warrant issued against him.

If handed over to Swedish authorities, Assange fears he will be re-extradited to the United States to be questioned over the WikiLeaks release of thousands of US diplomatic cables.

Assange’s political hopes are married to the new WikiLeaks Party, which he plans to register soon with a 10-member national council. He believes that the party would easily clear the hurdle of attracting the minimum of 500 dues-paying members required to be registered in Australia.

When asked what the WikiLeaks Party would entail, he stressed that “maximum inclusiveness” would be key.

“The party will combine a small, centralized leadership with maximum grass roots involvement and support,” he said. “By relying on decentralized Wikipedia-style, user-generated structures, it will do without apparatchiks. The party will be incorruptible and ideologically united.”

Via RT

Lone Star College Shooting – Houston, TX LIVE STREAM/UPDATES

In Lone Star College Shooting, News, USA on January 22, 2013 at 2:40 PM


CNN Live Stream

Vodpod videos no longer available.


A Lone Star College spokesman says two gunmen shot at each other on campus and others were hurt in the crossfire.


Amanda Vasquez, s student at Lone Star College in Houston, TX, describes the shooting that took place in the hallway outside her classroom.


Student Photos Inside Lone Star College Posted on Twitter


Algeria Hostage Crisis (LIVE UPDATES)

In Algeria, Algeria Hostage Crisis, News on January 17, 2013 at 8:11 AM

“Mali” Islamists Kill 3, Take 41 Hostage in Algeria



Islamists claiming to come from Mali killed three foreigners and are holding 41 more hostage after a raid on a compound near an Algerian gas field. The attack is reportedly in retaliation to the ongoing French military campaign in Mali.

A group of several dozen heavily armed Islamic militants have reportedly repelled an attempt by the Algerian army to raid the facility where the hostages are being held. The soldiers were forced to retreat after an exchange of fire, Mauritania’s ANI news agency reported citing a source in the al Qaeda-affiliated group.

The source added that besides light weapons the militants are armed with mortars and anti-aircraft missiles.

The terrorist group using three vehicles launched an early morning attack against a base owned by Sontrach, the Algerian national oil company.

A Briton and an Algerian security guard were killed and seven people were injured in the assault, including two foreigners, Algeria’s official APS news agency said. A French national was also killed in the attack, Reuters cites a local source as saying.

The Foreign Office in London said it could not confirm that a Briton had been killed, only that “British Nationals ”were caught up in an “ongoing terrorist incident.”

“Forty-one westerners including seven Americans, French, British and Japanese citizens have been taken hostage,” a spokesman for the Islamists told the Mauritanian News Agency and Sahara Media.

He said some of the hostages were being held at the gas plant, while the others were in a nearby housing complex.

Thirteen Norwegian employees working for the energy company Statoil have also been taken hostage inside the natural gas facility, Norwegian Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg said at a news conference on Wednesday.

“We’ve asked the Algerian authorities to put the life and health of the hostages above all,” Foreign Minister Espen Barth Eide told reporters.

Algerian security forces have surrounded the kidnappers, a security official based in the region told AP. He confirmed that the militants had come from Mali, though he spoke on condition of anonymity as he was not authorized to speak to the press.

The Algerian Press Service (APS) reports that the Algerians taken hostage have been set free.

“The kidnappers are demanding the release of 100 terrorists being held in Algeria, in exchange for their hostages,” a worker at the gas complex told AFP by telephone.

“(They) have demanded that these (detained) Islamists be taken to northern Mali,”  the source added.

Algerian authorities have ruled out negotiating with the Islamist fighters, however, leaving the fate of the foreign hostages in doubt.

“The Algerian authorities will not respond to the demands of the terrorists and will not negotiate,” Interior Minister Daho Ould Kablia was quoted by state news agency APS.

The United States confirmed on Wednesday that US citizens were among the hostages.

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton telephoned Algeria’s prime minister to discuss the incident, though a State Department spokeswoman would not give any further details as they continue in their efforts to “secure these people.”

US Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta has said the US “will take all necessary and proper steps” to deal with what he described as a “terrorist attack.” Panetta did not outline what concrete actions the United States would take to deal with the hostage crisis.

An al-Qaeda affiliated group said the raid was executed in retaliation to Algeria’s decision to allow France to use its airspace to launch airstrikes against militants in Mila, where French forces have been targeting Islamists fighters since last week.

A spokesman for the group called Algeria’s attitude “a betrayal for the blood of Algerian martyrs slain by the French colonists.”

The group further said to ensure the safety of the kidnapped hostages in Algeria, the French attack on Northern Mali must end, Reuters reports.

On Wednesday French troops launched their first ground operation against Islamist rebels following six days of airstrikes.

French President Francois Hollande said on Tuesday French forces would remain in Mali until stability was returned to the conflict-torn West African state.

Via RT

Algeria Hostages Made to Wear Explosive Belts



FRANCE 24 has spoken to a French national who says he is one of the 150 hostages at the gas facility in southeast Algeria. The hostage said that they have been forced to wear explosive belts and that this militants are “heavily armed”.

FRANCE 24 spoke to one of the hostages at the BP-Statoil-Sonatrach gas plant in eastern Algeria on Wednesday, the site of a deadly pre-dawn raid in which over 150 Algerians and around 40 Western foreigners were taken by Islamist militants.

French government spokeswoman Najat Vallaud-Belkacem said Thursday that Paris could not yet confirm the presence of French nationals among those taken captive, but Socialist MP Bruno Le Roux told French radio there were “surely” some French among the group.

The man, who declined to be identified by name, told FRANCE 24 that there were British, Japanese, Philippine and Malaysian nationals among the hostages.

He said the militants simultaneously stormed the gas plant as well as the workers’ living quarters. “They came in and once there was daylight, grouped us all together.”

He said the attackers were heavily armed and forced several hostages to wear explosives belts. They threatened to blow up the gas field if Algerian forces attempted to enter the site.

FRANCE 24 could not verify if the testimony was made under duress.

Via France24

Algeria: 45 Taken Hostage by “Battalion of Blood” Escape, Dozens Remain Captive



45 hostages, including several foreigners, have managed to escape the Sahara Desert gas facility where they were being held by Islamist militants. Dozens of people remain captive, some of whom were reportedly forced to put on explosive belts.

­A group of Islamists calling themselves the ‘Battalion of Blood’ raided a compound near an Algerian gas field on Wednesday, taking dozens hostages.

They also killed a British citizen and an Algerian in an assault on a bus.

The Islamists were reportedly Malian nationals, and are demanding that French forces cease their bombardment of Mali and withdraw from the country. They have also called on the Algerian government to allow them safe passage from the facility, an unnamed official security source told Reuters.

“Battalion of Blood” Threaten to Kill All Hostages if Algeria Tries to Free Them by Force



The “battalion of Blood” has threatened to kill all hostages  if the Algerian army tries to storm the place and free the hostages by force.

The group reported that Algerian troops began to crack down on them, shooting at them, in an apparent attempt to storm the place and try to free the hostages, and added, “We will kill all the hostages if Algerian troops tried to storm the place.”

Via ANI News

Algerian Helicopters Attack Gas Plant, 2 Hostages Injured



Algerian helicopters have attacked a group of Mali militants held up in a Saharan gas facility, injuring two Japanese hostages, ANI news reports. The army moved in after 50 captives, including dozens of foreigners, escaped from the militants.

35 Hostages and 15 Captors Killed by Algerian Airstrike



A spokesman for the “Battalion of Blood” says that 35 hostages and 15 captors were killed after Algerian aircraft bombed their place of detention.

One of the kidnappers at the Algerian gas installation  told Mauritania’s ANI news agency about the government airstrikes and resulting causalities, though the information has not been independently confirmed.

Via ANI News

7 Western Hostages Left Alive



The agency says the remaining hostages are two Americans, three Belgians, one Japanese and one British citizen.

The leader of the militant group, Abu al-Baraa, was also reportedly killed in the government assault.

Via ANI News

Algerian Army Storms Plant



“Battalion of Blood” spokesman reports the Algerian army has begun the operation to storm the compound where the remaining 7 Western hostages are being held.

Heavy shelling could be heard behind the spokeman’s voice, as Algerian fighters backed by units on the ground began to try to break into the compound.

“Battalion of Blood” once again threatened to kill all remaining hostages if the troops entered the compound.

Via ANI News

ANI Loses Contact with “Battalion of Blood” Spokesman



Telephone communications were cut off shortly after the Algerian army began storming the site.

Via ANI News

US Drone Arrives Over Algerian Gas Plant



An unarmed Predator drone has flown over the BP plant where the hostages are being held to gather intelligence on the site, a U.S. official said Thursday.

Algerian State News Agency APS Quotes Official Saying Military Operation is Over


Worker at In Amenas gas facility tells Le Monde newspaper one of the militants spoke English with a perfect accent. The militants knew the complex well and were apparently of various nationalities: Egyptian, Tunisian, Algerian and one from Mali or Nigeria. When the armed forces attacked, Algerian hostages panicked and fled in their hundreds, he says.

The major military operation may be over, but the UK government has been told the plant is still being searched. It is feared that as yet unconfirmed reports of as many as 35 dead of many nationalities will prove to be correct.

Unconfirmed report by Algerian TV says four people were killed and 13 people wounded. Earlier, the hostage-takers told ANI news agency in Mauritania that 35 foreigners died.

FBI Phone Conference – Fuck FBI Friday Feb 3rd 2012

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Fuck FBI Friday Feb 3 2012

A link to a download  was the first followers on twitter were given, this turned out to be an mp3 file which had a recorded conversation between United Kingdom and American FBI agents.

The mp3 file was easily slotted with a cutaway image and uploaded to You Tube.

Initially people were sceptical saying that the recording was staged….it is 100% bone fide

In the video box are links to all the major internet news media and the FBI admitting the recording is 100% bone fide.

The mp3 was on a public file share, which was found on a public website, uploaded to a public video sharing site.

No crime there, except….. Law Enforcements Laxdæla saga and sometimes crued and debasing style of conversation data mining.

Not to mention the deliberate collusion to purposefully delay trial proceedings.

and the frivolous travel plans at the tax payers expense , learn to livestream Bruce.

Further to this is this news reporter on FOX News

This guy was just handed the brief on this in the green room…he has no idea at this point that this would be the beginning of another Fuck FBI Friday that LEA’s would not forget for some time.


Along with Fuck FBI Friday was the Haditha e-mails 

and the defacements….

Newark Police Foundation

what this has shown , yet again….in less than 140 charachters?

1. deliberate collusion between law agencies to delay court hearings.

2. People crack and purge – they spill their guts, while others stand staunch and shut the fuck up.

read the links in the video boxes at all times.

stay safe …..keep your eyes on the prize

Virgil Hesse dismantled

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As part of Operation Anti-Sec, Anonymous has hacked U.S. security company STRATFOR’s website and obtained client data. describe themselves on their twitter account :

“STRATFOR is a private intelligence company. Follow for non-ideological, independent analysis of international affairs and security threats.”

The video below shows the wall of text that met clients as they visited the website.

Pastebin : defacement.

Stratfor then came about and released this very nice letter – epilogue

Reports are that Anonymous will use the credit card information obtained to donate $1 million to charity.

Last month Anonymous announced Operation Robin Hood.

Like usual, the MSM is about 2 days behind covering this story:


Anonymous Announcement on Stratfor:

In the wake of the recent operation by which Stratfor’s servers were compromised, much of the media has focused on the fact that some participants in the attack chose to use obtained customer credit card numbers to make donations to charitable causes. Although this aspect of the operation is indeed newsworthy, and, like all things, should be scrutinized and criticized as necessary, the original purpose and ultimate consequence of the operation has been largely ignored.

Stratfor was not breached in order to obtain customer credit card numbers, which the hackers in question could not have expected to be as easily obtainable as they were. Rather, the operation was pursued in order to obtain the 2.7 million e-mails that exist on the firm’s servers. This wealth of data includes correspondence with untold thousands of contacts who have spoken to Stratfor’s employees off the record over more than a decade. Many of those contacts work for major corporations within the intelligence and military contracting sectors, government agencies, and other institutions for which Anonymous and associated parties have developed an interest since February of 2011, when another hack against the intelligence contractor/security firm HBGary revealed, among many other things, a widespread conspiracy by the Justice Department, Bank of America, and other parties to attack and discredit Wikileaks and other activist groups. Since that time, many of us in the movement have dedicated our lives to investigating this state-corporate alliance against the free information movement. For this and other reasons, operations have been conducted against Booz Allen Hamilton, Unveillance, NATO, and other relevant institutions. The bulk of what we’ve uncovered thus far may be reviewed at a wiki maintained by my group Project PM,

Although Stratfor is not necessarily among the parties at fault in the larger movement against transparency and individual liberty, it has long been a “subject of interest” in our necessary investigation. The e-mails obtained before Christmas Day will vastly improve our ability to continue that investigation and thereby bring to light other instances of corruption, crime, and deception on the part of certain powerful actors based in the U.S. and elsewhere. Unlike the various agents of the U.S. Government, the hacking team that obtained this information did not break down the doors of the target, point guns at children, and shoot down any dogs that might have been present; Anonymous does not resort to SWAT tactics, and this is simply one of many attributes that separate the movement from the governments that have sought to end our campaign and imprison our participants. Of course, such points as these will not prevent our movement from being subjected to harsher scrutiny than is given to those governments which are largely forgiven their more intrusive tactics by virtue of their status as de facto holders of power in a world that has long been governed in accordance with the dictate that might makes right.

Incidentally, many of us are more than happy to proceed according to that amoral dictate if we find it to be necessary. And, increasingly, we have found it to be so.

Barrett Brown
Project PM

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