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Scott Morrison Asylum Seekers address(es)

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A video of Australian Immigration Minister Scott Morrison‘s recorded message to incoming asylum seekers has been released though The Guardian Australia. The video was recorded in September as what is a ramping up to  Operation Sovereign Borders.




This is n’t the only time which this “speech” has been used by Mr Morrison. A video has also arisen which shows Mr. Morrison on Nauru Media giving the same address.



These videos which in themselves only serve to reiterate the core values which are Operation Sovereign Borders are in direct contrast to the $10,ooo offer to return which Mr Abbott and Mr Morrison have been touting recently.


Bendigo – the town that said “NO” to Islam (and failed?)

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More than 200 Bendigo residents have voiced their opposition to the Bendigo City Council approving plans for the construction of a $3 million Mosque in the eastern part of the town.

There were some 350 objections to the development and more than 40 submissions of support.

If you’re Muslim and you want a mosque, go back to the Middle East. This is Australia,”

One example of the type of Islam-a-phobia that grips the region along with a  deep ignorance towards the unknown.

Regardless the Council has approved the construction, with some changes in the height of the minaret for example, and no prayer calls.

Bendigo people own Bendigo, it’s their town, they have the right to say mosque or no mosque,”

We’re not racists.”  were common threads heard at the meeting.

The International students which come to Bendigo to study at the near by La Trobe Uni make up a large part of the Muslim Population in Bendigo.

A Mosque in Bendigo would be a great asset..and lets face it, Bendigo needs all it can get.

UPDATE 28 June 2014

Restore Australia has paid for a Sydney lawyer often used in anti-mosque hearings, Robert Balzola, to appeal to the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal on planning grounds.

Update 20 October 2014

Recent article from September from The Castlemanian should be noted.

Was this more about the safety of the Defence Imagery and Geospatial Organisation, which is also in Bendigo?

A cleverly disguised attempt by Oz spooks to keep Bendigo free from some unseen danger associated with Islam?





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Further to this

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Operation Caireen – 71 Pedos Arrested.

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New York 

Law Enforcement Officials have arrested 71 Pedophile through 87 search warrants, arrested 71 individuals,  collected 175 terabytes of information and tens of thousands of images from suspects  known as Operation Caireen.    pic1

By all appearances, they were respected and trusted members of their communities — a nurse, a paramedic, a police officer, a police chief, a rabbi, an au pair, a Boy Scout leader.

They were also among 70 New York City-area men and one woman charged after using the internet to collect and trade child porn — one of the largest-ever area busts seeking such predators, officials said on Wednesday. It ended a five-week investigation by the Homeland Security Investigations arm of US Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE).Fanelli

“The sheer volume of confirmed and suspected instances of individuals engaging in the sexual exploitation of children … and the professional backgrounds of many of the defendants is troubling. We can no longer assume the only people who would stoop to prey on children are unemployed drifters,” said James Hayes Jr., head of ICE’s New York office.

Some of the defendants, using search terms such as “real child rape” and “family sex,” had downloaded thousands of images. Authorities issued 87 search warrants and seized nearly 600 desktop and laptop computers, tablets, smartphones and other devices — with more than 175 terabytes of data, including videos and pictures of children.

“These crimes are hideous. And reasonable people cannot fathom such depravity,” Hayes said at a press conference. “We discovered tens of thousands of images that were horrifying and depicted children in positions they should never be forced into.”

Authorities launched the operation earlier this year after arresting Brian Fanelli, former chief of the Mount Pleasant Police Department in Valhalla, New York, who pleaded not guilty this week to federal charges of knowingly receiving and distributing child porn, the Associated Press reported.

In May, agents posed as child porn collectors who wanted to anonymously trade porn through file-sharing programs others use to share pirated music and movies.

Once they had access to personal libraries, the agents found the numeric IP addresses of the sources of the porn, according to the AP. The next step as was to subpoena internet service providers to obtain the names of people associated with the IP addresses.

One of the defendants had been previously convicted of sexually abusing a child. Another is charged with producing and distributing porn using her own child, police said.

Video Below: 




Internet Gun Runners

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Sending guns through the mail has always been a problem for authorities, but when you add the internet, it becomes a tidal power.

The numbers of parcels sorted and delivered each month by delivery centres all around the world has increased exponentially.

And where there is an opportunity to take advantage of a loop hole in a system there is little doubt that eventually it is expanded upon and all control is lost.

Criminal groups have recently been using the “dark web” or the “hidden web” to sell guns, and gun components through the internet.

The phenomenon on its own is a concern , however when corruption is added into the equation a systemic breakdown of protocol occur.

This inevitably leads to an increased danger to the publics safety and an increase in violent crimes.

Recent prosecutions have shown how corruption within the system is facilitating gun component deliveries and enabling this to continue undetected.

The extradition of  two Australian men over gun smuggling earlier this year serves as evidence as to the corruption within the system which is enabling this to continue.







AFP – “sorry, ..not” Channel Seven Search Warrant

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via digitalfolklore

Australian Federal Police Assistant Commissioner Michael Phelan has spoken about the “botched” search warrant executed at Channel Seven earlier this week.

The warrant had been issued as wild rumours surfaced that Schapelle Corby would be paid millions of dollars for an exclusive interview with Channel Seven.      AFP - here no schapelle

SEVEN West Media CEO Tim Worner, issued a statement questioning the validity of the search warrant,

“Seven can confirm that the Australian Federal Police today executed a number of search warrants on the company,” begins Worner’s statement. “These raids came as some surprise to us, given we fully cooperated with requests made of us by the AFP last week including ongoing correspondence between the AFP and our lawyers, all of which were responded to. Our lawyers’ offices were also raided despite their co-operation.”

On Friday 21st February, the AFP apologised for that accusation, saying it was “an innocent word-processing error”.

AFP Ass. Comm. Michael Phelan said this morning proceeds of crime legislation clearly specify that a person convicted of a crime in Australia or overseas should not benefit from their notoriety.

Indonesian authorities are reportedly looking at ways to stop her from selling her story about the nine years she spent in a Bali jail for marijuana smuggling.

Indonesian Deputy Justice Minister, Denny Indrayana, has advised Corby against doing an interview which might breach her parole and could possibly put her back in Kerobokan jail.

Australian laws came into force in 2003, which gave federal authorities the power to confiscate literary proceeds derived from criminal activities.


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