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Terrorist Tutorial on Metadata Removal from Multimedia

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October 2014

Source (PDF)

Rough Translation via Google:

Digital Spy: Metadata for Multimedia and the Method of Disposal

With the rapid development of information jihadist, and increased pumping in the media material produced by the jihadi organizations official and unofficial that; many security gaps emerged benefited the enemy, may have contributed to reveal the identities of some of the brothers or uncover some Mujahideen sites and identify them easily, and those gaps loophole The “Metadata” or metadata.

When shooting mobile or camera are saved a lot of data on the captured image, which can be viewed by anyone, and that data also contain the coordinates of the place of image capture, as well as photography and the history of photography time, the camera manufacturer and model of the camera with a lot of accurate information; Do you like the camera flash was used in the captured image or not, do you also been using the zoom (rounding and retraction), and what is the status of the exposure and color balance and vox “isolation” of data etc .. which of them graying head.

All this makes the subject of the “Metadata” significant security vulnerability, especially with the widespread use of smartphones in Rabat sites and increased pumping captured images of the Mujahideen sites without considering the risks of the resulting know the coordinates of the sites, and the times in which some of the characters that have been photographed previously exist , also knowledge model cameras, which may pose a threat by tracking lists to purchase these cameras At the risk of brotherhood in jihadist institutions both trackers brothers or mined most buyers buy cameras from jihadist groups or spy software with a modern track.

You must also know that the subject is not only linked images, this also applies to the BBC PDF files (electronic) books and Word files and video, but the most dangerous are the photos and videos.
To overcome this serious gap will not take the subject of the application, and only the second time just 0:01.

First, images and e-books “PDF”

Before we begin to know how to get rid of the metadata for images and e-books Let us know how we show metadata.

We can show metadata in three ways:

  • Using Windows; but they do not show all the details.
  • Right-click on the picture or any file and select “Properties”, will show you the properties window select the ones “details” tab.
  • Using “PhotoME Beta”, the software program will show all the details and hidden phenomenon and works with image files only.

To download the program:

Open the program and “Menu” menu select “Open file …” and select the image and will show all the details of the image.



Using “Exiftool” program, the program for applicants and working with photos and videos, e-books and many extensions (PhotoME Beta program suffice for beginners).

Download the program:

Note that the name of the program is “exiftool (-k) .exe” and inside the parentheses in the name of the program this text (-k) which is meant Show metadata files.
How so ?, all you have to know the metadata for any drag the file or folder you want to analyze the data to the program icon and drop.


Then you will see all the data for the file, (you can query for any file of any data that is not limited to the images in this program).


Remove metadata from images and e-books

There are many programs that remove metadata from images, and other programs for e-books, many of which are driven by “not free.”

The proposed programs used are as follows:

“Metanull” tool is a simple tool advantage of lightness, simplicity and free, but the disadvantages of it only supports images extension “.jpg” only; no one supports the extension, and if we Nfdilha extensions “.jpg”.

Download the tool:

First, open the program and select “single file” if you have one image, or “Batch folder” If multiple images in a single folder.

Second: Choose where to save the image.

Third: Click on the “null it …” button to place all metadata filtering.


[You can be sure of yourself for the way you been any program or not metadata filtering.]

“Exiftool” program, which is free and can filter a lot of files; including images and e-books and documents, applications and Roses video; but for the video is causing a problem, so that some of the triggers become unable to run the video after the liquidation.

First we change the name of the program from “exiftool (-k) .exe” to “exiftool (-all =). Exe” Therefore to change it (-k private) displays the metadata for the files to it (-all =) private liquidation of metadata files.


Then, as in the past, we drag the file or folder icon to the files inside the program.

Second: the video

The film clips filtering must be pre-export program of the “Adobe Premiere Pro” process or the “Adobe Media Encoder” are as follows:

Adobe Premiere Pro program: Before you begin the process of export push on “Metadata …” button, then the “Export option option” choose “None” and then pressing the OK button “ok”, and then we export.



Adobe software Media Encoder: also before the start of the export program we adjust the following settings:



The videos and other video clips such as mobile or camera or other; descriptive data can be filtered by converting one convert videos such as “Format Factory”, or re-export of Adobe Media Encoder program or Adobe Premiere Pro software program with application settings above programs.

Download Format Factory program:

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