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NY Cops Handcuff and Interrogate 7-Year-Old Boy for 10 Hours Over Missing $5

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This kid was no killer — but some callous Bronx cops sure treated him like one.

Instead of earning himself a simple trip to the principal’s office, a terrified 7-year-old boy was hauled out of class, handcuffed like a hardened criminal and “interrogated” by police for a grueling 10 hours — all over a playground dispute involving $5, his family is charging.

“My son was crying, ‘Mommy, it wasn’t me! Mommy, it wasn’t me!’ I never imagined the cops could do that to a child. We’re traumatized,” Wilson Reyes’ distraught mom, Frances Mendez told The Post last night.

“Imagine how I felt seeing my son in handcuffs!’’ she said. “It was horrible. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing.”

The bizarre overreaction by cops came after the child had been accused of swiping $5 from another student after school.

The money, which was supposed to be used for a school trip that never happened, had fallen on the ground in front of Wilson and two other boys, and one of them scooped it up.

Wilson was falsely accused of taking it, and he scuffled with one of the kids.

Officers showed up at PS X114 on Dec. 4 at about 10:20 a.m., and handcuffed and held Wilson in a room there for four hours. They then hauled him off to the 44th Precinct station house for another six hours of interrogation and verbal abuse, according to a $250 million claim against the city and the NYPD.

The boy protested his innocence, to no avail.

“Reyes was handcuffed and verbally, physically and emotionally abused, intimidated, humiliated, embarrassed and defamed,” the documents say. He was then charged with robbery.

Mendez said that she and her sister first went to the station house, they were told they couldn’t see her son.

When cops finally allowed the pair to see the boy, they found the panicked kid seated in a shabby chair with his left wrist cuffed to the wall, Mendez said.

She quickly snapped a damning photo of the scene.

“My sister and I started crying when we saw him,” Mendez said.

The city’s Law Department wound up dropping the robbery charge against Wilson on Dec. 26. Inspector Kim Royster said yesterday the story was “grossly untrue in many respects, including fabrication as to how long the child was held in the precinct which was less than half of the time mentioned.”

The legal papers say another classmate later admitted the theft.

Family lawyer Jack Yankowitz — who filed the claim with the city Comptroller’s Office Monday — blasted cops over the incident.

“It’s unfathomable, what the police did. The whole thing sounds so stupid. They were interrogating him like he was a hardened criminal,” Yankowitz said.

“If you have a child, a nephew, can you even imagine this happening to them?”

But law-enforcement sources insisted that Wilson was treated like any other young suspect.

“We responded to a 911 call of a robbery and assault . . . Eventually, [Wilson] was taken back to the precinct and placed in the juvenile room,” a source said.

“He was charged with robbery. The allegation was that he punched the kid and took his money. He took the money forcibly.

“The kid came into the precinct a little bit after 3 p.m., and he was out by 7:45 p.m. . . . That’s standard for a juvenile arrest.”

School officials said the incident took place off school grounds and referred questions to the NYPD.

Via NYPost

San Jose Police Standoff with Naked Man Wielding Samurai Sword

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New Year’s morning for the San Jose Police Department included a standoff for more than two hours with a naked man brandishing a sword, who had told officers “You’re going to have to kill me” several times before he was detained.


Coco Bennett, 29, of unknown residence, was arrested Tuesday on suspicion of brandishing a weapon and possession of an assault rifle, San Jose police spokesman Officer Albert Morales said.

The incident beganat 8:05 a.m., when police responded to a 911 call reporting that a man, who appeared distraught, was seen wielding a rifle in front of a residence near Ezie St and Cas Dr in east San Jose.

Responding officers arrived on scene and spoke with the person who called 911, who told police that the man had drove away in a white pickup truck, according to Ofc. Alberto Morales, SJPD public information officer.

Officers later found the suspect’s vehicle several miles to the west in the area of Southwest Expressway and Bascom Ave. in San Jose just west of Campbell.

The suspect, realizing he was being followed by police, pulled over into the parking lot of  the Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority light rail station. He was then witnessed making “subvertive movements” inside the vehicle, which officers later determined was him removing his clothing, Morales said.

“The suspect exited the vehicle without any clothes on, basically naked, with a samurai sword,” said Morales. “One of the statements he made when he got out of the vehicle was, ‘You’re going to have to kill me.'”

Assessing the situation, the officers “stood back and called for reinforcements,” according to Morales.

The department’s Crisis Intervention Team arrived later and attempted to convince the man to drop the sword and surrender, police said.

“Based on the initial contact with him, [we suspected] that there was some mental illness going on, possibly drug influenced,” said Morales. “We called in our Crisis Intervention officers, who basically handle situations involving mental illness.”

For the next few hours, authorities were in a standoff with the man as the posed a danger to the public and refused to drop the sword, police said.

“Officers tried to talk the man into relinquishing his sword,” said Morales. “The subject did not release the sword. Instead, he waved it around in a somewhat threatening manner, making statements that were incoherent at times.”

Police recovered an AR-15-type assault rifle, with a magazine and live ammunition, from Bennett’s car during the standoff, Morales said.

The crisis team attempted to cajole the nude suspect into standing down as a crowd of bystanders and “a lot of media” gathered at the scene, Morales said.

Finally at 11 a.m. the suspect, still carrying the sword, bolted toward a fence and tried to scale it, fell down, dropped the weapon, was taken into custody and transported to a hospital for treatment for minor injuries, Morales said.

He was then taken into custody and transported to a nearby hospital to be treated for numerous injuries sustained from weapons used to subdue him.

Bennett was known in the neighborhood where he was arrested but officers had not yet confirmed if he was a San Jose resident, according to Morales.

Morales said that after he is discharged from the hospital, officers planned to book him to Santa Clara County Jail for brandishing a weapon and possession of an assault rifle.

The incident was under investigation Tuesday afternoon.



Florida Cops Tase Man for Refusing to Show ID

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A Florida man was repeatedly tased by police officers and arrested for refusing to identify himself, but instead of apologizing, the Casselberry Police Department insisted it would use footage of the incident for training purposes.

The video begins with police accusing Zikomo Peurifoy of jaywalking before they demand to see his identification.

The officer is asked by Peurifoy what statute requires that he show his ID, to which he responds, “Give me your ID or you’re going to go to jail.”

When Peurifoy refuses, two officers grab him while the man warns he will press charges for assault because he has committed no crime. Requests for a supervisor to be called are ignored.

After cops attempt to handcuff Peurifoy, he resists before a taser is used repeatedly while Peurifoy yells, “You are assaulting me.”

Peurifoy still manages to escape the clutches of police before he is repeatedly tased again before he finally falls to the ground and is arrested.


Far from apologizing for the incident, which appears to clearly show cops over-reacting, the Casselberry Police Department defended the actions of police and told WFTV, “That their officers followed policy so well that they’re going to use the video for training.”

Peurifoy faces charges of “resisting with violence and battery on a law enforcement officer,” despite the fact that the video shows Peurifoy did not attack any of the officers at any point during the confrontation.

In order to detain an person and demand their ID, police need to have reasonable suspicion that criminal activity is taking place.

Aside from the dubious contention that Peurifoy was mandated to show his ID because of alleged jaywalking, this video seems to speak more to the fact that police now believe citizens are legally required to follow their every order.

This myth crops up again and again when citizens are told by law enforcement that that filming police officers is illegal, when a 2011 First Circuit Court of Appeals decision confirmed that it is not.

Despite the law saying that recording police officers on duty is a First Amendment right, numerous incidents have occurred where citizens are intimidated and arrested for doing so, arising out of the false premise that failing to obey an order from a police officer, despite that command being unlawful, is itself a crime.

ACLU “Police Tape” App Secretly Records Cops

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Citizens can hold police accountable in the palms of their hands with “Police Tape”, a smartphone application from the ACLU of New Jersey that allows people to securely and discreetly record and store interactions with police, as well as provide legal information about citizens’ rights when interacting with the police. Thanks to the generosity of app developer OpenWatch, the ACLU-NJ is providing Police Tape to the public free of charge.

Colorado Police Illegally Detain 40 Innocent Bystanders Searching for Robber

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AURORA, Colo. – Nearly two dozen cars were detained at the intersection of Iliff Avenue and Buckley Road Saturday afternoon as police—with guns drawn—searched each vehicle for a man who had just robbed the Wells Fargo bank at 15301 E. Hampden Ave.

According to witnesses, the adult occupants of the vehicles were handcuffed and led away from their cars after reports the suspect might have taken hostages.

“Cops came from every direction and just literally threw their cars in front of my car. They pinned them off there, they pinned them off in the parking lot, they pinned off here so literally nobody could go anywhere,” said Sonya Romero, who was detained. “We had to throw our hands in the air.”

Pictures from the scene show police officers armed with shields and weapons as they made contact with each car. Adults were handcuffed and led away. Children that were present followed.

“They had guns drawn, there were cops everywhere,” Romero said. “I mean, we didn’t know what the heck was going on. We didn’t know if we were in the line of fire or what the hell was happening.”

Romero waited in her car for almost 2-1/2 hours before her vehicle was searched.

“We’re exhausted. That was a little draining, yes,” Romero said. “It was quite the ordeal. I was glad they got him and that’s that.”

Police say the search ended when a “person of interest” was apprehended.




AURORA, Colo. – Police have released surveillance photographs of a brazen armed robbery at a Wells Fargo bank in Aurora Saturday afternoon.

The images show the masked gunman entering the bank at 15301 E Hampden Avenue and pointing a handgun at customers and employees.

He initially escaped with an undisclosed amount of money but was captured roughly two hours later, police said.

Heavily-armed officers stopped and searched nearly two dozen vehicles in the area of Iliff Avenue and Buckley Road as they combed the area for the gunman.

The U.S. Department of Justice has identified the suspect as Christian Paetsch, 45. He faces one count of “armed bank robbery” and one count of “brandishing a firearm during and in relation to a crime of violence.”

Paetsch is being held without bond. If convicted, he faces up to 32 years in prison.


Police in Aurora, Colorado stopped every car and handcuffed every adult at an intersection in order to find a bank robbery suspect. Police Chief Daniel Oates said, “The law is clear that investigative detentions are lawful for a reasonable period of time.” Judge Napolitano disagrees, saying, “You can only be stopped if the police can articulate, can state, some suspicion about you and that can only be for a brief period of time.”

In this specific incident, the judge says these were not stops by police but were arrests.

Napolitano concluded, “We fought wars against governments who arrested groups of people until they got their person. We don’t do that in America.”


Judge Napolitano wrote exclusive commentary on this incident for the Fox News Insider.

The big picture here is that the police in this small Colorado town applied tactics that are forbidden by the U.S. Constitution, and which were perfected by the SS in Nazi Germany, in order to make their job easier. Nazi Germany had the lowest crime rate of any modern society; but it had no freedom. The cops and the SS regularly arrested groups until they found the person they wanted. We fought World War II in large measure to prevent such behavior by the government.

Here is the law. The government may stop a person temporarily–for a few minutes and in public–and ask questions of the person only when it has “articulable suspicion” about that person. The suspicion must be based on objective observations, not immutable characteristics (such as race or gender) or group characteristics (such as location or beliefs). The government may only arrest a person–prevent movement using restraints or force for more than a few moments–when it has probable cause to believe that the arrested person has committed a crime. The standard for arrest requires a “more likely than not” objective conclusion of criminal behavior on the part of the arrested person.

The behavior of the cops on Aurora, CO will cost the town a great deal of money; and it should provoke a federal criminal investigation of the police behavior. The Aurora police violated basic constitutionally-guaranteed rights, federal law, rights guaranteed by the Colorado Constitution, and state law.

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