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Tunisian PM steps down after crisis prompted by political assassination

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Tunisian Prime Minister Hamadi Jebali has announced his resignation. It comes after Jebali’s plan to form a cabinet of technocrats failed. Opposition to the proposed government came from the leader of Jebali’s own Ennahda party, Rached Ghanouchi.

“I promised and assured that, in the event that my initiative failed, I would resign as head of the government, and that is what I have done,” Jebali said in a statement.

Jebali pushed for “another solution” after the failure of his initiative to form a government of technocrats.

He met with the cabinet on Tuesday morning to say goodbye and ask them to “continue to expedite current matters,” a government member said, as quoted by Al Arabiya.

The country has been in political crisis since the killing of opposition politician Chokri Belaid, which triggered mass protests earlier this month and led to resignations from the country’s coalition government.

The murder escalated tensions between liberals and Islamists, with Belaid’s family accusing the Ennahada party of his assassination. The Islamists strongly deny the allegations. The situation has been deemed the biggest political crisis since the country’s uprising two years ago.

In addition to the disagreements surrounding the new government, there is deadlock over the drafting of a new constitution. The country’s parliament is currently divided over the nature of Tunisia’s future political system, 15 months after it was elected.

Tunisia has been rocked with violence since the revolution that toppled former leader Zine El Abidine Ben Ali in 2011.

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We Are the New Media

In Egypt, Tunisia, WikiLeaks, World Revolution on January 26, 2011 at 10:11 AM

Videos appeared at an exponential rate through all manner of web sites. The thread was handed from continent to continent, time zone to time zone over 36 hours the Tunisian revolution unfolded heralding a new methodology of internet revolution.

Tunisia – Internet revolution

Over the last three weeks it has become obvious that “the new media” have become the agents for world political change. Never before has an example of how public internet activity could bring down a government.The Tunisian revolution and the subsequent following revolutions in Algeria, Libya and Egypt are the direct result of information sharing and on-line activism. The Tunisian revolution is one of the  first direct results of the Wikileaks U.S Embassy Cablegate being used as  validation for the people of Tunisia and the subsequent over throw of the Ben Ali government.

The internet has been transformed into a minute by minute source that is refered to for world issues over the traditional media outlets.

Unprecedented change has percolated through the Arab nations and the Red Sea geography as never before seen . For the first time an Arab leader was pressured from office by public opinion.

Mainstream media were slow to take up the thread of the Tunisian revolution, and even today have still not reported on some of the incidents, such as the Kasserine massacre.

Bloggers and vloggers from all over the world filled sites with videos taken from mobile phones. Tweets by the second buzzed through optic fibre fuelling a rage which consumed the portals of popular video sites.

Along with this were the Wikileaks U.S Embassy cables which ultimately validated the protesters claims.

The cables from the Tunisian American Embassy showed how the U.S  and the European countries knew about the Ben Ali regimes appalling human rights violations.

Systemic corruption and  bribery  were outlined in the Tunis cables, unrest and the people’s suffering were also conveyed.

However the cable does not offer a possible solution but belies support for the Ben Ali regime as gate-keeper of the economic status quo in the region.

The U.S  and European countries had 100% knowledge of the conditions that the Tunisian people were suffering under, but valued its own economic status quo in the region over the Tunisian people’s rights of self-determination.

The next video shows how Ben Ali made constitutional changes which are now causing consternation amongst the Tunisian people. Ben Ali actively sought to create a vacuum of political opposition, so any  leadership for the Tunisian people is hardly represented. This is the first test that the Tunisian people will have to overcome.

Tunisians want a complete purge of the Ben Ali legacy from their constitutional proceedings. The military have embraced the protesters as have the police.

Like an inland Tsunami the people’s media revolution  spread to Algeria, Egypt and Libya….

In Egypt the 25th January 2011 will be known as “revolution day”

Your plane is waiting Mubarak……..and Hilary…..STFU!!!

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