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Snowden’s Great Escape

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“Snowden’s Great Escape” tells the story of how Edward Snowden managed to escape Hong Kong and U.S. prosecution with the assistance of WikiLeaks, after blowing the whistle on NSA’s secret mass surveillance programs. Featuring newly revealed details provided in exclusive interviews with Snowden, Julian Assange, and Sarah Harrison.

New Revelations Include:

Snowden Bought Ticket to India as Cover to Help Escape from Hong Kong

Assange: “This was the largest intelligence manhunt the world has ever seen, so the U.S. was throwing everything, all it’s resources at this thing. So we needed someway of splitting those resources, because we didn’t want them all focused on his flight out. [Snowden] bought a ticket to India as cover, was booked using his credit card for 2 days after the actual asylum flight.”

Russia’s FSB Approached Snowden in Sheremetyevo Airport

Harrison: “They asked once, they had approached. I mean, it’s kind of unimaginable to think that they wouldn’t. He didn’t give anything to the Russians at all, and he certainly didn’t cooperate with them or give them anything in anyway whatsoever.”

DR Interviewer: “How do you know?”

Harrison: “I was with him the whole time, so I would stake my entire life on the fact that he did not give anything to anybody.”

Assange/WikiLeaks Spread Rumor of Snowden Being on Morales Flight

Assange: “We consciously laid false trails in relation to the Morales flight. Sometimes there would be calls to ambassadors on open telephone lines for example, including from this [Ecuador] embassy. You know, we were trying to split-up the surveillance resources. Force the United States to consider the Morales flight.”

DR Interviewer: “Do you think that one could imagine disinformation?”

Hayden: “That’s an interesting question. I must admit I hadn’t considered it before, but it’s always a possibility, sure.”

Assange: “I didn’t know that diversion would end up in such an extraordinary outcome.”

DR Interview: “The Morales flight also kind of helped the Russians giving [Snowden] asylum?”

Hayden: “It did, and it reinforced the image of Snowden as victim, Snowden as the pursued, yeah.”

DR Interview: “So, if you were sitting on the other side of the fence, to trap the Americans, would that be a wise move?”

Hayden: “Again I hadn’t thought of it until you raised it, but it’s incredibly clever yeah, yeah.”

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