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The tail of the zero day

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via digitalfolklore

Zero day vulnerabilities have crept into the popular mind set of internet users in the surveillance and anti-surveillance communities across the internet in recent times.

The magical unseen and unknown ‘backdoors’ and trapdoors captivate the media and users alike.

But how much of it is real and how much of it is a ‘fairy tale’?

Exodus Intelligence have risen from the ether with claims of a zero day in ‘Tails’, the some what popular live operating system that one can start on almost any computer from a DVD,USB orSD card.

“How could this be?” shouts the angry mob, fully equiped with burning torches, preparing to chase the monster into the old mill.

The fact that vulnerabilities exist in every operating system used and to be used is just a fact,…like animal husbandry…it just is.

And like animal husbandry if you have something which people want, like zero day vulnerabilities, you can make some big money selling them. This particular flavour commands a cool million dollars.

Exodus Intelligence, who are based in Austin, Texas..yet another odd coincidence in itself, put out a video which demonstrates the ‘de-anonymizing’ a tails user.

The video was small in detail and had been re-edited below in 1080HD for your convenience.


Below is 9300 Research Blvd Texas, suite 308 is the home of Exodus Intelligence as seen via google


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