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Occupy Steubenville February 2, 2013 Press Release

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When:   February 2, 2013    12:00p.m. –  4:00p.m. (EST)

Where:  Jefferson County Courthouse 301 Market St. Steubenville, Ohio 43952

Themes:  Part 1 – End ALL Bullying/Assault//Violence/Rape against  ALL PEOPLE.

Part 2 – Community pride of the Great City of Steubenville.

Colors:         Red & Black


WE come to YOU in the spirit of unity.  We come in peace, hope, love, and understanding.

IF YOU ARE READING THIS, YOU ARE OPENLY INVITED to join us for the 3rd “Occupy” Rally in Steubenville, Ohio on Saturday, February 2, 2013.

This WILL be a PEACEFUL and UNITED rally.  WE will gather as ONE COLLECTIVE VOICE and from ALL walks of life.  We will exercise not only our right in Freedom of Speech, but our civil duty as citizens of the WORLD in the Freedom to Assemble.  United, we will demonstrate our global support for ALL victims of Abuse/Sexual Assault/Rape.

This is the message sent around the world to…

End ALL Bullying/Assault/Violence/Rape against ALL WOMEN and MEN…AT ANY AGE…EVERYWHERE!!

This is the CALL for redirecting our fundamental moral compass for a new RESPECT for HUMAN DIGNITY that WILL BE heard around the WORLD from the courthouse steps of the Great City of Steubenville on February 2, 2013.

A Global REVOLUTION is taking place, before our very eyes, from the friendly streets of Steubenville, to the historic city of New Delhi.  Victims of assault and rape are realizing they do not need to live with this fear and oppression any longer…

They are STANDING UP and SPEAKING OUT and the perpetrators of these horrific actions and those who harbor them are being EXPOSED and brought to JUSTICE!

We are ALL aware that this current situation in Steubenville has brought a GREAT amount of negative attention to ALL the GOOD fine folks who live in Steubenville and surrounding towns/cities.  WE realize that ALL the GOOD people from this great city, whether it be, children, parents, students, athletes, teachers, businessmen and women, young and old alike, SHOULD NOT pay for the sins committed from a few BAD men.

Therefore, WE are calling on ALL the GOOD people of the Great City of Steubenville and its surrounding towns and cities, to make your presence known on February 2nd.

WE are calling on ALL the GOOD people who call the Ohio Valley home, to those who have great pride in their hometown of Steubenville and Big Red High School, and their many accomplishments, to those who have great pride in their small businesses, to those who want to serve the community in positive, peaceful ways, and to those who want to change the world for the better…

This is a CALL TO ACTION to those who are AGAINST the acts of Bullying/Assault/Rape, but yet are too afraid to SPEAK UP against it for fear of retaliation.  This includes those who are ‘Victims’…WE are here for YOU!  WE support YOU!


“For the only thing necessary for evil to triumph, is for good people to do NOTHING.”



This is YOUR chance Steubenville to RISE!

Take a STAND! Show the WORLD that the horrific acts of Bullying/Assault/Violence/Rape ends in the Great City of Steubenville!


Don’t let one more person, be it man or woman, to become another victim in YOUR Great City!

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UPDATE: Anonymous: Occupy Steubenville #3 02/02/2013

Cameroon Starts Their #Feb23 Protests Early

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Despite all search engines showing nothing but football for news in Cameroon, Twitter insists they are having a revolution, beginning with protests on February 23. The hashtags are being used, but there is very little under them. The Cameroon Tribune reports “Thousands of youths last Thursday, February 10 marched in the streets of Yaounde to demonstrate their patriotism and commitment to preserve peace, stability and development in Cameroon. The march in support of President Paul Biya and the institution he incarnates was in reaction to the wind of violence and destabilisation of State institutions blowing across some African countries.”

There are three pictures circulating online that say they depict “Youngsters from Cameroon protest against the government and the president Biya, willing to stay in power by changing the Constitution. The crowd was also protesting against the unemployment and the inflation. They burnt public building, cars, and even a bus.” But the pictures are from the February 2008 riots which killed between 40 and 139 people. Those riots broke out when 78 year old Biya , who has been president for 29 years, brought in a constitutional change that did away with presidential term limits and enabled him to run again. There is another presidential election due in October, but Cameroon’s elections, always regarded as some of the most corrupt in the world, received a new blow in March 2010 when parliament passed a bill giving the government oversight of poll preparations, supplanting the previous independent electoral body.

“This law is the worst law we’ve ever had because it brings back the administration and members of the judiciary into the electoral process in full force,” said Afany Ngeh, executive president of the Foundation for Human Rights and Development. “These are two very corrupt groups in this country that have paralysed elections in the past.”

Cameroonian Presidential candidate and women’s rights activist Kah Walla has warned Cameroon President Paul Biya that protests could come to Cameroon in an open letter on February 12. “It is a very bad season for presidents who have been in power for over 20 years, maintaining their power through dubious, ritualistic elections, which have credibility neither with their own people nor with the global community,” she wrote.

According to US state cable 09YAOUNDE369 from 2009, “Cameroon’s ability to track its own budget is among the worst in Africa. … The Embassy believes there is significant variance between the projected budget and the budget as it is actually executed. Embassy contacts tell us that the GRC does not have the capacity to track its own budget execution because there is no interface among various computer programs used by the Office of the Budget (which plans the budget) and the Office of the Treasury (which spends the money), meaning even the Minister of Finance is incapable of giving a detailed account for how funds were spent. Additionally, numerous civil society organizations have reported difficulty in obtaining detailed expenditure information for their efforts to track budget execution in certain localities or in certain sectors. For many years, the GRC was engaging in off-budget spending, including especially use of oil revenues to finance security and defense projects. This practice was increasingly reduced during the GRC’s participation in the IMF program, but recent reports indicate the GRC is again spending substantial sums “off-budget.”

Amnesty international describes Cameroon as routinely using killings and torture to repress political dissent,and says of the victims of the 2008 riot killings, “Amnesty International has received photographs and testimonies suggesting that some of the victims were shot at point blank range, without any effort made to arrest them.”

Monday, February 21st, 2011

Cameroon has a scheduled protest against the government on february 23, but there was earlier activity in Akwa Douala today. Police reportedly beat up protesters and arrested thier leader Moumbua, and 2 others. The protesters carried placards with messages that Paul Biya must give an account of the money stolen in Cameroon, and he must go.

March to End the Egyptian Blockade of Gaza – March 4th, 2011

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The Plan: A march to the Rafah Crossing. The starting point is tentatively set to begin from a tea house approximately a kilometer distance from the gate.

The Strategy: To use the force of public opinion to persuade new leadership in Egypt that it’s time for change.

The Objective: To free the people of Gaza and end Egypt’s support for Israel’s collective punishment.

Let us be clear, the power of the peo­ple is para­mount and we can achieve absolutely any­thing we set our minds to. For nearly four years now we as peo­ple have allowed fear, along with denial of our col­lec­tive power, to allow a bar­baric and ille­gal col­lec­tive pun­ish­ment block­ade of Gaza to endure. Make no mis­take, we could have ended this block­ade long ago, and if it were up to the pow­ers that be, the peo­ple of Pales­tine would live impris­oned and vio­lated till the end of time.

At this point it is hardly debat­able, Barack Obama dis­gust­ingly vetoed the Secu­rity Coun­cil res­o­lu­tion to con­demn Israeli set­tle­ments, the US gov­ern­ment is noth­ing more than a quis­ling agency of Israeli Apartheid; their motives are plain to see. Right now over $1 bil­lion US dol­lars con­tinue to go largely to the Egypt­ian Mil­i­tary, and we know it was lower rank­ing com­man­ders who refused to carry our Mubarak’s orders to slaugh­ter pro­test­ers in Tahrir Square that spared a mas­sacre. Thus we can­not ignore the fact that the expec­ta­tion of America’s bribe money is to main­tain effec­tive con­trol over Egypt and a con­tin­u­a­tion of the Israeli/Egyptian block­ade. It is a mat­ter of the peo­ple vs. cor­rupt indi­vid­u­als both inside and out­side of Egypt who remain com­mit­ted to cor­rupt­ing the will of the people.

And here we find our­selves at a time in which we must not fail to seize the moment. Within days of this march being launched the Egypt­ian gov­ern­ment announced Rafah Cross­ing would be open per­ma­nently. There is no coin­ci­dence in this. And so the organ­is­ers of this march seek to effect a cel­e­bra­tion as opposed to a con­fronta­tion. Every­one of sound mind sim­ply wants to see Rafah Cross­ing open, so that not only peo­ple, but build­ing mate­ri­als and vital trade can be estab­lished. As long as the peo­ple main­tain gen­tle but firm pres­sure, the lib­er­a­tion of the peo­ple of Gaza will result.

So March 4th will see the peo­ple march­ing to Rafah Cross­ing on both the Egypt­ian and Gazan side. Pales­tini­ans and Egyp­tians and inter­na­tion­als will express the will of the peo­ple from around the globe who have felt the pain and the shame of the block­ade. We will camp and march as decided by the lead­ers of this march on the ground in Egypt. Noth­ing will be done unless it is sanc­tioned by them.

WikiLeaks cable showing the disruption and lack of co-operation from Israel regarding the supply of goods from Egypt.

2 Million Egyptians showing their support for the Palestinian people, chanting “Free Palestine!” and “We go to Jerusalem! Matyrs in the millions!”

In an interview with Press TV, international activist and former US marine Ken O’Keefe compares the US and EU imperialism with Gaddafi’s power hold over the Libyan nation, and how they are all one in the same forms of domination and suppression of the people.


Mubarak may have stepped down, but until the Mubarak era Egyptian blockade of Gaza is shattered, the Egyptian revolution is incomplete. We must end this Zionist/American imperialist blockade once and for all.

Algerian People Mobilizing for Democracy, Protest Planned for February 9th

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Thousands of police were deployed to Algiers on Saturday to suppress several hundred demonstrators. These images were filmed by Algerian journalist Elias Filali and show that despite the authorities banning a pro-democracy march, Algerian opposition is more mobilized than ever.

Inspired by the Tunisian revolution, intellectuals have launched an online petition calling for change. This group of academics, journalists and artists make mention of the riots that rocked the country at the beginning of the month and are notably criticizing the authorities for having found just one reason for this anger: rising food prices.

Djamaledine Benchenouf takes a similar stance. This video blogger based in France does not think this uprising can be summed up as a simple food protest. He deplores however the lack of coordination between the different opposition groups and appeals to them to unite in order to mobilize the masses.

And as the Algerian blogosphere is in a fever of excitement, web users are accusing the government of taking measures to censor the Internet. They believe Twitter, Facebook and SMS services have been intermittently blocked over the past few days.

And this was all that was needed for Anonymous to launch an operation against the Algerian government. This cyber activist group that lent its support to Tunisian demonstrators is reportedly behind a series of cyber-attacks that notably blocked the web site of the Interior Ministry.

But the success of this mobilization will depend on the demonstrations, which is why blogger Hchicha, who lives in Paris, is relaying the appeal made by numerous trade unions and political parties to take to the streets on the 9th of February, the anniversary of the establishment of the state of emergency, which has been in force in the country for nearly 19 years.

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