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Senate Intelligence Committee CIA Torture Report Executive Summary (Complete Coverage)

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PDF (80MB)


CIA Methods of Torture


CIA Knew Interrogation Techniques Were Illegal, Asked DOJ for Immunity from Prosecution


CIA Torture Program Cost Well Over $300 Million, Including Millions in Cash to Foreign Government Officials to Host Clandestine Detention Sites



Innocent People Detained and Tortured



More Waterboarding, and More Brutal, Than Previously Known



“Waterboard” is mentioned 275 times in the report, which is technically just a “summary” of the official, classified report.

Gul Rahman Froze to Death After Being Made to Sit on a Concrete Floor Without Pants



“Rectal Rehydration/Feeding,” Threats to Rape and Kill Detainees’ Mothers


On At Least 2 Occasions, CIA Conducted “Mock Executions” of Prisoners


CIA Officer Played “Russian Roulette” with Prisoner


“[CIA Officer 2] Placed a Pistol Near al-Nashiri’s Head and Operated a Cordless Drill Near al-Nashiri’s Body”


In 20-Day Period, Abu Zubaydah Spent 11 Days-2 Hours in Coffin Size Box and 29 Hours in 2.5 Foot Box


KSM Sleep Deprivation for 180 Hours


Torturing Detainees with Broken and Prosthetic Legs


Torture Tactics Caused Detainees to Develop Psychosis, Leading to Hallucinations, Paranoia and Attempts to Self-Mutilate



Janat Gul Tortured for Months Based on a False Accusation Made Under Duress by Another Prisoner


CIA Interrogators Got Tired of Torturing Abu Zubaydah, So They Put Him in Isolation and Took a 47-Day Vacation


The Rough Takedown





Psychologists Played Key Role in Torture Program, Then Profited Greatly



CIA Detained/Tortured 2 Foreigners Working for a “Partner Government” Allied with Agency


CIA Prison Site Known as COBALT Described as a “Dungeon,” Detainees Shackled with “Only a Bucket to Use for Human Waste”


Federal Bureau of Prisons Staff Were “WOW’ed” by the Depravity of COBALT Prison


Torture a Huge Net Minus in Terms of Actually Gathering Intelligence


Destruction of “Zero Dark Thirty” Scenario, Torture Did Not Provide Information That Led to Finding Osama bin Laden


Torture Used to Extract False Information to Justify Iraq War


Former National Security Adviser Condoleezza Rice Deeply Involved in Evaluating Use of Waterboarding and “Staged Burial”


Former CIA Director Michael Hayden Repeatedly Misled Congress About Degree and Extent of Torture


“Israeli Example” and “Ticking Time Bomb” Scenario: CIA Cited Israel Supreme Court Rulings to Justify Torture




Mainstream Media Role in Torture




White House Withheld Approximately 9,400 CIA Torture Documents from Senate


h/t Glenn Greenwald/TheIntercept/Jason Leopold/VICE/Matt Taibbi/RollingStone/Spencer Ackerman/Gregory Krieg/PolicyMic/JohnSifton/JustSecurity/WashingtonPost/Haaretz

Glenn Greenwald & Edward Snowden Remarks:

Politician Remarks:

War Criminal Remarks:


Other Notables:


Marcy Wheeler/Emptywheel:

The highlight of today’s SSCI public hearing came when Dianne Feinstein asked Rasmussen whether the claims of great harm — provided to her just before she released the Torture Report in December — had proven to be correct.



The US Senate Committee on Intelligence has issued a significant correction to an appendix to its report on CIA torture after mistakes were highlighted by the Bureau of Investigative Journalism.

A “notice of errata” was published earlier this month showing amendments for almost half of the 119 prisoners held in the CIA’s rendition and enhanced interrogation programme.

The mistakes, which have been put down to a “technical error”, relate to the number of days the detainees were held by the CIA during the programme.

Of the 119 detainees listed in Annex 2 of the report published last December, 56 had errors attached to their names. The custody period for one prisoner was overstated by about 470 days.

The main report itself remains accurate.

The amendments were made after the Bureau, which together with The Rendition Project is investigating many of the details in the torture report, revealed inconsistencies in some figures in the original annex.

As a result the Senate committee discovered other errors and today a spokesman for the committee thanked the Bureau for its work.

The corrections were published on the website of the committee’s former chair, Senator Dianne Feinstein, with a date of February 6.

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  2. […] program has since been shut down, and last year the Senate Intelligence Committee issued a detailed report that described the program as both ineffective and […]

  3. […] The Senate Intelligence Committee’s long-delayed report on CIA torture, released last December, documented repeated instances of official lying, and suggested that the CIA’s knowledge of bin Laden’s courier was sketchy at best and predated its use of waterboarding and other forms of torture. The report led to international headlines about brutality and waterboarding, along with gruesome details about rectal feeding tubes, ice baths and threats to rape or murder family members of detainees who were believed to be withholding information. Despite the bad publicity, the report was a victory for the CIA. Its major finding – that the use of torture didn’t lead to discovering the truth – had already been the subject of public debate for more than a decade. Another key finding – that the torture conducted was more brutal than Congress had been told – was risible, given the extent of public reporting and published exposés by former interrogators and retired CIA officers. The report depicted tortures that were obviously contrary to international law as violations of rules or ‘inappropriate activities’ or, in some cases, ‘management failures’. Whether the actions described constitute war crimes was not discussed, and the report did not suggest that any of the CIA interrogators or their superiors should be investigated for criminal activity. The agency faced no meaningful consequences as a result of the report. […]

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