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Vodafone – Secret Six

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Vodafone in all their magnificence and gorgeosity have shocked the monkey and released a “Law Enforcement Disclosure Report” (here). At the request of little old Gardai.

Unfortunately they have upset the Department of Justice who are claiming that the information Vodafone released could ‘compromise national security and hinder investigation of  serious criminal activity’.



The wonderful folk at Vodafone reveal in the report the surveillance practices of governments in 29 countries which it operates in, but stops short of disclosing details of data surveillance in Ireland.

One can only assume this is to thwart any recriminations, from spooks. Vodafone also point out in the release that reports from other operators can have inherent flaws…


We have compared the statistical information we hold for our own operations in the two countries in question with the information recently published by other local operators in those countries. For some categories of agency and authority demand, the volumes involved seem closely comparable between Vodafone and other local operators, although as explained above, there is a significant risk of under or over-counting overlapping demands issued to multiple operators. Furthermore, it is also clear that certain categories of agency and authority demand have been omitted from local operators’ publications, either to comply with legal restrictions (in the case of Australia) or (in Germany) for reasons not disclosed to us.”

The Report chants the mantra “it is unlawful to disclose any information related to wiretapping or interception of the content of phone calls and messages including whether such capabilities exist.” but points that in 6 countries “authorities” have unfettered access and that the law either ‘obliges’ telecom operators to install direct access pipes, or allow governments to do so.

Vodafone further explain that these 6 un-named countries have “regimens” that could retaliate by imprisoning staff…who could that be? (read the .pdf)

However after reading through the lines and thinking about it for a few minutes…it’s not hard to narrow down the “6” countries. The graphic below from The Guardian’s Juliette Garside makes this a no brainer.

With all respect to the fantastic and marvellous work Law Enforcement do, it is important Telecommunication Companies are finally finding their own voice amongst the schrills and squawks that have become a hysterical mist of white noise…well done Vodafone.










Regime Change: First Ukraine, Next Venezuela, Then Ecuador, Bolivia, Brazil

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By Dr. Paul Craig Roberts

Now that US Secretary of State John Kerry has issued an ultimatum to Russia, telling Putin that he has until Monday to follow Washington’s orders or else, hopefully everyone can see the repeat of the March of Folly that produced World War 1.

In my last column, “Merkel Whores For Washington,” I mistakenly attributed to Khrushchev all transfers of Russian territory to Ukraine.  The first gifts of Russian territories to Ukraine were made by Lenin, and the last was Sevastopol in the early 1990s.

I have posted today Alexandr Solzhenitsyn’s account of how Russian territory was given to Ukraine.  In the meantime, Washington’s puppet regime in Kiev has sent in thugs to commit violence against protesting Russians in eastern Ukraine who want nothing to do with Washington’s stooges in Kiev, prompting Russia to issue another warning that the Russian military will protect Russians. Clearly, Washington is doing everything it can to provoke Putin into sending the Russian Army into eastern Ukraine.  Now that Merkel has sold out Europe, the course of Ukrainian events seems clear, which provides an opportunity for me to address Washington’s coup-in-the-making against Venezuela.

Venezuela Also Is Being Overthrown By The Criminal Regime In Washington

The Washington orchestrated coup in Ukraine has kept Venezuela out of the headlines.

A confrontation with nuclear armed Russia is more dangerous than with Venezuela.  But the violence that Washington has unleashed on Venezuela almost simultaneously with Ukraine is testimony to Washington’s stark criminality.

South America has always consisted of a tiny Spanish elite with all the money and power ruling over large majority populations of indigenous peoples who have not had political representation.  In Venezuela, Chavez broke this pattern. An indigenous president was elected who represented the people and worked in their behalf instead of looting the country. Chavez became a role model, and indigenous presidents were elected in Ecuador and Bolivia.

Chavez was hated by Washington and demonized by American presstitutes.  When Chavez died of cancer, Washington celebrated.

Evo Morales, President of Bolivia, was inclined in favor of granting asylum to NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden. Consequently, Washington ordered its European puppet states to deny overflight permission to President Morales’ airplane on its return to Bolivia from Russia. Morales’ airplane, in violation of every diplomatic protocol, was forced down and searched.  Morales has since suffered other indignities at the hands of the Washington criminals.

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Rafael Correa, President of Ecuador, made himself a target of Washington by granting political asylum to Julian Assange.  On Washington’s orders, Washington’s  British puppet state has refused to grant free passage to Assange, and Assange is spending his life in the London Embassy of Ecuador, just as Cardinal Mindszenty spent his life in the US Embassy in Communist Hungary.

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With Chavez’s death, indigenous Venezuelan Nicolas Maduro became president. Maduro does not have Chavez’s charisma, which makes him an easier target for the tiny Spanish elite that owns the media.

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Washington began the attack on Maduro by attacking the Venezuelan currency and driving down its value in currency markets.  Then university students, many of whom are the children of the rich Spanish elites, were sent out to protest.  The falling Venezuelan currency raised prices and spread dissatisfaction among Maduro’s poor indigenous base.  To put down the rioting, property damage, and unrest that Washington is using to launch a coup, Maduro had to turn to the police. Secretary of State John Kerry has labeled the government’s effort to reestablish public order and forestall a coup a “terror campaign against its own citizens.”

Having orchestrated the protests and plotted a coup, Kerry blamed Maduro for the violence that Kerry unleashed and called on Maduro “to respect human rights.”

For Washington, it is always the same script. Commit a crime and blame the victim.

If Washington can overthrow Maduro, the next target will be Correa.  If Washington can get rid of Correa and re-empower a puppet government of rich Spanish elites, Washington can have the Ecuadoran government revoke the political asylum that Correa granted to Julian Assange.  The Ecuadoran Embassy in London will be ordered to kick Assange out into the waiting arms of the British police who will send him to Sweden who will send him to Washington to be tortured until he confesses to whatever Washington demands.

The poor gullible dupes demonstrating in Venezuelan streets have no more idea of the damage they are doing to themselves and others than their counterparts in Ukraine had. Venezuelans have already forgotten what life for them was like under the rule of the Spanish elites. It appears that Venezuelans are determined to help Washington to return them to their servitude.

If Washington reconquers Venezuela and Ecuador, Bolivia will be next. Then Brazil.

Washington has its sights on Brazil, because the country is a member of the BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa), and Washington intends to destroy this organization before the countries can establish a trading bloc that does not use the US dollar.

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Not long ago a US official said that as soon as we (Washington) get Russia in a bind, we will deal with the upstarts in South America.

The program is on schedule.

U.S. Targets Venezuela for Regime Change

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By Richard Walker/American Free Press

Ousted U.S. consular officials caught conspiring with protest groups

Continuing unrest in Venezuela can be traced to an ongoing plot by the Obama administration to topple the country’s democratically elected government and replace it with a regime run by rich families and corporations allied with Washington.Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro, who succeeded the late Hugo Chavez, a Washington nemesis, recently expelled three United States consular officials, accusing them of conspiring for months with protest groups funded by Washington.The dark hand of Washington plotters has not gone unnoticed in the region with Brazil, Argentina and Paraguay claiming violence on the streets of Venezuela has been part of an effort to “destabilize the democratic order.” That observation followed Maduro’s public warning the U.S. was plotting to topple his government. A notable feature of the violence aimed at his overthrow has been the absence of the poor in street demonstrations.

For more than a decade, Washington has conspired to return wealthy Venezuelan families to power. The effort began in earnest after Chavez was elected president in 1998, following decades of Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) influence and corruption in Venezuela and neighboring countries, including Chile and Nicaragua.

The decision by Chavez to nationalize his nation’s massive oil reserves, among the world’s largest, angered rich corporations linked to Washington. The fact he also normalized relations with Cuba and Iran and established a free healthcare system made him for many members of Congress the ultimate socialist and a danger to U.S. interests in Latin America. The CIA used disinformation to portray him as a supporter of terrorism and a puppet of Cuba, both of which were untrue.

In 2002, the Bush administration backed a plot to overthrow Chavez, and it followed a predictable pattern, beginning with street demonstrations. The plot was backed by media barons allied to three Venezuelan families that had controlled the country from the 1950s until 1998.

Opposition groups received CIA support and State Department funding. On April 6, 2002, three weeks before the coup, a CIA secret briefing entitled “Conditions ripening for coup attempt” pointed out the coup would target Chavez and ten senior officers for arrest. It said the plotters hoped to provoke military action by exploiting unrest from opposition demonstrations. The coup went ahead and Chavez was arrested but was quickly released following a popular uprising.

It is no coincidence that Leopoldo Lopez, a representative of one of the three families that orchestrated the 2002 coup, has been the organizer of violent street protests in 2013-2014. Groups Lopez has been aligned with have received millions of dollars in aid from the Obama administration.

Before Chavez died in March 2013, there were already efforts underway to portray his elected successor, Maduro, as incompetent and dangerous. Just before Chavez’s death, Harold Trinkunas, a senior fellow at the Brookings Institute, in a memorandum to President Barack Obama predicted a “violent popular reaction” to the Maduro government.

“The risk of a violent outcome may still be low, but it will rise as the true extent of scarcity in Venezuela becomes apparent in the coming months. The threat to the Maduro administration may come from popular unrest, an effort by moderates in the government to oust the radicals and the president or (least likely) a traditional coup,” Trinkunas warned.

U.S. meddling in Venezuela over the past decade has been intense, and some of it has been exposed by WikiLeaks. A cable from Richard Brownfield, U.S. ambassador to Venezuela in 2006, stated the principles underpinning U.S. policy while Chavez was alive: “Penetrating Chavez’s political base . . . dividing Chavismo . . . protecting vital U.S. business [and] isolating Chavez internationally.”

Latin American governments are not the only ones concerned about events in Venezuela. While Obama has been focusing on Ukraine, Moscow’s backyard, Vladimir Putin has been keeping an eye on Venezuela. It is no coincidence a Russian spy ship recently visited Venezuela and Cuba.

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