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International Bradley Manning Support Day – March 20th, 2011

In Bradley Manning, Manning, News, NWO, WikiLeaks on March 12, 2011 at 4:00 AM

March 20th, 2011 is International Bradley Manning Support Day. It will see coordinated rallies all over the world in support of Manning, the alleged whistleblower incarcerated under cruel and inhumane conditions in a marine brig in Quantico, Virginia.

Since Manning was arrested 10 months ago, and began to endure solitary confinement, international support and advocacy of his cause has grown. This has intensified in the last few months, when the full import of the Wikileaks releases – which Manning is accused of having leaked – began to dawn on the international citizenry.

The official policy towards Manning, however, has not alleviated, but intensified. In the last month, Manning was subjected to even more unusual treatment in Quantico, and an array of new charges opened up the possibility of a death sentence.

The United States government has not been persuaded of the gravity of its transgressions against Manning. It is therefore necessary to escalate the campaign for Manning, globally, and show that our support is unswerving, through articulate, peaceful and resolute demonstration.

Please visit our Bradley Manning Action page, at, and in particular, consult the Offline Action Calendar, to see if there is already an International Bradley Manning Support Day Rally near you. If there is not, consider organizing one yourself. If you do, make sure to publicize your efforts by contacting WL Central, by tweeting @popularch, and on this facebook page.

In the runup to March 20th, and afterwards, please consider carrying out some of the suggested actions under Online Actions. These will not take much of your time, but may make a great deal of difference.

Please be wary of fringe groups attempting to hijack International Bradley Manning Support Day. The key to successful action is widespread popular articulation of a concerted and clear message. If the message is diluted by other groups, it may make Bradley’s cause easier to dismiss for the mainstream media, and the authorities. For Bradley’s sake, this is to be avoided.

Please do everything within your power to spread the world about International Bradley Manning Support Day. Come out and join us on March the 20th. We will not abandon Bradley Manning, and will not forget about him.

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King Abdullah Tries to Buy Stability in Saudi Arabia

In Saudi Arabia, World Revolution on February 25, 2011 at 10:16 PM

Could March 20th be Saudi Arabia’s “Day of Rage”?

Anonymous Saudis have endorsed the date on Facebook in a kingdom where the popular social networking site has millions of subscribers and most Saudis own one if not more cell phones.

King Abdullah has responded to the building public discontent with a $37 billion package of subsidies, unemployment benefits, pay raises and housing promises, including the creation of 1,200 jobs and a 15% pay raise for all government employees.

Criticism was swift with critics calling the king’s gesture bribery and a bet against revolution. “People don’t revolt because they are hungry,” Saudi expat Ahmad al-Omran noted on his Saudi Jeans blog, “Money won’t solve our issues. We need true political and social reform.”

Leading intellectuals also warned the $37 billion in advance of protests did not substitute for meaningful political reform. In a released statement February 24, Saudi scholars, academics and a poet called on the royal family to learn from the unrest sweeping the region saying Arabs are looking for freedom, dignity and democracy.

Nearly half of all Saudis are under the age of 18 with 40% of 20- to 24-year-olds out of work. Add to this reality the fact that Saudi Arabia youth are highly connected and communicating through social media to the rest of the world and particularly to Arab youth.

So far only a few hundred supporters openly follow the K.S.A.Revolution Facebook page despite the long-standing undercurrent of unrest and anger towards the regime.

Will Saudi Arabia escape the freedom contagion despite its similar underlying demographics that resulted in revolutions in Tunisia and Egypt? Analysts remain divided on whether or not it can avoid the type of uprisings seen elsewhere.

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