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e-gate – “because we say so”

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If you’ve heard about e-gate and are wondering what all the fuss is about, don’t worry…it’s only a trial.The new arrival and departure self-service streamlining software will make it easy for everyone. Long flights across vast oceans will now end in travellers effortlessly passing through the advanced facial recognition software with seamless correlation to a raft of e-passport credentials and body mapping Trapwire.


So what’s the problem with this stuff…well, one concern is the cost, is incredibly expensive. The trial which is inclusive to 2016 is being shared between Portugal’s Vision Box  and French Company Morpho absorbing nearly a third of the e-gate budget.

The tender was received by a number of other countries however, Vision Box had a clear advantage by already having a complete installation up and running in Qatar. An enthusiastic sales team can wine and dine the whole tendering committee via non-reccurring sundries on the first purchase order, …chump change, hook line and sinker.

The other issue that arises is the legislation to accompany e-gate. Where is it?

With George Brandis  “what is metadata” debacle fresh in the current conciseness of the public citizenry, confidence in the Abbott Governments grasping the spikey privacy concept is a bad joke, this is an issue which in its usual ‘barge arseing‘ will see monies trickled away on poorly trained officers and incorrectly implemented policies and double handed protocols.

What data retention policies do the contractor(s) business model protocols follow? What, if any foreign Governments, can access the data base and which, if any, law enforcement institutions and under which laws, relating to biometrics and facial recognitions data bases, do they have access?

The new system also relies on a whole new e-passport. This is a document which will feature a chip which contains personal identification data as a comparison for the ‘live’ reading of the travellers face when presenting at an e-gate.egatechop

Will e-gate contain errors and be open to exploitation…absolutely.

Should Customs and Border Protective Services rely on it 100%…No.

With increased populations travelling and threat model outcomes justifying such a system, the disproportionate effort required to screen every person ratio to the loss of personal privacy, which some people are willing to sacrifice, itself a construct made possible by the media outpouring with unsupported claptrap about returning jihadists “…what if they came back..?” played upon in an almost “Churchillian Blitz” era community stance for the greater good, which will lend itself to an authoritarian statistic collecting Government Department which will know more about its citizens than is healthy.

“…anything you say, can and will be used against you in a court of law...”

Is e-gate something which should just happen and not be questioned?…NO!

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