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FALSE FLAG 3.0?: Syrian “Rebels” Accuse Gov’t of Chlorine Gas Attack, Army Calls It Fabrication

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A Syrian rebel group accused the Syrian army of using chlorine gas against its fighters on Saturday in battles east of Damascus – an accusation the military swiftly denied as a fabrication.

The Failaq al-Rahman group said more than 30 people suffered suffocation as a result of the attack in Ain Tarma in the Eastern Ghouta region, which government forces have been battling to take back from insurgents.

In a statement circulated by state-run media, a military source said the army command completely denied the accusation. “It has not used any chemical weapons in the past, and will not use them at any time”.

The United States said on Wednesday the government of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad appeared so far to have heeded a warning issued earlier in the week not to carry out a chemical weapons attack after saying it saw possible preparations for one.

Western governments including the United States say the Syrian government was behind an April gas attack in the town of Khan Sheikhoun that killed dozens. In response, the United States fired cruise missiles at the air base from which it said the attack was launched.

The Syrian government has denied any role in that attack.

On Saturday the government also dismissed a report by the international chemical weapons watchdog that said the banned nerve agent sarin was used in the April attack in Khan Sheikhoun, saying it lacked “any credibility”.

The General Command of the Army and Armed Forces said that claims made by some websites affiliated with terrorist groups about the Syrian Arab Army using chlorine gas against terrorists from “Failaq al-Rahman” in Ein Tarma are false and baseless.

In a statement on Saturday evening, the General Command said that some websites affiliated with terrorist groups are reporting false and baseless news in which they claim that the Syrian Arab Army used chlorine gas against terrorists from the so-called Failaq al-Rahman in Ein Tarma the Eastern Ghouta area in Damascus Countryside.

The General Command refuted these claims part and parcel, affirming that it never used chemical weapons before and will never use them as it doesn’t even possess them, asserting that these lies and false narratives have become apparent to everyone and cannot fool anyone, as they are fabricated by the terrorist groups to justify their defeats and heavy losses whenever the Syrian Arab Army makes progress in an area.

An official source at the Foreign and Expatriates Ministry affirmed on Thursday that Syria has disposed of its chemical program completely as specialized international organizations can attest, stressing that Syria does not possess any chemical weapons and denounces their use strongly in any place, for any purpose, and under any pretext, asserting that Syria has never used toxic chemicals since the beginning of the crisis and that it cooperated with the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) fully following its joining of the chemical weapons convention.
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