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Secret National Intelligence Council Talking Points Cast Doubt on US Government’s Public Claims of Anonymous Threat

In Anonymous, Archive, Hacking, Military, NATO, NSA, NSA Files on February 16, 2015 at 2:06 AM



Glenn Greenwald/TheIntercept:

One classified document casts serious doubt on warnings about the threat posed by Anonymous (in early 2012 then-NSA chief Keith Alexander reportedly warned that Anonymous could shut down parts of the power grid).

That document, containing “talking points” prepared by Jessica Vielhuber of the National Intelligence Council in September 2011 for a NATO meeting on cyber-threats, describes the threat from Anonymous as relatively small. “Although ‘hacktivist’ groups such as Anonymous have made headlines recently with their theft of NATO information, the threat posed by such activity is minimal relative to that of nation-states,” she wrote.


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