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Appelbaum Keynote, Snowden Statement & Assange Q&A @ Internet Ungovernance Forum 2014

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09/04-05/2014 @ Internet Ungovernance Forum/Livestream via Çapul TV

Jacob Appelbaum Keynote

“I’ll tell you something which no one knows about yet, but they will soon. Sometimes the NSA compromises the computers of terrorists, and then they let those terrorist attacks happen. Anyway… Just thought I’d let that sink in for a second. I look forward to those stories becoming public.”

Snowden Statement (PDF)
 Read By Turkish Activist Isik Mater

‘ Julian Assange Q&A

  1. […] Wikileaks, Snowden’s revelations about NSA are the major events that obliged the sleeping internauts to change course. Not surprisingly that Snowden,Assange and Jacob Appelbaum (Tor project) were present at the Ungovernance Forum, delivering keynote speeches. See for the streaming at Leak Source. […]


  2. […] Wikileaks en de onthullingen van Snowden over de afluisterpraktijken van de NSA waren dé gebeurtenissen die de slapende internauten dwongen om van koers te veranderen. Het zal daarom wel geen verrassing zijn dat we onder de keynote sprekers Edward Snowden, Julian Assange en Jacob Appelbaum terug vinden. Video’s hiervan kan je bekijken via Leak Source. […]


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