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List of GCHQ Undersea Phone/Internet Cable Taps

In Archive, GCHQ, NSA Files, Surveillance on November 28, 2014 at 6:50 AM

Orange = Undersea cables tapped by GCHQ / Image via Ingrid Burrington (Click for interactive map)


New documents from the Snowden cache have revealed more specific details about what undersea fiber optic cables have been tapped by GCHQ as part of their mass surveillance program. Previous/reporting has shown that GCHQ had submarine cable taps created in collusion with companies like Vodafone and BT Cable, but the specific cables have not been revealed until now.


GERONTIC = Vodafone
DACRON = Verizon
LITTLE = Level 3
PINNAGE = Global Crossing
STREETCAR = Interoute

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  2. […] (SIGINT) – the gathering of intercepted communications and electronic signals. The data gathered by golf ball-shaped monitoring stations at some RAF airbases is sent to GCHQ where it is decrypted […]


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