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Cryptome – letter of demand

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Cryptome have released a letter of demand.


The letter dated 14th July 2014 states the intent of demand on all the documents taken by Edward Snowden from the NSA for “accounting and public release of all documents”.



The demand comes as continued frustration mounts surrounding the way Glenn Greenwald and the Intercept have handled the drip feed of information, redacted slides and working with United States Government consent.

Only a few hundred actual documents having being released through a mesh of media outlets, which has led to the distinct lack of any meaningful academic research. The small number of citizen activists and researchers that have made any sense out of the releases are muted by the booming LRAD  “leave Brittany alone” Greenwald media punklets which croon and sway at the orgy of ceremonial award back slapping.

Cryptomes “legal action” should be replaced by “storm the studio..this is a hostile prisoners!”

Obvious from the past year is that the development application and security industry has been asleep at the wheel and really can offer no tangible help in respect to personal privacy and security, and it is now a well known fact , security is a myth.

The relevance of the Snowden files is slowly fading into the sunset, a fireplace of badly written books and a crappy movie will be all that people will remember…or is this the whole point?

If only…




LeakSpin 07ALGIERS1806 An Ailing and Fragile Algerian Regime Drifts Into 2008

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07ALGIERS1806 2007-12-19 SECRET Embassy Algiers An Ailing and Fragile Algerian Regime Drifts Into 2008

Cable describing corruption in Algeria and the discontent of the People. As a short-term solution they have lowered sugar prices due to recent protests. Source indicates corruption goes all the way to the top, including Bouteflika and military general Ahmad Gaid Salah.

Algeria – The Tides of Change

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Algeria 12 Feb 2011

Pro-democracy protesters defying a ban on demonstrations scuffled with riot police in Algiers, the capital city of Algeria on Saturday. Opposition figures in Algeria told Reuters that about 2000 people protested in the center of Algiers, and 800 people were arrested. Some anti-government activists made it thorough police cordons to make it to May First Square in the center of the city.

There has been a growing protest movement in Algeria against unemployment, rising food prices, lack for freedoms and the twelve-year rule of 74-year-old President Abdelaziz Botuefilka. Algeria has been under a state of emergency under which demonstrations have been banned since 1992 when the military canceled free elections and sparked a brutal civil war. They have also taken inspiration from the revolutions in Tunisia and Egypt.

From the beginning of January 2011 with the wave of revolution has spread across the Arab nations like no other single event aside from a force major.

Tunisia in January, then  Egypt after 19 days of public demonstrations and violent clashes with security forces culminating in President Mubarak relenting to the people’s demands for him to leave office, handing over power to the military. Tunisia formulated an event stage for other countries to follow as the people took back their self-determination after generations of living in the shadow of post colonial autocracy, like a path out of the wilderness.

During these weeks the internet and social activist web sites showed what broadband can do when applied in real-time events. The generation of technology used formats for information exchange that were previously reserved for one line greetings and text messages. Mubarak trend t deny this service by “shutting down” the internet in Egypt only finding that this had the opposite effect where as it drew attention to the events as they continuously were streamed across the internet

Over the last month Algeria and Jordan have also experienced sporadic public gatherings as well as symbolic self -immolations.Finally know these cries for change have been heard and events are now appearing directing change of government but all a social change, a modernisation of the Arab world and perhaps more importantly a modernisation of Islam.

The future unfolding of the red sea region will be  pivotal renaissance for the next half century.

Live video from Tahir Square

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Algerian People Mobilizing for Democracy, Protest Planned for February 9th

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Thousands of police were deployed to Algiers on Saturday to suppress several hundred demonstrators. These images were filmed by Algerian journalist Elias Filali and show that despite the authorities banning a pro-democracy march, Algerian opposition is more mobilized than ever.

Inspired by the Tunisian revolution, intellectuals have launched an online petition calling for change. This group of academics, journalists and artists make mention of the riots that rocked the country at the beginning of the month and are notably criticizing the authorities for having found just one reason for this anger: rising food prices.

Djamaledine Benchenouf takes a similar stance. This video blogger based in France does not think this uprising can be summed up as a simple food protest. He deplores however the lack of coordination between the different opposition groups and appeals to them to unite in order to mobilize the masses.

And as the Algerian blogosphere is in a fever of excitement, web users are accusing the government of taking measures to censor the Internet. They believe Twitter, Facebook and SMS services have been intermittently blocked over the past few days.

And this was all that was needed for Anonymous to launch an operation against the Algerian government. This cyber activist group that lent its support to Tunisian demonstrators is reportedly behind a series of cyber-attacks that notably blocked the web site of the Interior Ministry.

But the success of this mobilization will depend on the demonstrations, which is why blogger Hchicha, who lives in Paris, is relaying the appeal made by numerous trade unions and political parties to take to the streets on the 9th of February, the anniversary of the establishment of the state of emergency, which has been in force in the country for nearly 19 years.

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