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Joe Rogan on Hemp, Marijuana & DMT

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The #1 reason marijuana is illegal is because the Pharma Cartel does not want you to grow your own medicine. The Declaration of Independence was written on hemp. The first car ever made ran on hemp oil. Hemp seeds are also the healthiest food on the planet with the highest protein content of any plant.


Marijuana Facts:

As part of the “War on Drugs”, U.S. gives
hundreds of millions of dollars per year
of military aid to Colombia

War on Drugs results in the arrest of
1 million Americans each year

Your tax money is spent on maintaining and
expanding the prison infrastructure required
to continue this policy

Marijuana is not addictive. Only 1% of Americans
smoke it on a daily basis. Withdrawal symptoms,
if any, are similar to coffee consumption

Marijuana has been proven to be effective in
reducing nausea induced by cancer chemotherapy,
stimulating apetite in AIDS patients, reducing
intraocular pressure in people with glaucoma

Marijuana also reduces muscle spasticity
in patients with neurological disorders.
Legalizing drugs would inject $76.8 billion a year
into the U.S. economy.$44.1 billion from law
enforcement savings, $32.7 billion in tax revenue

Annual Causes of Deaths in United States

Tobacco 435,000
Alcohol 85,000
Car Accidents 26,347
Prescription Drugs 32,000
Suicide 30,622
Marijuana 0

Egyptian Demonstrations Continue

In Egypt, WikiLeaks, World Revolution on January 30, 2011 at 4:50 AM

Egyptian demonstrations continue

The cables from Wikileaks created February 2010 and released 28th January, show populus support for El Baradei 10CAIRO237

¶2. (C) Comment:  Mohammed El Baradei’s presence on the political
scene remains more notable than his message, which echoes existing
opposition demands.  Yet El Baradei’s sober and broad-ranging
criticism of President Mubarak’s regime, buttressed by his
credentials as a Nobel Prize winner and former IAEA chairman,
distinguished his message from that of largely ineffective
opposition leaders.  Despite his reluctance to declare himself a
candidate, he appears, for now, to have captured the imagination of
some section of the secular elite that wants democracy but is wary
of the popularity of the Muslim Brotherhood.  The significant
challenge ahead is mustering credibility on the Egyptian “street.”
The NDP has thus far stepped back from previous attempts to
demonize El, which had backfired.  The real political costs to the
regime of embracing El Baradei are low, but President Mubarak is
unlikely to receive the returning “national hero,” his criticism a
personal affront.  End Comment.

Mubarak was vice-president when Anwar Sadat was assassinated on October 6th 1981, during a parade celebrating the 1973 Suez crossing, fundamentalist soldiers leapt from trucks and machine-gunned Sadat killing him in his seat. Mubarak was shepherded away  and the rest is now a tale of brutality, corruption which have ultimately led to the Egyptian revolution as seen in present times.

Mubarak completely  inundated the voting psyche and has remained in power since. Through five American president Mubarak has seen to be the stabilizing power in the red sea region.

U.S backing both financially and militarily have sustained Mubarak through a never-ending torrent of riots the result of increased unemployment and the higher cost of living. Cronyism, nepotism and everyday shortages of food staples have led to this inevitable rush of street protest which are slowly eroding Mubarak’s stranglehold on the Egyptian people.

Numbers of protesters killed in the demonstrations vary on the source of the information.

Military have moved in to keep citizens safe, as seen in the video below, tanks are moved into position to keep protesters safe from police bullets


Elsewhere the military are protecting sites such as the Cairo Museum from attacks by factions on the ground who have a conflicting agenda to peaceful protests.

It may seem difficult for western people to understand who have basic freedoms which are taken for granted. But for want of a better metaphor, imagine being hungry everyday and having a boot on your throat, eventually the hunger gives way to rage and the frustration turns to anger.

Sporadic looting is causing people to return to their neighbourhood ahead of planned protests today. Residents are setting up road blocks checking cars as criminal gangs which have escaped from jails. Rumours also continue to spread that Hamas are crossing the Rafa crossing to cause unrest ahead of planned demonstrations.

The Egyptian government has also order news agency Al Jazerra to cease operations in Egypt.

Foreign Offices are urging only essential travel to Egypt.

Egyptian Police Torture

In Egypt, NWO, WikiLeaks, World Revolution on January 27, 2011 at 12:48 PM

The video above showing the Egyptian Police torture is an upsetting video, however people need to see brutality is more than a newspaper article.

One thousand protesters were arrested in Egypt and as you can see in the video the police  process the torture in a seeming enjoyable manner.

Over the last decade Egypt has drawn spot fires of rioting , which has always been quickly quelled with ample helpings of live ammunition.

From 2006

The video above shows how over the last half decade the Egyptian people have struggled against the brutal Mubarak government.

The American Government reassess its spin doctoring

The rhetoric could be applied anywhere in the world. Economic unbalancing in the region upsets the geo-political work being done in Palestine.

LeakSpin describing daily police misconduct in Egypt. Usage of electro shock and other torture measures are known to be widely used and on a daily basis.


Joe Rogan – The American War Machine

In NWO, Viral Videos on January 24, 2011 at 2:00 AM

Joe Rogan talks about the Military Industrial Complex, the “War on Drugs”, 9/11, and the Shadow Government that benefits from it all.

TheParadigmShift created this video which has recently been removed on his channel by YouTube, because it was supposedly in “violation of YouTube’s policy on nudity or sexual content.”

Luckily many people have already mirrored the video on YouTube. If you upload videos on YouTube, show your support for this powerful message and do the same.

To download this video for your archives, go to

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