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Kill the Messenger (2014)

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Based on the remarkable true story of Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Gary Webb. Webb stumbles onto a story which leads to the shady origins of the men who started the crack epidemic on the nation’s streets…and further alleges that the CIA was aware of major dealers who were smuggling cocaine into the U.S., and using the profits to arm rebels fighting in Nicaragua. Despite warnings from drug kingpins and CIA operatives to stop his investigation, Webb keeps digging to uncover a conspiracy with explosive implications. His journey takes him from the prisons of California to the villages of Nicaragua to the highest corridors of power in Washington, D.C. – and draws the kind of attention that threatens not just his career, but his family and his life.

Dark Alliance: The Story Behind the Crack Explosion
(Original Articles/Documents)

Dark Alliance: The CIA, The Contras, and the Crack Cocaine Explosion – Gary Webb (1998) [EPUB/ZIP]

CIA Inspector General Report of Investigation Concerning Allegations of Connections Between CIA and The Contras in Cocaine Trafficking to the United States (1998)

Kill the Messenger: How the CIA’s Crack-Cocaine Controversy Destroyed Journalist Gary WebbNick Schou (2006) [EPUB/ZIP]

Managing a Nightmare: CIA Public Affairs and the Drug Conspiracy Story (CIA Studies in Intelligence/1997) [PDF]

How the CIA Watched Over the Destruction of Gary WebbRyan Devereaux

  1. Hello,

    The guns for cocaine story was common knowledge when Reagan was President.

    I think the story is (or was) on Wikipedia. Guys with airplanes were paid by Reagan to take a planeload of guns to Nicaragua, trading them for Cocaine, bringing the Cocaine back and distributing it in California (and other places).

    One of the planes crashed and the story became public.

    It seems to me that the pilot of that plane that crashed moved on to be elected as one of our representatives in Washington DC.

    Its all crooked.

    Bill Moore


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  3. The LA Times cruelly hounded Gary out of journalism, using libel to defame him. No journalist stood up to defend Webb. He was alone when he finally shot himself in the head,
    but a lot of career-worshiping cowards killed him.

    A real journalist rests in peace. Thank-you for your brave service to the nation, Mr.Webb.


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