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Telstra – Free WiFi Plus

In Activism, Anonymous, ASIO, Australia, Big Brother, Big Data, Censorship, CYBERCOM, Encryption, Internet, leaksource, Project PM, Tor, TrapWire on December 28, 2014 at 6:42 AM

If you have n’t noticed the little pink box which now adorns Telstra Public phones it possibly because there are no Telstra Public phones where you live.

At one time they were on nearly every large intersection and at every local milk bar or shopping strip. Now they are rare to find. Telstra systematically removed them from places which were experiencing little or no call activity. Mobile phones took hold and the need for the shiny square glass boxes vanished as the equation between maintenance cost versus asset worth started to go exponentialy negative.

$100 million dollars later,(here) now we have free WiFi on what is left of the public telephone infrastructure. A pink box above the Telephone kiosk denotes it as a “hot spot”. It is also next to a rental car.

Which could come in handy if you found yourself marooned for what ever reason in the old red light district of the city…sure it’s happened to all of us.


Conversely it’s a great opportunity for Telstra to browse through all your stuff(s)..why not? not as if you read the privacy agreement. But don’t let this detract from the useful elements.

Using a disposable telephone with an offshore SIM card comes to mind. Sending and receiving emails or files, login into Government Websites without using your home setup and so on…

There could be a dozen different ways one could use Anonymity tools and that will make the Telstra Free WiFi an opportunity for digital and information activists to use to their benefit.

Careful research on your System Preferences and maybe the odd ‘duck duck go’ search,(proxies, MAC spoofing) and it should be another useful and free tool.

I have n’t tried connecting with Tor but will add this test later.

The next day I did try connecting via Tor and the experiment was a success.

If you need 30 minutes of WiFi for what ever reason, you can connect via Tor and then connect to the internet at one of the WiFi

As I mentioned earlier in the piece, take the time to research and check you devices System Preferences and your Tor settings and updates.


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