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Cryptome – letter of demand

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Cryptome have released a letter of demand.


The letter dated 14th July 2014 states the intent of demand on all the documents taken by Edward Snowden from the NSA for “accounting and public release of all documents”.



The demand comes as continued frustration mounts surrounding the way Glenn Greenwald and the Intercept have handled the drip feed of information, redacted slides and working with United States Government consent.

Only a few hundred actual documents having being released through a mesh of media outlets, which has led to the distinct lack of any meaningful academic research. The small number of citizen activists and researchers that have made any sense out of the releases are muted by the booming LRAD  “leave Brittany alone” Greenwald media punklets which croon and sway at the orgy of ceremonial award back slapping.

Cryptomes “legal action” should be replaced by “storm the studio..this is a hostile prisoners!”

Obvious from the past year is that the development application and security industry has been asleep at the wheel and really can offer no tangible help in respect to personal privacy and security, and it is now a well known fact , security is a myth.

The relevance of the Snowden files is slowly fading into the sunset, a fireplace of badly written books and a crappy movie will be all that people will remember…or is this the whole point?

If only…




CIA “Devil Eyes” Osama bin Laden Action Figure

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The CIA had designed and manufactured a GIJoe like action figure of Osama Bin Laden in 2005. The Project, known as “Devil Eyes” was to feature a heat dissolving face which when peeled back showed a red devil painted image with glaring green eyes.

The idea was to hand out the 12″ “toys” to village children in “care packs”, blue for boys, pink for girls, in an attempt to win hearts and minds.


The Agency used a well known toy manufacturer Donald Levine who was behind the original GIJoe.




Creating the Web We Want – EFA

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The Electronic Frontiers Australia held a seminar as a part of the Thought WorksAgile


Senator Scott Ludlum appeared on a Skype connect and gave a very erudite account of the state of the surveillance machine.



EFA’s Jon Lawrence (EO) spoke about the history of internet surveillance activism transcending through different generations right up to the modern Snowden release.



An important issue Jon raised was the fact that the same issues are being dealt with today as where being dealt with 20 years ago and without understanding the past, one can not understand the future. Jon speaks about the export ban on the 40 bit key to USA in early 1990’s and the Governments realisation that encryption has benefits for the wider online community, which led to the rise of internet banking and other such transactions.





Sabu walks from court

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Sabu has walked from court today, sentenced to time served plus one year “supervised release.” He was reportedly  “praised” by U.S. District Judge Loretta Preska.  (transcript) The same judge who imposed the decade long detention of Jeremy Hammond.

“The things you did were not so good,” Preska said to Monsegur in her final words in the hearing. But “you have done as much as any human can do” to make up for those actions, she added, “and I salute you for that.”

Sabu, Hector Monsegur certainly seemed to have packed on the pounds which may have been the result of his bail revocation in 2012 between May and December or his delusional agoraphobia.

Probation and monitoring will ensue…possibly for the term of his natural life.

Monsegur was originally arrested in June 2011 and plead guilty in August 15th 2011. (originally sealed).

Sabu had been an integral part of the arrest of “Kayla,” who specialized, among other things, in “social engineering” – that is, manipulating others into divulging personal information such as login credentials;sabu27May2014

 “T-Flow,” who served as an organizer, analyzing information provided by members of the group in order to direct other members what to do next;

 “Topiary,” who served from time to time as the public face of Anonymous and LulzSec, giving interviews to media outlets and writing public communications on LulzSec’s behalf;

  “AVUnit,” who provided computer infrastructure for the group such as

  “Pwnsauce,” who performed some of the same work as Monsegur and Kayla.

In addition to the six “core” members identified above, several individuals were loosely affiliated with Monsegur and LulzSec, including, significantly, Donncha O’Cearrbhail, a/k/a “palladium,” and Jeremy Hammond, a/k/a “Anarchaos.”

>Governmnets limited pre-sentencing submission 23rd May 2014 

The complete LulzSec Indictments

> Sabu’s twitter timeline


More: FBI Press Release 

The Defence zip file (via Cryptome) 5MB

Morwell Open Cut Fire – keeps on burning

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Morwell is a city located in the Latrobe Valley area of Gippsland in the east of the state of Victoria in Australia approximately 149 km east of the state capital.

It has a population of about fourteen thousand people.

Since February 10th the Hazelwood open cut coal mine has been on fire as result of  arson in the area.     Mor2 morwell

The coal mine, which support Hazelwood power station, has been burning for two weeks and the smoke is effecting the health of the towns people.

The State Government spent $20,000 on “breathing masks”.

The immediate effects of this event will slowly abate, but in the long term this could possibly reduce the life expectancy of effected people by as much as 10 years.

The state’s Chief Health Officer,Rosemary Lester, said the air quality had not reached the trigger point for evacuating the town, but she said it was “a wise thing to take breaks from the smoke”.

Morwell schools and child care centres have stopped children going outside due to poor air quality. The Environment Protection Authority’s air quality index for Morwell East peaked at 459 at the weekend, and at times on Monday it exceeded 200. The worst rating, “very poor”, is 150-plus.

Fire Services Commissioner Craig Lapsley said the northerly wind would help disperse the smoke around Morwell on Tuesday, but would make the fire-fighting effort more difficult in the open-cut mine.

He said the fire was about 50 per cent “out”, but this could change depending on the conditions and fire-fighting efforts on Tuesday.

video below is from February 10th 2014

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