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Islamic State Death Cult Finds Gruesome New Ways to Murder “Spies”: RPG’d in Car, Drowned in Cage, Explosive Collars

In Archive, Iraq, Islamic State, Terrorism on June 23, 2015 at 10:06 PM

*Disclaimer: LeakSource in no way supports the actions of Islamic State. We are a news site dedicated to covering things that the mainstream media should but won’t. We believe that on top of using terrorism fears to restrict free speech, censoring of these videos only helps the process of radicalization. People need to see the barbarity of this group and realize it is nothing but a death cult, and does not represent the majority of peaceful Muslims in the world.




Islamic State militants on Tuesday released a video purporting to show 15 Iraqi men accused of espionage being blown up or drowned. The video, titled “But If You Return, We Shall Return,” was released by the Sunni extremist group’s affiliate in Iraq’s northern Nineveh province.

The video shows the accused men, who each confesses to the camera that he committed espionage against Islamic State. The video shows one man confessing that an officer called “Lieutenant Bassem,” from Iraq’s police commando unit had asked them to form a battalion to kill Islamic State leaders. In another recorded confession, an accused spy named Ahmed Othman addresses the Lieutenant Bassam directly. “All that you are doing is useless, and all that you are doing is hurting innocent people,” he says. “Islamic State is fighting against 60 countries, now you want to fight Islamic State alone.”


The men are then shown executed in three groups. In the first, three men sit together in a car that is blown up by a rocket-propelled grenade fired by a masked militant. In the next sequence, five men are placed in large a cage that is then lowered into a pool of water. In the final execution, seven men are made to kneel and then shown tied together with an explosive cord around each of their necks. The cord is then detonated, severing their heads. After each set of killings, the camera slowly pans over the corpses.

An unidentified narrator says the deaths are the result of airstrikes carried out by the U.S.-led coalition on Mosul, Islamic State’s stronghold in Iraq. He says a child was among the injured victims of the airstrikes. The narrator says the men shown being executed in the video had given the pilots the coordinates at which to strike.

The video is among the most graphic released by Islamic State, which has cultivated a reputation for staging gruesome execution videos as part of propaganda aimed at discouraging espionage against the group and recruiting impressionable potential fighters. Tuesday’s video is unique for its use of multiple executions. A previous video released last month showed a suspected spy crucified on a cross and dismembered by a sword-wielding militant. Another video released early this year showed a captured Jordanian pilot being burned alive in a cage.

  1. what an atrocity this is just awful :c


  2. Two wrongs don’t make a right. The U.S., as far as I know, never published a video showing blatant disregard of humanity. Sure there are tales and we know they, at least, were into torture, for whatever reason. The only reason for ISIS to make this kind of internet postings is to instil a sense of fear among their opposition and shock and horror to civilians around the world. The quicker ISIS is neutralised the better.


  3. And still, not a single WMD to be found in Irak, after all of this time. Hmmmmm. But I guess it was too much trouble to allow the UN Inspection Team complete their mission – they had only had one more site to inspect …………. and then none of this would have been necessary. Who was it who decided to remove the inspection team and invade Irak? Was it France’s Jacques Chirac ? Was it Germany’s Gerhard Schröder ? Was it Sweden’s Hans Blix? No, I think it was those American guys.


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