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Watch the Al-Qaeda Anti-Tracking Tutorial that MailOnline Based Snowden Propaganda Piece On

In Al-Qaeda, Archive, NSA, Snowden, Surveillance, Terrorism on January 24, 2015 at 1:46 AM

News broke this week of a new tutorial video from Al-Qaeda media, purporting to use the NSA leaks from Edward Snowden to help evade surveillance. The story first appeared on Mail Online, saying the video “proves extremists are using leaks from US spy Edward Snowden to evade justice,” and that “security chiefs were spooked over the terror video.”

The story reeks of US/UK propaganda, and you’d think making such a bold claim the paper would publish the full video or at least link to its source, but it did not. Instead it posted only the first 30 seconds, which do not reference the Snowden leaks at all, and included a screenshot of the only part of the video that does mention one of the leaks; a CNN report with the headline “NSA Tracking Millions of Cellphones,” something that most definitely was common knowledge among terrorist groups well before the NSA leaks emerged.

See: Snowden Leaks DID NOT Impact Terrorist Communication/Encryption Tactics – Flashpoint Report

What MailOnline fails to mention in the report is that the 5 second clip is the only part of the 7 1/2 minute video that references the NSA or Snowden. The rest is information related to voice/facial recognition, fingerprint tracking re: mobile touchscreens, private surveillance contractor spying, phone tapping, using firewalls/VPNs/Tor, FBI spying (eg. disabling webcam light), and drone surveillance, ALL gathered from sources that have NOTHING to do with the NSA or Snowden.

Also, the video is not new, from what LeakSource could find it has been uploaded as early as October/November 2014, and it doesn’t contain “detailed guidance” on evading surveillance, as MailOnline reports. It is basic information at best.

Now it makes perfect sense why MailOnline did not upload the full video, their propaganda piece would fail if they did.

What’s just as sick as MailOnline’s report, is how other media organizations have taken the paper’s word and published their own stories spreading the propaganda more without doing some deeper investigation themselves, even RT is guilty of it in this case.

Well count on LeakSource to counter the spin, find the full video, and let you watch it for yourselves and make up your own minds.

5 PDFs attached with the video are included below. All seem to date around 2010, more evidence that terrorist groups were aware of surveillance capabilities well before the Snowden leaks:

Mobile Security (Arabic)

Internet Mobile Security (Arabic)

Security and Intelligence Principles (Arabic)

Security and Intelligence Course (English)

Compilation of Security and Intelligence Principles (English)

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