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Random beheadings – Australia – Anti-Terror Arrests

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18th September 2014, in Sydney and Brisbane dawn raids resulted in the arrest of fifteen men. Police allege Mohammad Ali Baryalei, who has been identified as the most senior Australian member of IS, instructed 22-year-old Sydney man Omarjan Azari to carry out the attacks. Random members of the public were to be snatched off the street and beheaded on camera, with the recording then released by IS.

More than 800 officers launched the raids as part of Operation Appleby in suburbs across Sydney’s west and north-west, with a further 70 police involved in raids on properties in Brisbane’s south.

Australia is standing alone aiding America with the fight against Islamic State and this is been seen as a catalyst to the action and reaction for recently raising the terror threat level to high.

Interesting that during the press conference, on September 11th, Prime Minister Abbott makes a point of claiming that there are “no known plots“.

Next week will also see new laws with the introduction of “preventative detention” and the more powers to arrest, monitor and investigate.


Random beheadings in Sydney, Brisbane” – Anti Terror Raids.


Later that evening abut 200 people gathered to listen to speakers from the Muslim Community

Uthman Badarspin and propaganda” – 18 Sep 2014



2005 Sydney terrorism plot  Abdul Nacer Benbrika

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