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Video & Photos of Aftermath Inside Las Vegas Shooter’s Hotel Room Leaked

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New video and photos show the scene SWAT teams encountered after blowing the door off the Las Vegas shooter’s room and finding him dead inside – as authorities reveal Stephen Paddock set up cameras inside and outside the room to warn him of approaching authorities.

The video, released by BILD, shows one rifle, still on a bipod, just inside the demolished door to the suite. You can see the damage left after police blew up the door to get to Stephen Paddock, who had already killed himself by that point.

The first photos were obtained by Boston 25’s Jacqui Heinrich from police sources, showing 2 of the 23 weapons used by Paddock during his rampage. The images show the guns – one equipped with a 100 round extended magazine – on the floor of the Mandalay Bay hotel room, numerous rounds of ammunition, holographic sights and bipods. A hammer that was presumably used to break the windows of the room, which was on the 32nd floor, is also seen beside the gun.

Additional photos leaked later on Tuesday, showing a wider view of the hotel room, and uncensored images of a dead Stephen Paddock. One showing Paddock’s body on the floor of the suite surrounded by weapons and spent shell casings, the other a close-up of his face post-suicide with a revolver beside him. (Suicide photo at bottom of post due to graphic nature)

LeakSource has been unable to verify the source of these additional photos, but they may have originated on 4chan, and were first posted on Twitter by Sam Hyde.

h/t @Paulmd199 for research

LVMPD Undersheriff Kevin McMahill confirmed that the leaked photos were authentic at Tuesday night’s press conference. “I can confirm those are in fact photos from inside the room, they are in fact photos of our suspect, and as the Sheriff mentioned previously we have opened up an internal investigation to determine the source of the leaks of those photos to the public,” McMahill said.

Only the 64-year-old’s legs, torso and left arm are visible in the photo, wearing a brown long-sleeve t-shirt, black slacks, slip on loafers, and black gloves. On the floor next to him are two assault rifles, dozens of spent shells and a hammer.

One of the assault rifles has a ‘bump stock’ added to it – making it effectively fully automatic – allowing him to unleash hundreds of rounds per minute.  The branding on the gun indicates it was made by Daniel Defense, a Savannah-Georgia-based company which produces variants of the AR-15 rifle, based off the U.S. Army’s M16.

The photo also shows that Paddock may have left a suicide message. The police have repeatedly said investigations are ongoing and have yet to make public any details about his motivations.

UPDATE 10/04: Clark County Sheriff Joe Lombardo was asked about the note shown in the leaked photos, answering “it was not a suicide note, I’m comfortable in saying that.”

UPDATE 10/08: In an interview with 60 Minutes, three police officers who stormed Paddock’s hotel room said the note included hand-written calculations about where he needed to aim to maximize his accuracy and kill as many people as possible.

Officer David Newton from the Las Vegas Police Department’s K-9 unit said he noticed a note on the shooter’s nightstand once officers breached the room. “I could see on it he had written the distance, the elevation he was on, the drop of what his bullet was gonna be for the crowd,” Newton said. “So he had that written down and figured out so he would know where to shoot to hit his targets from there.”

Another photo shows how he pushed two sitting chairs together to form a cradle-like space to store at least two other rifles. Another AR-15-style rifle is seen at the foot of the chairs with an extended magazine.

Behind a nearby pillar, about 15 magazines are piled in neat stacks. It’s unclear if they are loaded or spent.

Composite image created by @Paulmd199

Police said Paddock set up cameras inside his hotel suite and in the hallway. Clark County Sheriff told reporters he thinks the shooter might have used them to watch for people approaching his room. The LVMPD Undersheriff clarified that there were 2 cameras located in the hallway on a room service cart, and another placed inside the hotel room door peephole. Police are not aware whether the devices were transmitting — the FBI is investigating their use.

UPDATE 10/04: At Wednesday’s press conference Clark County Sheriff said authorities had confirmed that the cameras – which Paddock was using a baby monitor to view – were not recording.

A SWAT team located Paddock in his room about 72 minutes after the beginning of the deadly attack – but cops estimate he only fired on the crowd for nine minutes, starting at 10:08pm.

Police say Paddock shot at officers as they breached the door, but by the time they made it into the suite, Paddock had committed suicide.

Texas Cop Fired After Shooting at Suspect 41 Times, Killing Him

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A police officer in Texas has been terminated from the force after an investigation determined that he violated official policy when he rammed his car into a suspect’s vehicle, cornered him and then fired 41 shots, killing him.

Officer Patrick Tuter shot and killed Michael Vincent Allen on August 12, 2012, but he has only now been fired more than six months later. He has spent the last half year on administrative leave while the Garland Police Department conducted an investigation that has finally concluded this week.

“Tuter has been fired because he was found in violation of two general orders of our department,” Garland PD spokesperson Joe Harn tells the Dallas Morning News“He violated our pursuit policy as well as our use of force policy.”

The events of last August occurred after Officer Tuter pursued Allen, an unarmed 25-year-old, because he was wanted for running from the police only days earlier. A high-speed chase ensued, and Tuter followed Allen in his cruiser for around 30 minutes. At that point, Tuter slammed into Allen’s pickup, reached for his gun and fired 41 shots.

Only three of the few dozen bullets entered Allen’s body, but he died nonetheless from gunshot wounds to the back, side and arm.

“I don’t see anybody reacting like that,” the victim’s father, Randy Allen, tells CBS 11 News. “41 shots, I mean, was the other police officers just standing there?”

”I can’t believe somebody didn’t tackle him and say, ‘Stop, that’s enough,’” he says. Speaking to NBC News, he adds that the officer’s use of force wasn’t just excessive. “It was excessive on top of excessive,”he says.

According to the officer’s attorneys, “Tuter did feel in fear for his life and was justified in firing his weapon.” The estate of the victim is suing the officer for wrongful-death. Meanwhile, Tuter’s attorneys have been appealing the indefinite suspension that was enacted in August and according to some report will appeal his termination.

3 Dead 2 Injured After Delaware Courthouse Shooting

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Vodpod videos no longer available.


Authorities in Delaware responded Monday morning to reports of gunshots fired inside the New Castle County Courthouse, Delaware Online reports.

Two women, including the shooter’s estranged wife, were fatally wounded in the incident. Two police officers were also transported to a nearby hospital with non-life threatening injuries. Authorities say the shooter — identified as Thomas Matusiewicz — is dead, NBC Philadelphia reports.

Matusiewicz opened fire around 8:00 a.m. inside the public lobby of the courthouse, a state police spokesperson said. He did not pass through the security perimeter located a few feet inside the front doors.

Authorities said that there are eight to 10 officers on the courthouse campus at any given time. Multiple schools in Wilmington, Del., have been placed on lockdown.

The shooter was initially identified by “police and law sources” as David Matusiewicz, who was at the New Castle County Courthouse in Wilmington on Monday morning for a child support hearing involving his three kids. Those sources now identify the shooter as David’s father, according to USA Today. Police have not yet confirmed the shooter’s identity.

The two officers were struck in their bullet-proof vests, according to Sgt. Paul Shavack of the Delaware State Police.

More from Associated Press:

By RANDALL CHASEWILMINGTON, Del. — Three people died Monday morning in a shooting at a courthouse in Delaware, including the shooter, authorities said.

Delaware State Police Sgt. Paul Shavack confirmed three people died in the shooting at the New Castle County Courthouse in Wilmington. He said the suspected gunman and two women are dead. The city’s mayor said one of the women killed was the shooter’s estranged wife, but Shavack said police had not confirmed that was the case.

Shavak said in a noon briefing that the motive was still to be determined but that it was not a random shooting. He cautioned against information coming from any other source.

Wilmington Mayor Dennis Williams said in a telephone interview that he was told the man shot and killed his wife.

Shavack said two police officers suffered non-life-threatening injuries.

He said officers exchanged gunfire with the shooter in courthouse’s lobby before he passed metal detectors. Shavack did not say whether the shooter killed the two women or whether they were killed in the gunfire. Shavack also did not say how the shooter died.

Dozens of police cars and emergency vehicles were on the streets surrounding the courthouse in the hours after the shooting, and police were searching the courthouse room by room as a precaution.

Jose Beltran, 53, a court employee who works in the building, was entering the lobby Monday morning when he heard two shots. He said he turned around and ran.

“It happened so fast,” he said, adding he heard three or more shots as he ran.

Dick Lawyer works part time across the street at the law office of Casarino, Christman, Shalk, Ransom & Doss and said his office building had been on lockdown since about 8:15 a.m. The shooting occurred about five minutes earlier. He said he and colleagues were shaken at first but calmer hours later. “We have a couple of people whose relatives work at the courthouse,” said Lawyer, who works as a document management specialist for the firm.

Robert Vess, 68, dropped off his wife, Dorothy, 69, for jury duty at the courthouse Monday morning. He said it wasn’t until after 10:30 a.m. that she was able to call him and let him know she was safe. Vess said his wife, who works as a baker at a grocery store, was crying when she called, but he thought she would be all right.

“She had said, `If I had my way, I’d do jury duty every day,’ but I don’t think so after this,” Vess said.

SANDY HOOK – The Documentary (2013)

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Mark Howitt takes an investigative look into the events and controversy surrounding the Sandy Hook elementary school shooting which happened on December 14th 2012 in Newtown Connecticut. This documentary explores several aspects and claims of details surrounding the event and is an attempt to shed some light and provide logical answers to the many questions that remain as to what happened in Newtown. Using rare news and article clips, testimonies, police audio analysis and several perspectives, it is quite clear that we are not being told the truth about what really happened. Was there others involved in the crime? Why have authorities and media provided abundant amounts of misleading information, changing the official narrative on countless occasions? These questions are being asked by a large amount of people in the public and the case is looked at in great detail to try and make sense of things and bring closure to much of the controversy in what is perhaps the biggest conspiracy since JFK.

Topics discussed include identities of multiple suspects, police audio analysis, witness testimonies, media coverage, the Lanza family, gun ban issue, intelligence agencies, examples of covert operations, project longevity, project mockingbird, fast and furious, crisis actor claims, prior drills, living victims, FEMA, advanced knowledge of attack, motive of crime, and several other aspects and anomalies.

Mark Howitt Interview w/ Press For Truth’s Dan Dicks

The Sandy Hook Controversy – Professor James Tracy on GRTV

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After writing a series of articles documenting the discrepancies and outright lies in the official narrative of the Sandy Hook shooting, Professor James Tracy of Florida Atlantic University shot to international attention when the establishment media began covering his work. Now, Dr. Tracy is left trying to explain the misinterpretations, lies and soundbites that the mainstream media is using to discredit his work. Find out more in this week’s GRTV Feature Interview.


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