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CodenameFalcon on Snowden

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This is the first interview Christopher Boyce has given in 30 years.

His insights and personal experience make him an important sounding board  in a modern surveillance mad society.

CodenameFalcon has a unique insight into how NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden would be feeling and offers a possible end game scenario.

Christopher Boyce spent 25 years in jail charged with espionage in 1977.

He escaped from jail in 1980, was recaptured and finally released in 2002

His exploits along with his childhood friend Daulton Lee were immortalised in the 1985 John Schlesinger  film “The Falcon and the Snowman”

In the interview Christopher amusingly explains what it was like when the film was first shown to a room full of  spooks.

He has written a book

“The Falcon and Snowman : American Sons”


Christopher Boyce interview on Risky Business

27  September 2013

Truthout Complaint Against DOJ

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 Truthout  v  FBI

Jason Leopold from Truthout has been in the midst of a FOI battle with the FBI.

Truthout filed the complaint on October 6th, against the Department of Justice (DOJ) over the FBI’s failure to release documents we have sought pertaining to Occupy Wall Street (OWS).



Documents revealed that the FBI have been monitoring a Bay Area Occupy group and paid particularly close attention to protesters’ plans to shut down West Coast ports in November and December 2011.

Further to this:


Aside from demanding that the FBI immediately turn over records, the complaint also asks the federal court judge presiding over the case to “issue a written finding that the circumstances surrounding the Office of Information Policy’s affirmation of FBI’s search regarding the Leopold Request raise questions whether OIP personnel acted arbitrarily or capriciously.”




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Related Link: FBI OWS Documents: Spying, “Domestic Terrorists” & Assassination Plots

Rally 4 Julian Assange – Melbourne, Australia – 07/01/2012

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Wikileaks Australian Citizens Alliance held a rally in Melbourne today in support of WikiLeaks Julian Assange, who is currently seeking asylum at the Ecuadorian Embassy in London to avoid extradition to Sweden and possibly the U.S.

RAP NEWS performed live along with a great list of speakers including:

Robbie Thorpe (indigenous activist)
Adam Bandt (Australian Greens deputy leader)
Daniel Mathews (WikiLeaks founding member)
Natalie Pa’apa’s (Singer – Blue King Brown)
Lizzie O’Shea (human rights lawyer)
Patrick OConnor (SEP Melbourne by-election candidate)
Greg Barns (Australian Lawyers Alliance president)
Sean Bedlam (activist/comedian)
Dave Haidon (Pirate Party)
James Johnson (lawyer and Independent candidate for Lalor)
Joel Kershaw (Occupy Melbourne)
NicK Carson (Citizen Media Collective)

EXCLUSIVE Rally4JA video highlights courtesy of LeakSource partner lesleyblood


A collection of photos from the event is available.

FBI Phone Conference – Fuck FBI Friday Feb 3rd 2012

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Fuck FBI Friday Feb 3 2012

A link to a download  was the first followers on twitter were given, this turned out to be an mp3 file which had a recorded conversation between United Kingdom and American FBI agents.

The mp3 file was easily slotted with a cutaway image and uploaded to You Tube.

Initially people were sceptical saying that the recording was staged….it is 100% bone fide

In the video box are links to all the major internet news media and the FBI admitting the recording is 100% bone fide.

The mp3 was on a public file share, which was found on a public website, uploaded to a public video sharing site.

No crime there, except….. Law Enforcements Laxdæla saga and sometimes crued and debasing style of conversation data mining.

Not to mention the deliberate collusion to purposefully delay trial proceedings.

and the frivolous travel plans at the tax payers expense , learn to livestream Bruce.

Further to this is this news reporter on FOX News

This guy was just handed the brief on this in the green room…he has no idea at this point that this would be the beginning of another Fuck FBI Friday that LEA’s would not forget for some time.


Along with Fuck FBI Friday was the Haditha e-mails 

and the defacements….

Newark Police Foundation

what this has shown , yet again….in less than 140 charachters?

1. deliberate collusion between law agencies to delay court hearings.

2. People crack and purge – they spill their guts, while others stand staunch and shut the fuck up.

read the links in the video boxes at all times.

stay safe …..keep your eyes on the prize

Virgil Hesse

Bergstresser: The Man Who Shot Scott Olsen?

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Bergstresser is believed to be responsible or knows at least who is  actually responsible for the injuries to Scott Olsen.

Olsen, 24 , an Iraq war veteran , received a fractured skull after being hit by a tear gas canister. He has since started to recover in hospital and is expected to make a full recovery.

The police actions towards Occupy Protestors all around the world has been deplorable

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