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June 1st 2013

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Worldwide Protests Planned on Eve of Bradley Manning Trial – RT

(PHOTO) The Bradley Manning Cage Via @seanbedlam/Melbourne



(PHOTO) ATTENTION! Democracy is under attack in Turkey #OccupyGezi

Istanbul Taksim Gezi Park is not about trees – LibCom

What Is Happenning In Istanbul? –

Riots, barricades, street battles as police fight protesters in Turkey – RT

Istanbul Flashes Lights In Solidarity With #OccupyGezi – @KhaledAkil Via LeakSource

LIVE UPDATES: Turkish police clamp down on anti-government protests – RT

LIVE STREAM Via @RevoltIstanbul

Police jamming Occupy Gezi protester cell phones – Via Reddit

(VIDEO) Anonymous: #OccupyGezi Revolution Song


@TheRedHack publishes phone numbers of Turkish parliamentarians

Occupy Homecoming @ Liberty Plaza NYC 06/01/2013 in Solidarity with Occupiers in Istanbul


Blockupy Frankfurt

Frankfurt riot police charge into marching Blockupy activists, scuffle with protesters – RT


LIVE STREAM 2 Via @CastorTV2012

LIVE STREAM 3 Via @saitam



Woolwich murder, the MI6 connection: Younger brother of Michael Adebolajo “was paid thousands to spy in Middle East” – DailyMail

The Woolwich killing and the responsibility of Britain’s ruling eliteWorldSocialistWebSite



Hotel Breaks Law by Following Bilderberg Order to Cancel Reservations of Journalists – Paul Joseph Watson Via InfoWars



Google ordered to hand private customer data over to FBI investigatorsGuardian



Obama’s new FBI chief approved Bush’s NSA warrantless wiretapping schemeGlenn Greenwald Via Guardian

Obama appoints former Bush deputy attorney general to lead FBIWorldSocialistWebSite



Top 1% Own 39% Of All Global Wealth: Hoarding Soars As We Hurtle Toward Economic Oblivion – Michael Snyder Via TheEconomicCollapse

(REPORT) Global Wealth 2013: Maintaining Momentum in a Complex World – BostonConsultingGroup



Obama to Sign U.N. Firearms Treaty Rejected by Senate – InfoWars



The Geopolitics of Gas and the Syrian CrisisStrategicCulture

UK ready to supply arms to Syrian rebels if peace talks fail – FinancialTimes

Military Source: 2 Cylinders of Sarin Gas Seized in HamaSANA

The Chemical WMD Story is Being Used to Cover the Rebel Retreat in Syria – Mahdi Darius Nazemroaya Via StrategicCulture



Upon receiving Boreys RF’s Navy to resume strategic submarines patrol in southern latitudesItar-Tass

Russia to send nuclear submarines to southern seasReuters


Kimani Gray’s Mother Speaks Out

In #BrooklynProtest, Anonymous, News, Occupy, Police Brutality, USA, USA, Viral Videos, World Revolution on March 14, 2013 at 9:15 PM



Days after her 16-year-old son was killed by police officers on an East Flatbush street, Carol Gray spoke to reporters, telling them that she’s “been through a lot, the past couple of days. I just buried my oldest son a little over two years ago, to a car accident, and I haven’t even found closure yet, and now, I have to place my younger boy in the same hole that his older brother’s in… Take a look at my life, and understand what I’m saying to you. I’m the mother of a teen. A teen that’s been a regular teen, as you say. They’re young, they make stupid moves.”

Police said that on Saturday night, at around 11:30 p.m., two Brooklyn South Anti Crime plainclothes officers had been on patrol when they noticed young males near 473 East 52nd Street. According to the NYPD’s statement, the cops noticed one—Kiminai Gray—”break away from the group upon noticing the police. The male… adjusted his waistband and continued to act in a suspicious manner. The officers exited their unmarked auto and attempted to engage the suspect, who turned on them, and pointed a .38 caliber revolver at the officers. Both officers fired at the suspect, striking him about the body.”

Police Commissioner Ray Kelly had said, “We have three [civilian] witnesses, two of which said that one of the officers shouted ‘Don’t move’ and ‘Freeze.’ Two witnesses also said they heard officers say, ‘What do you have in your hands?'” However, one witness claims that the teen wasn’t armed.

Kimani had previous arrests and was reportedly a member of the Bloods. Carol Gray said today, “As a mother… I want to speak of Kimani. Kimani Gray is my son. My baby. My 16-year-old baby… He’s not the public’s angel, but he’s my angel and he’s my baby and he was slaughtered and I want to know why.” She said, “He has a curfew, sometimes he’s late. Whatever time he gets there, I’ll be real happy to seem him” and pointed out that he wasn’t “at a robbery site, not at the murder scene, Kimani was killed in front of his best friend’s house, after leaving a sweet 16 party.”

A report from the medical examiner’s office said that Kimani had been hit seven times by the police officers’ bullets, three of them in the back. Carol Gray asked for justice and wondered, “Why was Kimani been murdered, and slaughtered? Why was Kimani begging for his life? Why was Kimani saying [those things] if he had a weapon? … He’s my angel, and my baby, and he was slaughtered, and I want to know why. After the first shot, why the second bullet, why the third bullet? … Just walk in my shoes, please, and understand my grief… I want justice, for his civil rights, for being an American citizen.”

City Council Member Charles Barron said they weren’t going to address the violence during vigils on Monday and Wednesday nights (the Grays have condemned the violence through a spokeperson), but did say that justice would help, “The best way to stop violence in our community is that—no pleas for peace are going to do it, just justice.”

Via Gothamist

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40 Cities Around Globe Set to Protest 1,000th Day of Bradley Manning’s Imprisonment

In Bradley Manning, Manning, News on February 21, 2013 at 11:51 AM



The source behind WikiLeaks’ massive expose of U.S. foreign policy has been in jail for close to three years.

PFC Bradley Manning has been in jail awaiting trial for nearly 1,000 days for exposing war crimes, corruption, and widespread abuse. When he returns to court in Fort Meade, MD, for a pretrial hearing from February 26 to March 1, Judge Denise Lind will rule on the defense’s motion to dismiss charges for lack of a speedy trial.

As defense lawyer David Coombs said in the motion, “PFC Manning’s statutory and constitutional speedy trial rights have been trampled upon with impunity.” In court, he laid out the ways in which the government has made an “absolute mockery” of Manning’s right to a speedy trial by violating the 5th and 6th Constitutional Amendments, Rule for Court Martial 707, and Uniform Code of Military Justice Article 10. Prosecutors were supposed to arraign Manning within 120 days but took well over 600. They’re also supposed to remain actively diligent throughout the proceedings, but Coombs has showed substantial periods of their inactivity and needless delay. Manning’s due process rights have been clearly violated, and the only legal remedy is to dismiss charges. Judge Lind could dismiss charges with prejudice, if she determines the government intentionally delayed Manning’s trial, which would set the young Army private free. She could also dismiss without prejudice, which would allow the government to simply retry the case and restart the speedy trial clock. If she dismisses the motion altogether, she will condone the government’s unconstitutional delays and the deprivation of Manning’s due process rights. Manning would then proceed to trial, currently scheduled to start June 3, 2013 — over three years after his arrest in May 2010.

We’ll also hear Manning’s updated plea offer, in which he’s expected to offer to plead guilty to several lesser-included offenses, which could carry a maximum punishment of 20 years in prison.

“This allows Bradley to accept responsibility for exposing these documents to public scrutiny, and debate the merits and impact of these releases, while fighting the most serious charges against him at court martial,” noted Jeff Paterson, project director of the Bradley Manning Support Network.

The government can still charge as planned, including using the Espionage Act and UCMJ Article 104, alleging Manning indirectly “aided the enemy” simply because he knew Al Qaeda could access WikiLeaks. By the time that pretrial hearing begins, Manning will have been in jail for over 1,000 days. In response to this historic abuse, supporters around the country and around the world are planning demonstrations, rallies, and marches on February 23. From California, to Florida, to Italy, to Germany, supporters of PFC Manning will make their protests known.

More information and updates @

Via Alternet

Anonymous: #OpFkLAPD – Peaceful Demonstration @ LAPD HQ | 02/16/2013

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Come on the 16th to peacefully demonstrate armed with cameras and a Guy Fawkes masks. Join us on IRC at and follow us on Twitter @FkLAPD

We Are Legion.
We Do Not Forgive.
We Do Not Forget.
Expect Us. 02/16/13

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IDF Destroys Palestinian Protest Village Asra

In Israel, Israhell, News, OpIsrael, Palestine, Palestine, Police State, World Revolution, Zionism on January 30, 2013 at 1:26 AM



Israeli forces storm and destroy a protest village in Jenin just north of the West Bank. The camp was located next to the separation wall.

Palestinian activists set up the camp in the village of Anin and called it Asra meaning prisoners.

The move was aimed to express solidarity with the Palestinian prisoners held without charge or trial in Israeli prisons.

Clashes erupted as Israeli forces stormed the village and shot tear gas and rubber bullets at the Palestinians, which caused many injuries. Most of those injures were the result of tear gas inhalation. One Palestinian officer was also injured there.

Soldiers also arrested the brother of a hunger striker Yousef Yassin.

The Al-Asra protest village is the latest move by Palestinian activists to fight back Israeli land annexation.

Although Israel once again tried to destroy this peaceful initiative, the Palestinian non-violent resistance is gradually gaining momentum as activists continue to set up more protest tents throughout the West Bank.

Via PressTV

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