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Kimani Gray’s Mother Speaks Out

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Days after her 16-year-old son was killed by police officers on an East Flatbush street, Carol Gray spoke to reporters, telling them that she’s “been through a lot, the past couple of days. I just buried my oldest son a little over two years ago, to a car accident, and I haven’t even found closure yet, and now, I have to place my younger boy in the same hole that his older brother’s in… Take a look at my life, and understand what I’m saying to you. I’m the mother of a teen. A teen that’s been a regular teen, as you say. They’re young, they make stupid moves.”

Police said that on Saturday night, at around 11:30 p.m., two Brooklyn South Anti Crime plainclothes officers had been on patrol when they noticed young males near 473 East 52nd Street. According to the NYPD’s statement, the cops noticed one—Kiminai Gray—”break away from the group upon noticing the police. The male… adjusted his waistband and continued to act in a suspicious manner. The officers exited their unmarked auto and attempted to engage the suspect, who turned on them, and pointed a .38 caliber revolver at the officers. Both officers fired at the suspect, striking him about the body.”

Police Commissioner Ray Kelly had said, “We have three [civilian] witnesses, two of which said that one of the officers shouted ‘Don’t move’ and ‘Freeze.’ Two witnesses also said they heard officers say, ‘What do you have in your hands?'” However, one witness claims that the teen wasn’t armed.

Kimani had previous arrests and was reportedly a member of the Bloods. Carol Gray said today, “As a mother… I want to speak of Kimani. Kimani Gray is my son. My baby. My 16-year-old baby… He’s not the public’s angel, but he’s my angel and he’s my baby and he was slaughtered and I want to know why.” She said, “He has a curfew, sometimes he’s late. Whatever time he gets there, I’ll be real happy to seem him” and pointed out that he wasn’t “at a robbery site, not at the murder scene, Kimani was killed in front of his best friend’s house, after leaving a sweet 16 party.”

A report from the medical examiner’s office said that Kimani had been hit seven times by the police officers’ bullets, three of them in the back. Carol Gray asked for justice and wondered, “Why was Kimani been murdered, and slaughtered? Why was Kimani begging for his life? Why was Kimani saying [those things] if he had a weapon? … He’s my angel, and my baby, and he was slaughtered, and I want to know why. After the first shot, why the second bullet, why the third bullet? … Just walk in my shoes, please, and understand my grief… I want justice, for his civil rights, for being an American citizen.”

City Council Member Charles Barron said they weren’t going to address the violence during vigils on Monday and Wednesday nights (the Grays have condemned the violence through a spokeperson), but did say that justice would help, “The best way to stop violence in our community is that—no pleas for peace are going to do it, just justice.”

Via Gothamist

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WWW Inventor Sir Tim Berners-Lee ♚ Sydney Town Hall 02/05/2013

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Sir Tim Berners-Lee speaking at Sydney Town Hall February, 5th 2013. Sir Tim is credited with being the inventor of the world wide web..the www. Enjoy..

Montreal Student Expelled for Exposing College Website Security Flaw

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The recent tragedy of Internet activist Aaron’s Swartz’s suicide cast the spotlight directly on MIT’s actions in dealing with this case. MIT’s actions were totally at odds with their rhetoric of being a University that believes in open access. More fundamentally however, it brought into focus how a university differs from any other public institution in supposedly standing for educational ideals, for enquiry and for nurturing the development of students who will go on to change the world for the better.

In this case, ideals were not in evidence and banal corporate practice kicked in. MIT administrators did their jobs unthinkingly, untouched by their context. Although some members of the faculty were opposed to the actions of the University, it seems their voices went unheeded. As a result of the publicity from Swartz’s suicide however, MIT President L. Rafael Reif launched an investigation into MIT’s role in the prosecution of the young man. It is yet to be seen what MIT will do as a consequence of this other than try and limit further damage to its reputation, and more importantly, limit any consequences for future donations from MIT alumni.

In a case that has parallels with MIT and Swartz, a Canadian student, Ahmed Al-Khabaz has been expelled from Montreal’s Dawson College for exposing a security flaw in a student system which could have compromised the security of over 250,000 students’ personal information.


The Director of Information Services and Technology at Dawson College initially congratulated Al-Khabaz on finding the flaw and promised that Skytech, the company responsible for the flawed student system Omnivox would fix the problem.

Two days later, Al-Khabaz decided to check if the flaw had been fixed by running a web site vulnerability testing software program called Acunetix. This was detected by Skytech who contacted Al-Khabaz asked him to stop the program and allegedly threatened to report the incident to the Canadian police unless Al-Khabaz signed a non-disclosure agreement.

The matter was referred to the administration of Dawson College. Al-Khabaz was interviewed by the coordinator of the program Ken Fogel and the dean, Dianne Gauvin. Then fifteen professors of the computer science department were asked to vote on whether to expel Al-Khabaz and fourteen voted yes. Any further appeals were refused.

In what is turning out to be a reputational disaster for Dawson College, it bizarrely decided to use Facebook to post a statement about the incident. The College claims that the media report only presents one side of the story and are inaccurate but that they are not allowed to discuss the details of the case because of student privacy.

Of course, as in MIT’s case, following the letter of the law, they were probably “justified” in expelling Al-Khabaz and in some ways, the student is lucky that the matter has not been referred for criminal prosecution as in the case of Swartz or others that have tried to point out security flaws on sites.

But that is missing the point. Al-Khabaz was a computer science student putting into practice skills that he had learned at the College that was now expelling him. The intent was not malicious and the consequences for the College and others if the vulnerability had been maliciously exploited would have been severe. There would have been any number of ways the College could have punished Al-Khabaz without resorting to expulsion. It is also not clear that everyone who was asked to vote on the expulsion would have really understood the nuances of Al-Khabaz’s actions – despite their teaching computer science.

The consequences for Dawson College however were immediate. Their website and Skytech’s website have been offline and unavailable all day, ironically probably as a result of someone exploiting a vulnerability in their sites.

An online petition to reinstate Al-Khabaz has been set up and already has 6,827 signatures. Media worldwide have picked up the story and companies are now apparently sending offers of employment to him. This includes an offer from Skytech of a full scholarship to a private college in order for Al-Khabaz to finish his studies.

If Dawson College thought it was making a point or example by expelling the student, it was one that had resulted in the absence of any profound thought or consideration of how educational institutions should be teaching a lesson.

Via TheConversation

Sign petition to call on Dawson College to immediately reinstate Hamed Al-Khabaz in their Computer Science program, refund all monies lost as a result of his unjust expulsion, and offer him a full public apology.

Sheriff Fred Abdalla Speaks at Occupy Steubenville 01/05/2013 #OpRollRedRoll

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Jefferson County Sheriff Fred Abdalla speaks at Occupy Steubenville protest against Big Red High football team “rape crew”.

Richard O’Dwyer Speaks in New York After Paying £20,000 Fine

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The epic battle to stop UK student Richard O’Dwyer being extradited to the United States is finally over. His excited mother Julia contacted TorrentFreak from New York with news that all necessary paperwork had been signed and that a brief court appearance had effectively ended legal action against her son. Richard thanks all those who supported him and says he is looking forward to getting his life back on track.


In 2011, Richard O’Dwyer was arrested by police in the UK for his part in the operations of TVShack, a site that listed user-submitted links to TV-shows.

Ever since the student and his mother, Julia, have been fighting an extradition battle to the U.S., where authorities wanted him put on trial for criminal copyright infringement offenses.

In March this year UK Home Secretary Theresa May approved the extradition request from US authorities. But seemingly against all the odds, last month it was announced that a deal had been struck to avoid Richard being tried in the United States.

The so-called deferred judgment agreement requires that Richard does not breach copyright in the future and orders him to pay compensation to rights holders. That amount was revealed today as £20,000, which represents the profits generated by TVShack between December 2007 and November 2010.

The agreement itself was hammered out between Richard’s legal team and U.S. authorities last week, but would not be completed until the student had appeared in court in the United States in a hearing scheduled for this week.

A few hours ago came the news that everyone had been waiting for, delivered by Richard’s mother who has worked tirelessly to fight the extradition.

“In New York now,” Julia told TorrentFreak. “Have just been to the court for sign off of deferred prosecution agreement… no extradition! Woo !”

Speaking outside the court with The Guardian, Richard said that the procedure had been very swift.

“The judge read out the terms of the deferred prosecution and I agreed to them and that was that,” he said.

While Richard said that he was very pleased that the U.S. government had decided to drop the case against him, he protested his innocence and criticized the UK government for doing little to help him.

“I still believe that I never committed any crime,” he said. “It really is a pity that the UK government didn’t try and resolve this without us having to come all the way over.”

That sentiment was echoed by Julia, who is thankful that the ordeal is now over but is disappointed by the inaction of the UK government.

“It’s just a pity that the British authorities couldn’t have allowed us to sort this out in the UK in a similar manner,” she said.

Of course, while the matter is now effectively over, there has still been a human cost.

“It’s been quite destructive to life really,” she said. “It messes up your finances, it messes up your relationships and causes stress.”

Offering a “a big thank you” to everyone who supported him throughout his ordeal, Richard said he was hoping to get back to normality soon.

“I’m just looking forward to getting back to university really, and seeing all my friends,” he said, but not before “a little celebration tonight.”

Richard and Julia will fly back to the UK today and will no doubt be looking forward to a peaceful Christmas – together, as a family.

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