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Stanley Cohen – indicted

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Stanley Cohen who has been as much of a fixture around Anonymous as the V mask itself,…has been indicted for ‘failing to file individual income tax returns for tax years 2006 to 201o’.

The indictment claims Stanley has deliberately set about to use funding from clients to pay his personal credit card and other financial accoutrements.

For most Stanley is the “wire” haired old guy that pops up and says “fuck you ”  a lot at activist support gatherings and  “Up the Rebels”.

However, behind that outer facade and thousand yard Serpico-esque stare is a man of  belief and faith in his fellow man. Some one who stands up when he should be sitting…                                  Stanley Serpico

Besides all the immediate thoughts that come to mind…understand that to be human is an event full of fail.

Regardless of what you ever thought, or what you believe,… whether what Stanley has done is right or wrong, innocent or guilty…he deserves your support.

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And in the words of Jeremy Hammond


Stanley’s statement  via Twitter (19 December 2013)


Send a message of support @StanleyCohenLaw

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