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(GRAPHIC VIDEO) Islamic State Beheads American Journalist Steven Sotloff

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A new video has been posted on the internet by the Islamic State titled “A Second Message to America,” showing the beheading of American journalist Steven Sotloff, two weeks after the group published a similar video of American photojournalist James Foley suffering the same fate.

“I’m back, Obama, and I’m back because of your arrogant foreign policy towards the Islamic State,” a masked militant believed to be the same who executed Foley addresses the president in the latest video.

Kneeling in an orange jump suit, Sotloff is seen in the clip reading a statement to the president as Foley did before him.

“Obama, your foreign policy of intervention in Iraq was supposed to be for preservation of American lives and interests, so why is it that I am paying the price of your interference with my life?” Sotloff asks.

A 31-year-old freelance journalist who has written for Time magazine and the Christian Science Monitor, among others, Sotloff was kidnapped near Aleppo, Syria in August 2013.

In the video of Foley’s execution last month, the Islamic State demanded that President Obama cease attacks on the group or else risk Sotloff becoming the next casualty of the group’s violent campaign in Iraq and Syria. Sotloff’s fate, a militant warned Pres. Obama last month, “depends on your next decision.”

In response, Sotloff’s mother posted a minute-and-a-half-long video plea asking Islamic State leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi to release her son.

“As your missiles continue to strike our people, our knife will continue to strike the necks of your people,
” the masked man says before killing Sotloff.

UPDATE 10/12/2014

Included in the fourth issue of the Islamic State’s magazine DABIQ, the group published a letter allegedly written by Steven Sotloff to his mother just days before his murder:


Another captured civilian — David Cawthorne Haines of the UK — will be the next murdered unless “this evil alliance of America against the Islamic State” ends, the IS militant warns at the end of the video. UPDATE 09/13/2014 (GRAPHIC VIDEO) Islamic State Beheads British Aid Worker David Haines


Haines is a Briitsh national who did security work for a string of aid organizations.

An official with Nonviolent Peaceforce, a civilian peacekeeping group, confirmed to NBC News that the man in the video did security work for them in South Sudan in 2012 and was working for another aid group when he was reported abducted in early 2013 in Syria. Haines also had experience with the British military and was “very familiar with insecure locations,” according to the official.

A LinkedIn profile for Haines lists him as the Consultant Director of Croatia-based company Astraea, which supplies kitchen equipment. Haines writes on his page that he has “23 years of working experience in ever increasing positions of responsibility within privates, NGO and military environments.” Haines also worked for a company called Military Sales & Service from January 1988 – October 1999 where he worked in various roles. Among those roles was “threat assessments in a number of different countries.”

Officials told BBC News that Prime Minister David Cameron had known for months that IS had seized a Briton. Downing Street says it has not commented on the fate of the British hostage while there has been what officials call “strong family liaison” with his relatives.

It appears from chatter on ISIS forums that the initial video release was an unintentional leak from within ISIS circles. An ISIS-affiliated twitter account (now suspended) published the video ahead of the prescribed time. Another ISIS-affiliated account, @Khattabyaz pulled them up on their error, but at that point it was too late, and the video was in circulation. The group then apologised to its followers for the lack of discipline in a text missive on JustPaste, saying:

“A clarification about the mistake was made by “Uyun al-Ummah” account, that has published the video before the official time.

The user saw a tweet with the video and thought it was published officially. We tried to remove the video after we understood that his was published by mistake, and we are sorry to the followers of the Islamic State.”

  1. […] The video also shows another man on his knees who is identified as American journalist Steven Sotloff. The Islamic State member says that Sotloff’s future “depends” on President Obama’s “next decision.” Sotloff, a freelance journalist for Time, the National Interest and MediaLine, went missing in Syria in August 2013 after being kidnapped near the Syrian-Turkish border. UPDATE 09/02/2014 (GRAPHIC VIDEO) Islamic States Beheads American Journalist Steven Sotloff […]

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    (GRAPHIC VIDEO) Islamic State Beheads American Journalist Steven Sotloff

  3. We are coming for you coward – take off your mask and show your cowardice face – unlike those you cut the heads off. The green screen isn’t necessary anymore – we know where you are – who you are – how to get you.

  4. are people really stupid enough to not see how fake this is?
    obvious fake GREEN SCREEN background
    TRIPOD with multiple fixed camera angles
    MIC BOOM to eliminate background noise
    “islamic” Terrorist who can’t speak Arabic!
    totally prepared propaganda remarks by the “victim” steven Sotloff who is an ISRAELI CITIZEN who graduated the Isareli military university.
    …and the best part is how ISIS “The most feared terrorists” decide to cut the video, right at the most gory part.. the beheading!
    btw… if you were being held prisoner by a terrorist group about to cut off your head… im sure they would have roughed you up a little… not even a black eye, and they took the time to clean him up and put him in a bright orange jump suit just for the video!

    I am honestly shocked that anybody can be stupid enough to believe this to be real.

    I suggest somebody watch a REAL beheading video and you will notice the glaring diffferences… and will actually see a beheading… not a cut scene to different stationary camera angle, followed by a cut scene to another camera angle showing a “severed: head”

  5. here’s a REAL beheading video. Notice the differences
    1) it’s in a REAL place… not a “blank desert” background
    2) the camera is a hand held. not a stationary mounted HD camera
    3) you can clearly hear the background “buzz” picked up by the camera vs only hearing extremely clear speaking, with no distortion or background noise (boom microphone)
    4) when the camera changes angles you can tell it’s a “start” “stop” vs camera changing angles while people are still speaking (more than one camera filming at once)
    5) the victim is clearly scared, beaten and about as dirty you would expect a prisoner of war to be vs the “victim” looks calm, completely untouched, well groomed, and is in a SPOTLESS bright orange jump suit! (terrorists give out uniforms to their prisoners? esp when about the cut their head off?)
    6) the obvious beheading.. in all it’s gut wrenching nastyness complete with screams of agony and blood. vs the obvious cutting of the camera BEFORE the beheading.. no blood until we see the “severed head” in a different camera shot after a professional “pan tilt” camera shot (Would a terrorist cut out the most important part of the video?) nope… but somebody making a fake would cut out the part that would be hardest to fake!

  6. I have no sympathy for these photographers, video guys, and journalists who feel like they have to go into the field to tell the story. You risked your life for financial gain and fame? That is your fault if you get caught, you are not a POW. And now we are sending troops over because of this? Mheh.

    The only people I cry for are the loved left behind, because those captured and murdered were too selfish to think about their loved ones.

  7. You are sick cunts posting this filthy terrorist propaganda, and no I haven’t watched it. To honour the memory of these poor murdered men and their families take this stuff off the net now! by hosting this shit you’re as evil as ISIS.

    • People have the right to view this. Censorship is wrong in a free State.

    • Did you even read anything here? It’s fake as fuck. No one could give a speech before their own beheading. Most people cry and beg for their life instead. Plus it is a free country. And if your worried about supporting terrorist. someone posting a video is the least of your worries…

  8. […] bare hill in a landscape that appears identical to where two American journalists, James Foley and Steven Sotloff, were also beheaded by the group in the past […]

  9. why do the Evil swine look like Ninjas?

  10. Multiculturalism at its best… We will probably watch such pictures from Europe in a few years.

  11. For you idiots that don’t believe this is real (because they had better audio and video equipment – REALLY?!!) You are probably those that say the holocaust really never took place. You soil the honor of these men that died at the hands of terrorists, and you are no better than the terrorists themselves – to mock them and say what they endured isn’t real. This group is evil personified and make the Nazis look like cuddly teddy bears. ALL NATIONS need to unite and obliterate this group. They are cold-blooded murderers who are also cowards. Be a man and take off your mask and show us who you are if this is a cause you believe in so much. These men who were martyred were braver, stronger, and more honorable men than you will ever be.

  12. […] but it is likely he is being held in Syria where other hostages US journalists James Foley, Steven Sotloff and UK aid worker David Haines, were murdered in IS’s de-facto capital of […]

  13. This shit is fake. .. all of this shit is fake… . Only an idiot would believe that this is real.. who’s idea was this? They want you out of office bad brother

  14. […] American power, Ellsberg said. “Why did ISIS choose this moment to put on consecutive/public/beheadings? They want U.S. airstrikes. Now, how could they want U.S. airstrikes? Well, they kill a […]

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  22. […] announcement of Kassig’s death, in what would be the fifth such killing of a Western/captive by the group, was part of a 15-minute video in which Islamic State shows […]

  23. […] announcement of Kassig’s death, in what would be the fifth such killing of a Western/captive by the group, was part of a 15-minute video in which Islamic State shows […]

  24. […] on a hillside in a rocky desert (similar to that of previous hostage footage) between two kneeling hostages wearing orange jumpsuits and named on […]

  25. Just horrible and unbelievable

  26. […] the audio video, different than the previous Islamic State execution videos, Goto is seen holding a picture of Yukawa’s beheaded body. “You were […]

  27. […] landscape in the video shows a hill and land covered in scrub, and appears different to the desert setting of previous […]

  28. This is so brutal i cant believe what these people are doing i hope they die the same way they kill that innocent journalist i am a Muslim my self and this is unacceptable in any way this is not a human act these people are animals i hope you rote in hell you stupid terrorist

  29. […] with the beheading of the American James Foley, and then in quick succession the fellow Americans Steven Sotloff and Peter […]

  30. A message to Muhammed Emwazi:
    Thats right, we all know your name. You call us American and British scum, yet it is in Britain where you made friends, went to school, had family. Yet you join ISIS, and hide behind a mask like a little pussy! Let me tell you something. You may have a large number of imbusills lined up to join your so called ‘religious army’ but we have power and faith. Do you not realise that Britain and America both have much stronger forces than you? Yet you hide behind a camera like a little hard man stating that ‘America and Britain are next.’ There are a lot of troops that are going to hunt you down, and behead you, along with your so called Muslim army, even though we all know that you are not muslim. You are scum, who does not deserve to live. We are Britain: Expect us

  31. I am an indian, a teen indian who just turned up to 18 and i am a student of engineering who is willing to join isis and to show america the power of jihad

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  33. […] set, complete with wind machine, are similar to that shown in the beheading videos of James Foley, Steven Sotloff, David Haines, and Alan […]

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