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Foreign Fighters Bill and 35P – ASIO Act Amendment

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You may have heard or perhaps seen something in the news media recently referring to “Acts against Democracy” and “Undermining Journalism

These news media reports refer to a mysterious 35P. What is this 35P?

One of the Acts which the Foreign Fighters Bill 2014 ( 3ZZHA ) seeks to change , among others, is the Australian Security Organisation Act 1979.  The Advisory Report (page 20 2.69) reiterates the concerns put forward by submissions.

This act itself can be found here. When opening the Act scroll down and you will find 35P

35P - ASIOact1979


However not all is lost...the PJCIS is accepting submissions, closing 10th November 2014 and is open for public hearing 13th November 2014.

Put in a submission through the email address and be part of the legislative process. One example of how convoluted the legislative process can be is in the first slide the “Note” – Recklessness

This refers to the “Criminal Code”.

CrimesAct1995 - sect5.6

And yes…there’s another “Note” which refers to 5.4 Recklessness.


Send your submissions in as an individual or organisation, publicly or private. 

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