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0z Data Retention and the Magic Roundabout

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If all the confusion on data retention seems familiar, think back to Nicola Roxon and the Labour Party’s attempt at basically the same issue. But that was a Gillard Government..or was it Rudd?..and this is now.

August the sixth 2014 , a resuscitation of the “data retention issue”  along with a multi prong policy designed to thwart “terrorism” springs forth. The Prime Minster and the Attorney General wrestle live on the air waves, demonstrating their skill with metadata spin. However what seems more likely is that Telecommunication Companies and Internet service providers will use this policy as an excuse to increase services charges which will trickle down to the end user. Collecting bulk un-encrypted metadata is super expensive, right?

One such claim being made by iiNet is that implementing such a plan would cost between $500 – $600 million dollars “depending on how the Government defines metadata”. Without being too specific about cost breakdowns and inflation timelines that ‘could’ equate to an increase of up to $10 per month.

If todays media debacle is anything to use as a gauge of policy implementation then its going to be an expensive mess which Australian Internet may never recover from. The internet as we now know it could be a thing of the fast approaching past.

Firstly Mr Abbott appears on morning TV shows eloquently splashing about with unfamiliar terminology, and doesn’t his body language show?

Later in the afternoon Australian Attorney General George Brandis appears running the afternoon media gauntlet but making more of a mess of things just like his predecessor Nicola did.

Interesting point is Mr Brandis says the Government is not interested in illegal downloads. Maybe the reason for that is a solution has already been worked out.

One thing is clear..Australia has made a dog’s breakfast out of the internet. Poorly written laws will be a burden for future generations. Intellectual Property and Copyright Laws will see people struck off  from internet providers for sharing a link.


Freya Newman, the New Matilda leak and Tony Abbott’s daughter.

The computer-hacking incident has since become a criminal investigation that is nearing completion, following a complaint to police from management of the Whitehouse Institute about a major security breach involving the alleged illegal accessing and distribution of confidential student records.

NSW police have charged Freya Newman, a 20-year-old communications student from the University of Technology, Sydney, with unauthorised access to restricted data held in a computer. This led to student records about a $60,000 scholarship granted to Tony Abbott’s daughter being leaked to the online magazine New Matilda.

Allegedly Freya Newman was initially identified in CCTV vision.

Update 18 Sept 2014 Freya has plead guilty to accessing restricted records.



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