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DOJ OIG Reviews of FBI Use of National Security Letters 2003-2009

In Archive, FBI, NSL, Surveillance on August 15, 2014 at 2:34 AM



(PDF) Released 10/22/2014


(PDF) Released 10/22/2014


 (PDF) Released 08/14/2014

via Marcy Wheeler:

FBI Hides Its Use of NSLs from Congress

The FBI Has Significant Problems Counting Its National Security Letters

The Majority of 215 Orders Come from Internet Companies that Refuse NSLs

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  1. […] National security letters (NSLs) are a form of administrative subpoena issued by the FBI in national security investigations without court approval. In particular, Merrill wants to be able to talk about the specific types of records the government demanded that he disclose, which he refused to do. […]


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