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Senate Hearing on Militarization of US Police – Homeland Security & Gov’t Affairs Cmte

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Senate hearing led by U.S. Senator Claire McCaskill examining the militarization of state and local police departments, following the fatal shooting of teenager Michael Brown by a Ferguson, Mo. police officer, and subsequent clashes between local police and protesters.

Among the hearing’s findings:

  • Police forces that use military equipment earmarked for counter-terrorism to handle public order disturbances instead could be forced to repay millions of dollars in grants
  • There have been more than 450 guns lost by state and local police departments that were sent as part of the DOD programs (See: How Did America’s Police Departments Lose Loads of Military-Issued Weapons?Are Police Profiting from ‘Missing’ Military Equipment?)
  • More than one-third of “excess” military equipment supplied to local police departments through federal programs was either never used by the U.S. military or in new condition
  • Local police departments in 49 of 50 states have more Mine-Resistant Ambush Protected vehicles (MRAPs) than their state’s National Guard units

Member Statements

Chairman Thomas R. Carper D (DE)
Download Statement (56.1 KB)

Senator Tom Coburn R (OK)
Download Statement (12 KB)

WitnessesPanel IThe Honorable  Alan F. Estevez
Principal Deputy Under Secretary of Defense for Acquisition, Technology, and Logistics
U.S. Department of Defense
Download Testimony (48.2 KB)Brian E. Kamoie
Assistant Administrator for Grant Programs
Federal Emergency Management Agency, U.S. Department of Homeland Security
Download Testimony (150.5 KB)

Karol Mason
Assistant Attorney, Office of Justice Programs
U.S. Department of Justice
Download Testimony (170.5 KB)

Panel II

Chief  Jim Bueermann
Police Foundation
Download Testimony (291.3 KB)

Dr.   Peter B. Kraska
Professor, School of Justice Studies
University of Eastern Kentucky
Download Testimony (132.5 KB)

Mark Lomax
Executive Director
National Tactical Officers Association
Mr. Lomax will be accompanied by Major Ed Allen, Seminole County Sheriff’s Office
Download Testimony (147.3 KB)

Wiley Price
The St. Louis American Newspaper
Download Testimony (68.8 KB)

Hilary O. Shelton
Washington Bureau Director and Senior Vice President for Advocacy
National Association for the Advancement of Colored People
Download Testimony (911.3 KB)

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