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Australian Senate seat a possible path to freedom for Assange

In News on February 18, 2013 at 2:16 PM



WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange believes winning a seat in the Australian Senate would force the US and others pursuing him to back down, securing his safe passage out of the UK following his 8-month confinement at the Ecuadoran Embassy in London.

The September 14 elections in Australia could provide a platform for a man once described by Vice President Joe Biden as a “high-tech terrorist,” by raising the political stakes for those seeking his extradition, Assange explained in a recent interview with Australian website The Conversation.

By winning a seat in Australia’s upper house, “the US Department of Justice won’t want to spark an international diplomatic row,” Assange was quoted as saying.

“It will drop its grand jury espionage investigation. The Cameron government will follow suit,” he continued, adding that “the political costs of the current standoff will be higher still” if UK authorities insist on blocking his safe passage out of the country.

In January, Assange submitted his application to the Australian Electoral Commission, paving the way for his 2013 senatorial bid in the state of Victoria. Senate nominations are likely to close on August 22, and the six-year term of office would commence on July 1, 2014.

Australians living abroad can enroll to vote and run for Senate if they have left Australia within the past three years, and intend to return within six years of their date of departure. Assange said the last time he visited Australia was in June 2010.

Assange was dismissive of technical objections to his candidacy, and refuted claims that he was a traitor to his country, or that he had violated section 44 of the Australian constitution by being under the “acknowledgement of allegiance, obedience or adherence to a foreign power.”

He is also optimistic that regardless of the immediacy of his release, a rule stipulating that he take up his senate seat within two months would not necessarily cripple his chances: “In that case [of not being released on time], the Senate could vote to evict me. But that would trigger a big political row. Australians probably wouldn’t swallow it.”

The landslide second re-election of Ecuadorian President Rafael Correa on Sunday plays into his strategy, as it will intensify pressure on Swedish authorities whose case against him is “falling apart,” Assange said. “The Swedish government should drop the case. But that requires them to make their own thorough investigation of how and why their system failed.”

Following his victory on Sunday, Correa, who characterized the current standoff over Assange as a problem of “neocolonialism” and not asylum, said a diplomatic solution “must be found… as quickly as possible.”

Assange has been holed up in the Ecuadoran embassy in London since June, after claiming asylum in a bid to avoid extradition to Sweden, where he is wanted for questioning on sexual assault allegations. British authorities have vowed to detain him if he steps foot outside of the embassy in light of the European Arrest Warrant issued against him.

If handed over to Swedish authorities, Assange fears he will be re-extradited to the United States to be questioned over the WikiLeaks release of thousands of US diplomatic cables.

Assange’s political hopes are married to the new WikiLeaks Party, which he plans to register soon with a 10-member national council. He believes that the party would easily clear the hurdle of attracting the minimum of 500 dues-paying members required to be registered in Australia.

When asked what the WikiLeaks Party would entail, he stressed that “maximum inclusiveness” would be key.

“The party will combine a small, centralized leadership with maximum grass roots involvement and support,” he said. “By relying on decentralized Wikipedia-style, user-generated structures, it will do without apparatchiks. The party will be incorruptible and ideologically united.”

Via RT

Ecuador President Correa Warns of Possible “CIA Attack” Against Him Before Elections

In Ecuador, News, NWO, Other Leaks, USA on January 6, 2013 at 9:17 AM


Ecuadorian President Rafael Correa has said the CIA may try to kill him prior to upcoming elections. Citing reports of a plot to “destabilize the region,” Correa said the threats were “credible,” given the history of US involvement in Latin America.

Correa alluded to reports by Chilean journalist Patricio Mery Bell, who allegedly passed on information to the Ecuadorian government that President Correa’s life was “under threat” by a CIA plot.

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“There are many cases of [the CIA] interfering” in Latin American affairs, Correa said during a campaign tour in the coastal province of Guayas. “These are credible [reports] because this has happened before in Latin America.”

The head of the US diplomatic mission in Quito, Adam Nann, responded to Bell’s claims by saying that Washington “would never get involved” in Ecuador’s electoral process.

Although Correa conceded that he believed the statements of the US ambassador, he warned that agencies such as the CIA often follow their own agenda and maintain links with organizations representing the extreme right in the countries in which they operate.

Bell first voiced his concerns for the safety of President Correa three months ago when he released a report claiming the CIA sought to “destabilize” Ecuador. He said that the threat to Correa’s life would be at its height from January 15 and onwards, as Correa applies to run for another presidential term.

“We will have to be three times more vigilant with President Correa,” Bell said in an interview with publication El Ciudadano.

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Bell maintained that although he was not a staunch supporter of Correa, it was his duty as a Latin American citizen to warn of the alleged $88-million CIA plot to destabilize the Ecuadorian government.

The journalist believes that this money will be divided amongst extremist anarchist, leftist and hardline conservative groups, in the hopes of discrediting Correas.

Bell claimed in his report that the main motives behind the CIA plot were the closing of the US Manta military base,  hailed as a victory for Ecuadorian national sovereignty, and the granting of asylum to WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange.

President Correa is often described as echoing the policies of Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez, especially in anti-US rhetoric. The 49-year-old economist has reduced poverty and increased stability and the overall standard of living in Ecuador during his presidency, winning popularity amongst the country’s poorest as well as the educated middle class.

Correa will run for reelection against six other candidates when campaigning begins on January 15. Ecuadorians will vote for the next president and vice president on Sunday, February 17.

Via RT

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Ron Paul: “Elektable”

In Economy, News, NWO, Other Leaks, Police State, Ron Paul, Ron Paul 2012, USA, Viral Videos, World Revolution on July 1, 2012 at 4:03 PM


“Elektable” is a short fictional film about Ron Paul and the amazing political revolution he has inspired. The movie explores truth in the media and how it secretly holds a deep affection for Dr. Paul.

On a more serious note, Ron Paul still has a chance to win the GOP nomination. This will only happen if a majority of Americans realize that he is the true champion of the people. No amount of money and blatant blackouts can deny Dr. Paul the nomination if enough people get behind him and his message.

France’s New President: Another Bilderberg Stooge

In France, News, NWO, Other Leaks, Viral Videos, World Revolution on May 8, 2012 at 11:25 PM


Socialist Francois Hollande beats Nicolas Sarkozy becoming the new President of France.





The mass media is promulgating the notion that the election of Socialist French President Francois Hollande represents some kind of massive sea change and is a direct challenge to the European Union, and yet Hollande’s past and the people he surrounds himself with confirms the fact that he is merely another committed globalist and an enthusiastic supporter of the dictatorial EU’s sovereignty-stripping ethos.


“In the whole of Europe it’s time for change,” Hollande told cheering crowds who gathered to hear his victory speech in Paris early Monday,” reports the L.A. Times.

“Observers agree that Mr Hollande’s election represents a sea-change in the governance of the eurozone and the management of the single currency crisis,” reports Sky News.

However, any suggestion that Hollande’s defeat of Nicolas Sarkozy represents some kind of major challenge to the European Union and its efforts, in close coordination with the IMF and Goldman Sachs, to exploit the debt crisis for its own political ends, is clearly wide of the mark.

Hollande is merely another creature of the establishment and an enthusiastic pro-European superstate globalist. He supported the 1992 Maastricht Treaty, the document which outlined the introduction of the euro single currency and was itself based on a 1955 Bilderberg blueprint. Hollande also supported the European Constitution in a 2005 referendum despite most of his socialist allies voting against it.

Hollande is the former spokesman for ex-French President Lionel Jospin, another committed globalist who attended the Bilderberg Group meeting in 1996.

He is also a former aide to the last Socialist President in France, Francois Mitterand, a 33rd degree Freemason who commissioned the pyramid at the Louvre to be made out of 666 glass panels – another down to earth “man of the people”. Alongside German Chancellor and Bohemian Grove attendee Helmut Kohl, Mitterand fathered the Maastricht Treaty. According to Bilderberg sleuth Daniel Estulin, Bilderberg were largely responsible for Mitterand’s presidential victory in in 1981.

Hollande’s “special adviser” is none other than Manuel Valls, a former Freemason and 2008 Bilderberg attendee who openly supports the establishment of a European federal superstate at the expense of national sovereignty. Valls has publicly called for the European Commission to control national budgets of EU member nations.

When confronted about his Bilderberg connection by We Are Change Paris, Valls attempted to deflect the question by accusing the videographers of denying the Holocaust.

Despite all the media bluster about a “sea change” in France and Hollande representing a threat to the European Union’s political agenda, expect him to be yet another dutiful water carrier for the elite as he taxes the middle class out of existence while continuing to sacrifice French national sovereignty on the altar of the EU superstate.

With Nicolas Sarkozy beginning to prove himself an irritant to the political class in Brussels and moving to amend the terms of the globalists’ cherished Maastricht Treaty, Hollande is being sold by the establishment as a breath of fresh air yet will almost undoubtedly prove to harbor to same stench of anti-democratic authoritarianism that pervades the entire European Union.

Protests Against Ex-Regime Members Running for Office in Tunisia

In News, Tunisia, World Revolution on May 1, 2011 at 11:00 PM

Protests erupted in Tunisia after the interim government’s decision to allow people from Ben Ali’s former ruling party RCD to stand in election in July.


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