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Islamic State Hostage John Cantlie Reports “From Inside Mosul”

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John Cantlie, British photojournalist and captive of the Islamic State, has appeared in yet another propaganda video for the terrorist group released on Monday.

In the latest video, Cantlie tours the city of Mosul, Iraq, which is located more than 300 miles from Kobani, Syria, where the UK-native last appeared in a video in October. He drives through the city, walks through a market and visits a children’s hospital.

The video depicts the IS-controlled territory as a calm, seemingly normal place to live, despite reports of the group’s harsh brand of Islamic justice, which includes mass killings and torture.

Cantlie describes Mosul as “top of the world” and life as being “business as usual after years of oppression.” Sunni Muslims, he says, “can walk the streets without fear of Shia oppression.” In a local “souk” or market he claims, “it’s so normal, crazy and busy. This is not a city living under fear.”

Cantlie is also heard saying, “Here! Here! Over here! You’ve come to rescue me again? Do something! Useless! Absolutely useless!,” to what seems to be a western drone or aircraft in the sky. In a bid to show healthcare has not been hit, he is shown with babies in a hospital ward. He claims they are being treated for trauma after western bombs fell near their homes.

The video shows Cantlie getting out of a police car and riding a police motorcycle with what seems to be a policeman in the IS group’s trademark black clothing. In fact, he claims the police are ‘redundant’ because there is “very little crime being committed”.

The video ends with Cantlie standing in what he says is a media center with his last video in Kobane playing in a big screen behind him. He finishes by saying, “from Kobane to Mosul–shows how much territory the IS is holding”.

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