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Sabu – the 2011 missing chid Op

In Activism, Anonymous, Sabu on November 4, 2014 at 8:37 AM

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Back in November 2011 there was a moment in time when the self styled LulzSec gangster hacker took a respite from causing great fuckery and set out to help find a missing child who had run away from her home in Boston.

The ‘community’ at the time…or ‘collective’ depending on which side you view this period in time, seemed indifferent to the single tweet which pointed anyone who cared to the saga of a runaway thirteen year old.

On or about November 12th 2011, Sabu tweeted a link to the ‘Find Allie’ campaign. Allie had gone missing November 4th, last seen on the CCTV leaving on a bus. Allie boarded a Peter Pan bus from Boston on Friday, Nov. 4, and was later seen on surveillance videos arriving at New York City’s Port Authority. It would be on November 16th Alllie was eventually found … police say they received a tip off.

She had ‘met’ the man online and no doubt had been duped into thinking she was meeting some one her own age. Occupy was nearly a month old and the social media was a buzz with ideas of new freedoms. I am only speculating but perhaps this scum trash (see pic below), incited her to come visit so they could “hang out” and “do ‘stuff”.JGarzon - findAllie

(Before I continue it must be said that I could not find this ‘original’ tweet…the twitter clone time line starts at or about November 16th 2011. I also have n’t at this point of writing not connected with anyone from the Loftis clan regarding this period. Of course that might not be a bad thing, I’m sure the family want some privacy regarding this issue. Some of the events can be read (here)

What is relevant about this? Firstly, Sabu would have been deep in the FBI Operation which unfolded into what the world knows as the “Global Intelligence Files”, and the Hammond case. At his own pre – sentencing hearing the momentary incarceration during which time Sabu taught a computer class are mentioned but not the “Find Allie” tweet.

It was a heady time, much was happening, stuff was oozing from the inter webs, many insights were gained and much intrusion done. So why was this of interest to the spooks who filtered the feed from the sixth story of the Sabu Hilton? Read the accounts of her ordeal you can maybe understand the possibility of the spooks pulling out all stops and seeking help from who ever they thought would see the single tweet.

During this time I had taken it upon myself to document the intrusions and defacements which were posted upon the twitter-sphere like gaudy wallpaper on a bad acid trip.

So when the Allie Loftis tweet emerged from the sixth floor hide out, I made a video showing the lost child and added a ticker tape title which contained the details for people to contact or aid in the recover of Allie.  At one point I sent a message to the Family saying that if they could make a video ‘reaching out’ to Allie she would probably see them, (as she was apparently quiet adept with all things internet, although her FaceBook and cell phone remained “untouched”).  The family made a half dozen or so such videos in which different family members spoke of how much they missed Allie and how much they wanted her home. It was genuine heart wrenching stuff. For anyone who has teenage children they know that certain strains and difficulties present and sometimes the outcomes are not what anyone really wants…

It was of course with some relief that I later heard that Allie in fact was returned home.

(note this video was originally on another YouTube channel which succumb to a multitude of false DMCA claims and has since been re-uploaded and kept as unlisted)

Was this a spook using the reach of the Sabu account to start some sort of Anonymous search mission Op? Was it intended that Anonymous would track down Allie through special ninja google searches? Maybe?, maybe not?

How did the father even know about Sabu, a friend, social media? Was it sheer desperation that he reached out and went to the serpents head. The father, Tony makes mention that he has family in the Brooklyn area.

“Allie’s family had searched long and hard for their daughter, never giving up hope, with their efforts rippling throughout the New York area to local police stations, city streets and across social media sites showing a number of various fliers.”

Maybe Sabu saw the story on a new site blog and just tweeted the details. The NYPD were all over the story and signals keep appearing that Allie was in Brooklyn. The social media campaign was quiet intensive.

Does it matter? Well not really, lets face the fact that recovering a teenage child in this circumstance, the means justify the ends. Allie was returned home safe and alive.

I thought it was an interesting episode in the Sabu timeline and one that slipped past the Anonymous reporting throng. The nice Sabu.

Relevant or not I have wanted to put something together on this for no other reason than to just show that even the worst thought of person can have redeeming spark.

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