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(GRAPHIC VIDEO) Islamic State Algerian Group Beheads French Hostage Hervé Gourdel

In Algeria, Archive, France, Gourdel, Hollande, Iraq, ISIS, Islamic State, Terrorism on September 24, 2014 at 2:37 PM



A video has been released showing the beheading of a French hostage being held by a Algerian group affiliated with the Islamic State (IS).

Hervé Gourdel, 55, was being held by a group calling themselves Jund al-Khilafah, or Soldiers of the Caliphate. The group released a video two days ago saying it had kidnapped the French citizen while he was hiking in the heart of the Djurdjura National Park in Algeria. In the video a masked militant said Gourdel would die within 24-hours unless France halted its airstrikes on Iraq.

France rejected the group’s 24-hour ultimatum, with Hollande vowing the country would not be deterred from continuing its military action.

The video released today, entitled “A Message with Blood to the French Government”, employs a similar style to those used in previous videos by IS showing the beheadings of three/Western/hostages.

It begins with a clip of Hollande at a press conference where he announced strikes against IS in Iraq.

The video then shows Gourdel on his knees with his hands behind his back in front of four armed militants with covered-up faces.

The Frenchman briefly expresses his love for his family before one of the jihadists reads a speech in which he denounces the actions of the “French criminal crusaders” against Muslims in Algeria, Mali and Iraq.

The jihadist says the beheading is to “avenge the victims in Algeria… and support the caliphate” proclaimed by IS in Iraq and Syria.

French President Francois Hollande condemned the killing as a “cruel and cowardly” act, and said that French air strikes which began on IS targets in Iraq last week would continue.

Speaking at the UN general assembly, Mr Hollande said that Gourdel’s abduction and decapitation was a barbaric act of terrorism which presented a problem not only for the region but also for the world.

He said the fight against terrorism should know no borders and that France was now in mourning.

“It is not weakness that should be the response to terrorism but force,” he said.

UPDATE 01/15/2015

Algeria’s army has found the body of French hiker Hervé Gourdel, security sources and Algerian media said on Thursday, nearly four months after he was taken hostage and beheaded by Islamist militants.

The army had mobilized 3,000 troops to find the 55-year-old mountain guide’s body and launched a new search operation on Wednesday.

The search was headed by an elite army unit and aided by sniffer dogs.

Gourdel’s body was found buried without the head in Akbil, the town where he was abducted.

Police experts arrived at the burial site, located in a forested area known as Tabounecht Abu Youssef, that had been rigged with explosives, which a local resident said was aimed at “causing casualties among the searchers.”

Forensic experts were present to perform tests to formally identify the body, which was exhumed in the presence of Algeria’s senior terrorism prosecutor and the judge presiding over Gourdel’s case.

Army sources said Gourdel’s body was found based on information from one of two men arrested in connection with the case.

Abdelmalek Gouri, the man who claimed responsibility for Mr Gourdel’s killing, was killed in an Algerian army attack in December.

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    • We’ve gone to the moon and back and these ignorant, misguided, Medieval thugs are blabbing on about a Caliphate! They don’t understand anything….This was a decent man, an innocent man, who loved nature and who was slaughtered by twisted souls full of self-righteous ignorance. There is no hope for these kind of crazy men. They do not understand life…

      • I totally agree. I hope they are all killed. I would love to watch a video of our Marines going in, and just destroying them.

  2. Come here you bastards. I will destroy you all.

  3. Does anyone care????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????/
    We do- fucking say you do

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  5. What a bunch bull$hit.

    ISIS,alNusra,Alqaeda and Syrian rebels are the same dam thing. Theres no beheadings.

    We all know Iran is the end game.

    enjoy your pipelines!!!!!

    • Guess there was no holocaust either.!? And WWII was about oil? Please, my brother wake up. While it may be easier to belive this is not happening the truth is that it is real and they are being beheaded. And is has little to do with oil. USA doesnt need foreign oil. Do a little research of your own and you will find that people are dying needlessly by beheadings daily.

    • Iran soldiers are fighting in Irak with the pechmergas against Daech

      where is YOUR mistake ?

    • Cutting someones head off with a knife would take a couple of minutes and is quite messy to someone inexperienced in doing so. If they had sword it would be easier but again it’s difficult to get your hostage to stand still and you need a pretty big sword and good aim to cut it off in a few chops, messing that up would look quite silly. So those are a couple of reasons why they haven’t got blood on them and don’t actually show the beheading.

      And as someone has said ‘who cares if it’s fake?’, as long as the news outlets believe it’s real that’s mainly all that matters, and in many ways a fake beheading is better than a real one as you can later trade your hostage for money or prisoners.

  6. It makes no difference if this is real or faked footage. It makes no difference if it is trying to make a point. This is for psychopaths and control and there is no point in psychopaths or control.

  7. It makes no difference how you meet your death you will meet it. And no God or Gods or Goddesses or psychopaths are eternal it is the joke of our continued existence to belief that fear will control an outcome that in many ways as been decided. The question is do we follow a psychopath or do we follow what is in our own being.


  9. Terrible!
    I hope USA will bomb them to hell!
    But i fear Ground Troops are the only Way to stop them..

  10. islam is cancer

    • Hey watch your mouth! you can’t justify that their act represent Islam. I am a moslem, I am telling you that their act is far from Islam. Can I say that Ku Klux Klan equal to Christian? Yes I can! but I won’t because I know their act don’t represent The Holy Bible. So be wise before commenting.

      All religion teach about peace and kindness, WE, HUMAN, we caused these mess. Our greedy, thirst of power, makes us forgot all that kindness and compassion. Before blaming others, look in the mirror.

      This Islamic State is not more than a coward. Me myself just can’t understand, how come you beheading someone’s head while shout God’s name. This is just insane and barbaric.

      • Your muslim god isn’t even real, so you have no protection. All religions do NOT teach about peace and kindness. Many are demonic cults hiding behind the guise of religion. If I were you I’d get the hell out of your so-called religion before it ruins your life and eternal destination…your faith is not a religion, it is actually a cult. Aim higher.

      • I agree that this is barbaric….such hated-filled hearts….to behead an innocent tourist. My heart grieves for the mother’s who bore these men…I question what caused them to become monsters?

  11. C’est un petit groupe qui veut se faire remarquer par les leurs. Moins organisé, la façon de faire est une première pour eux, très archaïque. Un militaire est là mais se met en retrait… Et bien d’autres points visibles… À vouloir se faire remarquer, ils vont se faire tuer par les leurs. C’est un peu comme au temps de la mafia, lorsqu’un groupe cherche à prendre de l’ampleur à la place d’un autre en place, il se fait rincer en beauté. On entendra probablement plus jamais parler de ces sous-hommes.

  12. It’s a small group that wants to be noticed by their own. Less organized, the way is a first for them, very archaic. A military is there but stands back … And many other points visible … In wanting to be noticed, they will be killed by their own. It’s a bit like the days of the Mafia, when a group seeks to grow in the place of another in place, it is flush with beauty. It probably never hear about these subhumans.

  13. Death to you Animals! Your God is a Homosexual false Prophet. God Bless the United States & your swift Death.

  14. ISIS SISI SISSIES – Show your faces, cowards!

  15. We are coming after you !!! Pigs!!!

  16. Absolute savagery, criminals, literally throat cutters. My deepest sympathies go to the family of mr Gourdel.
    between 1992 and 1999 at least 250000 Algerian men, women and children died in 10 years fighting this extremism, the terrorists were believed to be around 20000, and their enemy was the rest of the Algerian people around 30 million.
    Islam has nothing to do with that…the problem is when people are reduced to live like animals they become animals…. I am sure that if these terrorists were of any other faith, and with their background they would still do the same..

    We must fight them militarily but also fight the cause that brought them to become what they are and don’t say it is Islam because this is scare mongering …. The cause is injustice wether it is social, political, it is also a lack of education, they have no future…. The list is long but there are priorities.
    For the eradicators, this is not going to work as it has been tried in the future….. Further more their plan is to create a rift between societies worldwide, so they want a Muslims vs western world fight, when the terrorists constitute 0.00000000001% of the world Muslims.

    People need to see that the largest victim group of this terrorist organisations is of Muslim faith.


  18. To me it looks too much like a horror holiwood video. I will believe it when/if his body is found.

    The thing is that nobody is doing better job against Muslim countries than these so called ISISS Al Qaeda …etc

    The French victim is first blaming his gouvernement for following blindly USA then simply and calmly says bye to his loved ones. The first does not much with the second (too scared then suddenly calm). And when they are about to “kill” him, he remains calm and silent knowing that he is going to die!
    Also, terrorists in Algeria do not cover themeselves (they just don’t care being recognized).

    For myself I suspect french services operation.

    • Spoken like a true muslim. You probably are one. Twisting the truth, , making excuses. unintelligent. No one cares what you think and no one all sympathies for muslims in the U.S. are zero at this point because you are all evil and sick. The muslims have done it to themselves. Your God isn’t even real. You have no protection.

  19. You bunch of useless cowards. Lets see what happens to your 30,000 members one they get a taste of fighting against a real army. You will run and scatter like the cowards you truly are. You think killing women, children, farmers and civilians makes you a great fighting force? Once your so called fighters see a real army take you apart piece by piece you will run and hide, stripping off any uniform that hints at isis.
    And the civilized world will smile as we watch you disintegrate into dust.
    Your 15 minutes of fame is up. It’s back to the caves and other holes you all crawled out from. In less than a week you will be nothing but a smoldering pile of corpses.
    ISIS will soon be WasWas

  20. why aren’t these guys covered in blood?


  22. I do not understand why every nation that believes in freedom peace and human rights are not bombing and nuking these terrorist territories with everything they have got. I can’t believe the lukewarm response our nations have shown. GROW A PAIR AND NUKE THEM!!! it’s the only thing that ended world war II!!!!!! AIr strikes, okay…but could they move any slower or could they take any longer???? Doesn’t the free world even care that these terrorists are pointing their knives into the camera, invoking leaders by name and daring them to respond, and killing the people of America, Britain, France, and countless others? I say there has never been a better time or occasion for war. Take them out and send a message to these demonic groups that if they come together to plot evil in any way they are DEAD. I pray God will cause these terrorist groups to fall on and die by their own swords and burn in a fiery crash. Then go to hell to be tortured for eternity where they belong.

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  25. je suis venu..j’ai vu …et je me casse !!
    c’est une société qui ne mérite pas votre attention …que ce soit eux ou leurs bêtes de sommes …aucuns n’a encore réalisé sa place …aucun !
    j’abandonne mon devoir envers vous pour mieux rester à vos cotés .
    ils sont aveugle sourds et trop bavards ! je m’en remet à votre jugement …
    si je dois repartir,donnez moi les droits pour les orienter vers la bête innommable…
    les livres ne leurs suffisent pas,donnez leurs des plumes pour décoder vos pensées …c’est la seul façon de voir votre création de l’intérieur !
    je sais que votre création est la bonté infini…je sais.
    pitié pour nos enfants…montrez leurs le mal absolue,qu’ils comprennent enfin leurs place dans ce décor idyllique,unique et paradisiaque (bein oui,c’est ici…bande de cons prétentieux et myope !!
    à tous les athées …. relisez vos livres ! vous n’y découvrirez rien …regardez vos campagne et vos vies pleines de hasards et vous ni découvrirez rien !
    appréhendez votre mort et ….peut-être ?

  26. je suis venu ici pour voir de mes yeux et ne pas seulement croire une chose que je n’ai pas vu !!
    comme pour ma fois en celui qui m’a emmené ici !
    je l’ai vu pour y croire …
    cherche pas trop (un peu beaucoup,ils sont plus que la vue 3d stéoroscopique) avec tes yeux,ne cherche pas des bras et des jambes(tous les problèmes sont la !!),n’imagine pas que tu est spéciale,ne crois pas les livres attestés de ton frère,ni ceux de ta mè crois aucuns livres !! seul les lignes écris dans ton coeur …
    c’est pas gagné …mais c’est à la porté de tous ! certains ont un avantage …devinez !!
    [troll fini ]

  27. These cowardly muslims. Killing an old, unarmed, nature lover—a gentle soul. The religion of the Kuran and Hadith teaches such things—kidnap kafirs, rape their women, kill them, sell them like slaves, hate them, etc. The Kuran and Hadith are full of such things. It is no wonder muslims behave like this when they go off the “normal” track.

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  29. Anyone with half a brain can see this video is a total lie.

  30. When is that fucked up Islamic religion going to come to an end so they can stop living like the animals they really are.

  31. The French guy had a NWO pyramid on his shirt. Fk’n New World Order. Glad the French revolution finally reached American shores. Death to the Federalists. Tar and Feather! Off with the heads of the rich, death to the aristocracy! Send his head on a plate back to the masters of the central banks who let him die by guillotine.

  32. Jason u sound just as brain washed as these terrorist cowards faith in something higher is a good thing . But governments use religion in all faiths throughout the ages. As a scape goat for war . I think there are just sick individuals terrorism terrorists . What’s not focused on is the poor individual and there familys. All faiths have blood on there hands .and I’m Scottish

  33. Why people are killing each other??????Why should have war?????Why should bombing each other??????The answer is,,,,,,,,,no body know n know body will understand.Here i just want to say,,,,,,pls stop killing each others.Lets the world stay in peaceful n warm with loving each others.

  34. please search for the real side of this case.muslims are very kind.have you ever read muslims quran!how can you say daesh soldiers are muslims.daesh soldiers are wild creatures and they are not muslim at all.only only only search for real yourself.i am sure if you look for the truth you will understand that muslims are very kind.good luck

  35. […] local population. In Algeria, Jund al-Khilafa, which pledged allegiance to Baghdadi on Sept. 14, beheaded the French tourist Hervé Gourdel in a video released on Sept. 24. Algiers launched a massive crackdown in response that killed the […]

  36. What disgusting dirty people we have on this planet. In Islam is supposed to mean peace, where is this shown by any of the Isis. Can’t imagine the fear the man went through. My thought and prayers are with the family of the man who has lost his life for nothing.
    As for Isis, live on your own island and decapetate your own heads off!

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