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New Taliban Video of US/AU Hostages, Teachers King & Weekes; Asks Trump & Turnbull to Negotiate Release

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The Afghan Taliban on Wednesday released a new hostage video of two professors they kidnapped from the American University in Kabul in August 2016.

Kevin King, a 60-year-old American, and Timothy John Weeks, an Australian 48-year-old, are shown against a brown background talking to camera.

In the video, King tells Trump: “Have mercy on me and get me out.” In a later comment he says “please do not send any commandos.”

Weeks then tells Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull to “speak to the Taliban, negotiate with the Taliban. I know you are able to do this.”

Five gunmen dressed as Afghan military abducted the men last year from an SUV on a main road near the campus of their university in the Afghan capital.

The Taliban released the last video of the pair in January on YouTube, in which both pleaded with President Donald Trump to negotiate with the militants for their release.

In both videos, the location of their filming is unclear and so too are the precise dates that they were filmed. In the 13-minute January video, the pair again pleaded with Trump. “If we stay here for much longer, we will be killed. I don’t want to die here,” Weeks said. The Taliban requested that the U.S. release “prisoners” in return for the professors.

The risk of kidnap in the Afghan capital remains high for foreign nationals, particularly westerners, and many remain confined to Embassy buildings or secured residential compounds. In November, an Australian woman was kidnapped but her location is unknown.

In August 2016, another Australian woman, Kerry Jane Wilson, was released after being held for four months following her kidnap in Jalalabad in eastern Afghanistan. The perpetrators of the kidnaps are unknown in both cases.

The Taliban is also holding American-Canadian couple Joshua Boyle and Caitlan Coleman, kidnapping them in 2012 as they traveled in northern Afghanistan. The pair have two children born in captivity.

Unlike the Islamic State militant group (ISIS), which has posted gruesome execution videos of its hostages, the Taliban has appeared to be willing to accept ransom payments or prisoner swaps for the release of its captives.

The U.S. has engaged in prisoner swaps with the Taliban. In 2014, the Taliban-aligned Haqqani group released U.S. soldier Bowe Bergdahl, who famously told his story in the podcast Serial, in return for five Taliban prisoners.


Sydney Hostages Appear in Videos Relaying Terrorist Demands (Censored by MSM/YouTube)

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Four of the hostages being held in the Lindt cafe in central Sydney have appeared in videos, relaying demands of the terrorist linked to the Islamic State (now identified as Man Haron Monis) who is holding them captive. The videos are continuously being removed from YouTube and mainstream media has chosen not to air them. As you may know, LeakSource hates censorship of any kind, so here are the four videos that have been released:


  • Send an Islamic State flag to the cafe and 1 hostage will be released
  • Broadcast on all media that this is an attack on Australia by the Islamic State and 2 hostages will be released
  • To speak with Australia Prime Minister Tony Abbott on a live feed and 5 hostages will be released
  • 4 bombs located in and around the cafe will be detonated if demands not met

UPDATE: Police Storm Cafe (VIDEO)

Anti-Halal in Australia=Beef, Bumpkins and the Internets

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The Anti Halal campaign by ‘Restore Australia‘  could possibly be one of the catalysts to the Australian Beef Export Market folding. With Australia set to supply beef to China and after the trouble in 2012 when live beef exports were temporarily stopped any ripples in the Asia Pacific trade pond could result in months of trade negotiations being undone by FaceBook posts.

2014 Cattle projections 2014 – Indonesia

While there is the population and economic potential for growth, changes in market access, particularly around the upcoming election this year, will be closely monitored.”

What ‘Restore Australia’ do basically is astroturfing. A practice which is being closely monitored by FaceBook itself and the ACCC. Its a blanket of negative tweets and thumbs down, endless nonsensical FaceBook posts from persons running multiple sock accounts and purchased bots. When one finally drills down into the argument from ‘Restore Australia’ only to find the same old tired anti brigade of One Nation ‘has beens’  with the same old one liners such as “Sharia law – get out” slogans and jingoisms. It’s a joke. The damage these groups do is deflected in some Barry McKenzie type of ‘ocker’… ‘she’ll be right mate‘ …beer gut boguns at the local football club sausage sizzle etc,.

The agenda is only interested in next weeks pay day advance and not on the generations of future Australians who will be constrained by small minded ignorant drop kicks.

This is Asia Pacific and its 2014. Three quarters of the world’s population will be fed by the south east food manufacturing industries in this country.

The example in the video of “Fleurieu Milk and Yoghurt Company” is a sad indictment on how a relatively intelligent manufacturer throws his hands up in that air exclaiming that he has had enough. For the thousand dollar certification the company would have shaken hands with Emirate Airlines to the tune of fifty times that initial certification cost.

The crux of the argument the Anti Halal groups stand behind is that Halal certification will cause the cost of products to increase. But, if you’re not eating Halal food why would that bother you? Do Jewish people who eat Kosher foods use the same argument? The people that Halal labelling is for is the Muslim population who wish to obey and follow their religions guidelines for food.  Should it worry a non Muslim that a food label has “This is not Halal” on the label, or “This is Halal”?

Would this not also then extend to any and all organic and non-organic product labelling? The Australian Food Labelling code is seen as under threat. What can and can’t be put on a food label is up for questioning and the Food Industry Lobby is nervous. After having it so good for decades producers and manufacturers of Food in this country are being questioned as to the relevance of their code. This has all the hallmarks of a Queensland National Government Group getting flustered and lashing out.

Next,”certification is buying bullets” rant. How does this work? Aside form the fact that this group was also financing the “No Mosque” in Bendigo protest, the full metal redux of sensible arguments is devoid of any fact to the point of ridiculous. Any person believing this astonishing claim should maybe think when buying American products is funding the ammunition used in the killing of Afghani or Iraqi people. The same soup just in a different bucket?

Perhaps this serves as an example of how persuasive or pervasive  astroturfing a company can be, for someone to turn down a 50:1 business deal and no doubt years of future supply.

Is this the Australia we live in? Bending like blades of grass to the slightest strong breeze.

In August the Golden Circle fruit drink came into media attention after a member of public took them to task on their labelling, “Alarming additives and Food Labels: Beef and Alcohol in Popular Fruit Juices  and the product made is not Halal. Similarly Hindus were upset because the juice contained beef protein.

“Following the revelation, Heinz suggested that all customers should ‘carefully’ read the ingredients on a product before they buy or consume it. Although this is reasonable advice when it comes to food safety, what Heinz failed to recognize is that the label on these fruit juices made no mention of alcohol or beef traces.
The clear apple juice from Golden Circle comes with a label that proudly boasts photographs of fresh, luscious apples, and absolutely no added preservatives.”

The question must be asked,…who is ‘Restore Australia ‘ really working for? Is this some organised attempt by Food Industry Spooks to cover their tracks and add preservatives but not put it on the labelling or is it a general spasm of loose canons bullying and vilifying soft targets on line..? Bit of both maybe.


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Gangster Jihad – The Story of Khaled Sharrouf

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Khaled Sharrouf’s tweeted picture of himself, and his young son, triumphantly holding the severed heads of people executed by Islamic State militants shocked Australia and the world. He presented himself as a religious warrior fighting for an Islamic caliphate in the Middle East.

But those close to him in Australia knew another man – a person with a history of drug taking, mental illness and criminal violence, who very likely fled Australia because he feared criminal associates who wanted him dead.

He shocked the world by tweeting pictures of himself and his child holding the severed heads of people executed by Islamic State (IS). Khaled Sharrouf casts himself as a religious warrior fighting to create a caliphate in the Middle East.

But a close look at his life tells a more complex story of a young man with a history of drug taking, mental illness and violence. Overall one question recurs: is he a religious zealot or a criminal thug who used his muscle in the building industry?

“Khaled Sharrouf is not bad, he’s mad. There’s no less than five psychiatrists that I know who have diagnosed him with very significant mental health issues.” – Sharrouf’s former lawyer

This week, reporter Marian Wilkinson investigates the extraordinary life of Khaled Sharrouf, from petty criminal and underworld heavy to barbaric terrorist fighter.

“… He certainly appears to have become involved with some people who were involved in some pretty serious criminal activity and a couple of people in fact who were murdered, ultimately.” – Police Officer 

Sharrouf’s notoriety began when he was arrested by police, charged and found guilty of a terrorism offence in 2005. Since then, he has recast himself as an enforcer for hire.

These days, former associates don’t like to talk about their relationship with Sharrouf, but Four Corners has found evidence from various sources about the way he worked with figures in the building industry and how he came to the attention of law enforcement agents after an alleged extortion threat against one of Australia’s most prominent construction companies.

It’s clear that while Khaled Sharrouf may have had some powerful allies, he also made some dangerous enemies.

“I believe that Khaled Sharrouf was afraid for his life and that’s what made him decide to leave Australia and use his brother’s passport to escape, because he was concerned that he will be the next one to be shot.” – Muslim Community Leader

One other question remains. How did someone with a criminal conviction, who was on a watch list and under investigation, get out of the country using his brother’s passport?

By Marian Wilkinson and Deborah Richards 

20 September 2011 Link to CDPP Operation Pendennis

The report makes reference to the September 15th 2012 protest in Sydney.

See here, and here.

It can now be revealed that two terrorist cells based in Sydney and Melbourne worked together to plot terrorist attacks on Australian soil.”

The  ‘Al Furqan’ raid – Melbourne raid September 16, 2012, here 

Andrew Wilkie and Greg Barnes Take PM Mr Abbott to ICC

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Below is the blurb which adorns Mr Wilkies website:

The Independent Member for Denison, Andrew Wilkie, and eminent human rights advocate and lawyer, Greg Barns, have formally requested the Prosecutor at the International Criminal Court (ICC) investigate crimes against asylum seekers by members of the Abbott Government.

“The actions of the Prime Minister and members of his Government against asylum seekers are criminal,” Mr Wilkie said. “Actions such as forcible deportation, detention without trial, detention of children and conditions of detention constitute breaches of Article 7 (Crimes Against Humanity) of the Rome Statute, the treaty that governs the jurisdiction of the ICC.

“The Abbott Government’s conduct in relation to asylum seekers also contravenes the Refugee Convention, Convention on the Rights of the Child and the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights.

“The Government is pandering to racism, xenophobia and selfishness instead of acting like leaders. This is why I’ve asked the Prosecutor to initiate an investigation into the Prime Minister and the Cabinet because, if they won’t listen to the swathe of community outrage, then hopefully they’ll listen to the International Criminal Court.”

“The ICC clearly has jurisdiction in relation to the Abbott Government’s systematic mistreatment of asylum seekers. Australia is a signatory to the Rome Statute,” Mr Barns said.

“Article 7 of the Statute defines ‘crimes against humanity’ to mean acts such as deportation, imprisonment or other severe deprivation of liberty in violation of fundamental rules of international law, torture and other similar acts that are committed as part of a widespread or systematic attack directed against any civilian population.

“There is little doubt, and in fact it is well documented, that the Abbott Government’s mandatory detention of men, women and children in inhumane conditions, and the forcible deportation of individuals, are of a systemic nature and designed to deter.

“What Mr Wilkie and I are asking the ICC Prosecuting authority to do is to gather information, analyse evidence and make a report to the pre-trial chamber of the ICC asking it to authorise an investigation into the commission of offences by the Cabinet of the Abbott Government”

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