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Mt Ontake Eruption

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More than 31 people are feared dead near the peak of the Japanese volcano that erupted a day earlier, sending a huge cloud of ash and rock tumbling down its slopes, while packed with hikers.

Police said they were found in a state of “cardiopulmonary” arrest, but declined to confirm their deaths pending a formal examination, as per Japanese custom.

More than 500 Japanese troops and police had set out on Sunday to search the peak of Mount Ontake, a day after its sudden eruption trapped hundreds on the mountain for hours, amid conflicting reports about missing and injured climbers.

Volcanoes erupt periodically in Japan, one of the world’s most seismically active nations, but there have been no fatalities since 1991, when 43 people died in a pyroclastic flow, a superheated current of gas and rock, on Mount Unzen in south-western Japan.
An official at the volcano division of the Japan Meteorological Agency said that, while there had been a rising number of small earthquakes detected at Mount Ontake since September 10, the eruption could not have been predicted easily.





developments continue to be reported

Australian Counter Terror Legislation Amendments

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On the 25th September 2014, Australian Attorney-General George Brandis could n’t believe his luck as he squeezed the first of two amendments through the Senate.

The processing of amendments was a tiresome and uninspiring event as Australia was put through Jacqui Lambi’s atrocious public speaking. Together with her erroneous use of the Winston Churchill quote, (saying that it was George Orwell) ” we sleep soundly in our beds because rough men stand ready in the night to visit violence on those who would do us harm”  which basically sums up Palmer United Party in one syllable.  Just as events seemed to take a course for reason Senator Lazarus spruiked his love for all things ASIO like some mechanical toy giggling at his own inability to pronounce “big words”.

Finally, Senators Xenophon and Ludlam both gallantly made motions and together voiced concerns over the way the bills were heading.

Alas, regardless of the erudite arguments and some not so, the Bill was agreed and reported, 44 to 12.

Senator Brandis was quick to explain the idea of “gradation of consideration” in sentencing with regard to Senator Xenophon’s concern. This would be used in the sentencing of a person who was explicitly undermining an ASIO Operation or ASIO operatives through media leaks and other unauthorised means which could result in harm coming to those Agents. However, Senator Brandis omits the fact that a citizen under such a charge would spend many years in jail, his life ruined and his family estranged by the time a court appearance would be announced.

Cases just like this are becoming common place as agencies of Government misinterpret the intentions of a free speech press and react with knee jerk convictions and subpoenas doing little more than to cause havoc in citizens lives and fertilise the seeds of institutional distrust.

Unscrupulous agents with vindictive dispositions bent on revenge, would seize upon this change of law and in an attempt to shut down an activist or movement by planting evidence and concocting circumstances to cause a targeted suspect to be arrested and held without bail until trial. During this time no reporting or media coverage would be allowed as it could be construed as interfering with an ongoing ASIO Operation.

ASIO will have increased powers of surveillance with which they will able to surveil the complete network of sites which a suspect visits. This will be done with a single warrant. The question which arises in this regard is to how many links or hops does this allow. For example would it include all of the followers of a twitter account, or all the friends on a FaceBook Page? One , two or three hop.  The concern for ‘over reach’ and ‘over sight’ raised in the Senate become a stark reminder of the bare rule of law.





George Brandis explaining ‘gradation of consideration



The Bill now passes to the House of Representatives 30th September 2014.


Further concern regarding this legislation..



Further, is the alarming element is  Schedule 2, Division 7 – Loss of family assistance for individuals on security grounds

Individuals who might prejudice the security of Australia or a foreign country may lose family assistance.

This lends itself to the “if you can’t get the man, get his family.”

Welfare - Scedule2Div7page108

The activist needs to become increasing aware and understand the mechanisms and tools of privacy and encryption. Not just the complicated PGP with private and public keys, but the basic privacy already available in the software. Understand how to hide your WiFi, how to search the internet anonymously, to use two step verification, to clear cookies and opt out of website tracking. Learn new habits, research, ask questions, read the instruction, read the privacy policies. Ask how long a VPN service keeps users data, change default settings in your internet router, your phone, your tablet. Seasonally change your passwords, change your emails around, dump old ones, start new ones, back up your data, encrypt your hard drive,  use external storage devices which you can carry in your pocket or key chain. Lazy habits will end in tears, be aware and informed, question everything.

Security may be a myth, but it does n’t mean you have to aid and abet the machine. Make it’s job harder, not easier.

30th September 2014 Moved to a second sitting 1st October 2014



1st October 2014 The first of two Counter Terror Legislation Amendment Bills pass House of Representatives.



As the law passed Christopher Warren, Federal Secretary at Media, Entertainment & Arts Alliance, speaking on ABC in regard to journalism and the legislation changes in regard to reporting on ASIO. (1st October 2014)





Australia to join International Supply to Iraq

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31st August 2014  Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott announces that Australian Forces will join with International Forces to supply aid Kurdish Peshmerga fighters in Iraq.

Australia joins international partners to help the anti-ISIL forces in Iraq. Following the successful international humanitarian relief effort air-dropping supplies to the thousands of people stranded on Mount Sinjar in northern Iraq, the Royal Australian Air Force will now conduct further  missions. The Obamas Government has requested that Australia help to transport stores of military equipment, including arms and munitions, as part of a multi-nation effort. Royal Australian Air Force C-130 Hercules and C-17 Globemaster aircraft will join aircraft from other nations including Canada, Italy, France, the United Kingdom and the United States to conduct this important task. Australia’s contribution will continue to be coordinated with the government of Iraq and regional countries. The situation in Iraq represents a humanitarian catastrophe. Australia remains in close contact with the United States and other international partners and we will continue to work to alleviate the humanitarian situation in Iraq and address the security threat posed by ISIL.

Tony Abbott, flanked by Air Chief Marshal Binskin in Canberra today, confirmed Australia has agreed to join an airlift of military equipment to the Kurds after a request from United States President Barack Obama with the permission of the Iraqi government.
RAAF C-130 Hercules and C-17 Globemaster aircraft will join the mission which includes support from Canada, Italy, France, the United Kingdom and the US Forces to help arm Kurdish Peshmerga fighters in their bid to repel the jihadist extremists, Islamic State.

video :

Scott Morrison Asylum Seekers address(es)

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A video of Australian Immigration Minister Scott Morrison‘s recorded message to incoming asylum seekers has been released though The Guardian Australia. The video was recorded in September as what is a ramping up to  Operation Sovereign Borders.




This is n’t the only time which this “speech” has been used by Mr Morrison. A video has also arisen which shows Mr. Morrison on Nauru Media giving the same address.



These videos which in themselves only serve to reiterate the core values which are Operation Sovereign Borders are in direct contrast to the $10,ooo offer to return which Mr Abbott and Mr Morrison have been touting recently.


CIA “Devil Eyes” Osama bin Laden Action Figure

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The CIA had designed and manufactured a GIJoe like action figure of Osama Bin Laden in 2005. The Project, known as “Devil Eyes” was to feature a heat dissolving face which when peeled back showed a red devil painted image with glaring green eyes.

The idea was to hand out the 12″ “toys” to village children in “care packs”, blue for boys, pink for girls, in an attempt to win hearts and minds.


The Agency used a well known toy manufacturer Donald Levine who was behind the original GIJoe.




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