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Luxembourg Leaks – ICIJ

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The ICIJ‘s Luxembourg Leaks couldn’t be timed any better (see database here). Based on a confidential cache of secret tax agreements approved by Luxembourg authorities, that provide tax-relief for more than 340 companies around the world. As with all good ‘leaks‘ of this nature it provides a wealth of spin off and collaborative articles which would by themselves not come to fruition.

One example is “Why IKEA Australia Profits are mostly tax free” which I personally found fascinating but also a little unsettling as with all these huge mega companies one realizes that its not about the people, its about the cash.

When searching the document the ICIJ have broken it down to small compartments by country and/or by company. This makes searching or following a particular thread simple and eloquent.

For example, lets pick TECH


From this you could pick for exampleApple” (there are many more..)


..and from there you will find a letter of 2011 iTunes Corporate Income Tax 2011 from Pricewaterhouse Coopers  (pic is page 4 Remarks)


There is much to the Luxembourg Leaks and no doubt JC Juncker will certainly be feeling less confrontational to his Eu counterparts as this will no doubt see the soft underbelly of the mega rich get a firm poke.


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