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Cameroon Opposition Leader Attacked by Police

In Cameroon, World Revolution on February 24, 2011 at 11:10 AM

A video has emerged on YouTube of Cameroon’s scheduled protests showing police attacking the Cameroon opposition leader Kah Walla.

The Cameroonian people rise to say no to Paul Biya, the Cameroon president for over 28 years, but as we can see from this video, the elements of the police and the army don’t hesitate to use force to suppress a legitimate manifestation of Cameroonians.

An account of the day by opposition presidential aspirant Kah Walla, who was brutally attacked in the video above.

The march was in process and when police approached, protesters sat down on the ground in the street in a non-violent posture.

Police immediately proceeded to beat the crowd with batons and when Kah stood up to say it was not necessary since the protesters were peaceful, the police commissioner yelled out directions to have her brought to him saying he would “teach her a lesson.”

She was dragged out and made to stand on the median in the middle of the street. The police commissioner then asked the truck containing water to turn around and focus on her. With the high-powered hoses directed at her, she was hosed down brutally for minutes and when she managed to escape she was grabbed, beaten on the back of her legs and dragged to a police detention truck. She had difficulty seeing and breathing due to the chemicals in the water. When she finally gained composure she was released. Many protesters with her were savagely beaten all over their bodies including the head with batons.

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