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Australia – Indonesia Enhanced Intelligence Co Operation

In Activism, Australia, Big Brother on August 28, 2014 at 6:46 AM

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Amongst Flashing cameras and handshaking VIPs the petite Australian Foreign Minister Julie Bishop signs an attachment to the Lombok Security Agreement with Enhanced Intelligence CoOperations. Out going Indonesian  PM Yudhoyono signing off on the attachment will possibly mean that the incoming PM Joko Widodo may or may not choose to continue with ratifying the agreement or just to leave it in a holding pattern. The Javanese parliamentarian business model generally lends itself to a post pastural mandate, in as much as ‘let sleeping dogs lie”.
Joko will also have a balance to meet with the increased threat model being posed by returning Jihadists and the continued radicalisation of a factionalised youth movement.

Indonesia has a great need for cash. Almost entirely at the mercy of foreign capital ventures, Joko will be need to pour thirty square feet of concrete per day if any infrastructure modernisation projects are to have any benefit whist he is PM.


Further to this is the Indonesian business and trade Industry which with the right spin could pivot the region into the twenty second century and beyond. In August 2013, the head of Indonesia’s State Intelligence Agency (BIN), Lieutenant-General Marciano Norman, played down the security scandal stating that Snowden should not be trusted. According to Marciano, because of Snowden’s dislike of the United States, he wanted to wreck the US relationship with other members of the G20 group of nations. In this example it remains clear to see that some Government officials see the needs of the many outweighing the privacy of a few. With the new attachment this is now about Intelligence Agencies sharing Intelligence as opposed to gathering it on each other.

video from ABC

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