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FBI Physical/Internet Surveillance of Stratfor Hacker Jeremy Hammond

In Anonymous, Archive, FBI, Hacking, Jeremy Hammond, Stratfor, Surveillance on August 12, 2014 at 7:11 PM

Files from a cache of sealed court documents—roughly 3 gigabytes of chatroom logs and assorted surveillance records acquired by the Daily Dot and withheld from the public by order of a New York federal judge.

Sources: Kevin Collier/KernelMag/Dell Cameron/Daniel Stuckey

Stratfor was one of the largest hacks in American history, left in a smoldering ruin by the time AntiSec was done with it. The group deleted several of the company’s databases, exfiltrated an estimated 60,000 credit card numbers and related data, and through the whistleblower organization WikiLeaks, leaked 5 million internal office emails. The hack caused an estimated $3.78 million worth of damage. Sup_g not only bragged about each step in the chat, he detailed the technical knowledge necessary to have pulled it off.

For the FBI, there was one big question: Who was sup_g in real life? The answer came not in the form of a singular revelation, but in a series of seemingly distant dots, between Hammond’s oblique online references and his real-world actions, connected through on-the-ground surveillance.

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FBI Surveillance Photos of Jeremy Hammond






FBI Internet Surveillance of Jeremy Hammond


FBI Floor Plan of Jeremy Hammond’s House


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