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HopeX or Hackers on Planet Earth 2014 took place over the July weekend 18th – 20th.

Below are some of the recorded streams put in one place for your convenience.

The Many Faces of LockSport

In the past decade, the hacker subculture of LockSport has seen a tremendous explosion. What was once the purview of dedicated specialists, far-flung hobbyists, and college students meeting in secret is now featured prominently at technical conferences, family-oriented science fairs, and even TV shows. The Open Organisation Of Lockpickers now has nearly 20 chapters across the Netherlands, the United States, and Canada. Sportsfreunden der Sperrtechnik is still going strong with hundreds of members. Locksport International has meetup groups in major cities. Regional groups like the Fraternal Order Of LockSport, the Longhorn Lockpicking Club, the FALE Association of Locksport Enthusiasts, and more conduct local meetings and engage in joint ventures with larger organizations. At the annual LockCon conference, sport pickers from over a dozen countries gather to learn from one another and compete head to head. Despite the shared interest and community between all LockSport groups, there is great variation between the cultures and values of these participants. This panel discussion will feature some of the key figures from various locksport organizations around the world and will hopefully highlight some of those differences and offer the audience a chance to ask questions about locks, LockSport, and competitive lock-opening. (A primer on basic lock-picking and lock-opening techniques will be offered very quickly at the start of the session if you’ve never learned these kinds of skills before!)

Speakers: Deviant Ollam; Jos Weyers; Doug Farre; JGor; Ray


Dark Mail

The Dark Mail Initiative represents a collaborative effort to bring about a new generation of standards designed to provide automatic end-to-end encryption for email. The presentation will cover the “dmail” architecture, with a focus on the key elements of the design that allow it to overcome some of the most problematic traditional usability issues, all the while preserving a world-class guarantee of security. Dark Mail stands in a unique position against most competing technologies because of its commitment to complete transparency, both in the proposed open dmail specifications and in the open source implementation that is targeted for release later this year. The talk will also include a short discussion of the Lavabit legal saga that precipitated the dmail development effort, the design goals of the project, and an explanation of why these goals are important, both to the computer security community and to society at large. The discussion will conclude with a short update on the status of the reference implementation development effort.

Speakers: Ladar Levison; Stephen Watt

(Unfortunately only half of this talk was recorded due to the lack of audio.)


Unmasking a CIA Criminal 

“Her name is Alfreda Frances Bikowsky.” While those six words may seem innocuous, according to the Central Intelligence Agency, if made publicly, they might have sent Ray and his journalist colleagues to prison. On September 8, 2011, they received the first in a series of phone calls and emails from CIA’s media rep Preston Golson. “We strongly believe it is a potential violation of federal criminal law [the IIPA Intelligence Identities Protection Act] to print the names of two reported undercover CIA officers whom you claim have been involved in the hunt against al Qa’ida.” They had used this approach successfully several times in the past to persuade some of America’s most respected journalists – Jane Mayer of The New Yorker, Adam Goldman and Matt Apuzzo of the Associated Press, among others – to withhold her name from the public. Seeking advice from the ACLU’s National Security Project, its lead attorney Ben Wizner made them aware that she had become something of an open secret in his world. They had stumbled onto a hornet’s nest. Bikowsky, as it turned out, was the person credited internally with the greatest PR coup of the Obama White House, the successful assassination earlier that year of Osama bin Laden. As chief of the Global Jihad Unit, she reportedly runs the nation’s drone strikes program. She is a through-line running from the failure to prevent 9/11 to the push for war in Iraq to the development of the CIA’s renditions, black sites, and torture program and continuing to today’s targeted assassinations in countries around the world. Through her story, we can see the details of a devolution in the rule of law and the justice system in America, as well as the impetus for and birth of what some call the “war on whistleblowers and journalists.” For 20 years, she has been at the center of history, yet the covert nature of her job has prevented that history from ever before being told to the public in one place. Doing so is necessary for a democratic citizenry to have an informed discussion about national security and intelligence policy in America’s continuing fight against terrorism.

Speakers: Ray Nowosielski


Project PM: Crowdsourcing Research of the Cyber-Intelligence Complex

In April 2013, the FBI sought information on what the journalist Barrett Brown was doing with an open source collaborative wiki that he founded called Project PM, and were equally as curious about what kind of dirt he had on his hard drives about the government contractors and intelligence firms he investigated on that site. Edward Snowden’s leaks about the NSA have since exposed only the tip of the iceberg with regards to how much the U.S. intelligence community is capable of, and those efforts are largely assisted by the likes of companies who Project PM set out to research: Ntrepid, Abraxis Hacking Team, Cubic, Endgame, Palantir, and others. Now, more than ever, is the time to collect and analyze open source information about the shadowy companies who operate on behalf of the U.S. government, often without being held accountable.

Speakers: Andrew Blake; Gregg Housh; Kevin Gallagher; Joe Fionda; Douglas Lucas


SecureDrop: A Wikileaks in Every Newsroom

SecureDrop is an open-source whistleblower submission system that media organizations can use to securely accept documents from and communicate with anonymous sources. The platform has been deployed and is being actively used by an array of journalistic organizations to provide a secure and usable platform for whistleblowers to get in touch with journalists while protecting their own identity. The talk will begin with a broad overview of the project and then go into more detail: what does the network architecture look like, what does it provide, and what cryptographic primitives are used?

Speakers: William Budington; Garrett Robinson; Yan Zhu


Blinding the Surveillance State

We live in a surveillance state. Law enforcement and intelligence agencies have access to a huge amount of data about us, enabling them to learn intimate, private details about our lives. In part, the ease with which they can obtain such information reflects the fact that our laws have failed to keep up with advances in technology. However, privacy enhancing technologies can offer real protections even when the law does not. That intelligence agencies like the NSA are able to collect records about every telephone call made in the United States or engage in the bulk surveillance of Internet communications is only possible because so much of our data is transmitted in the clear. The privacy enhancing technologies required to make bulk surveillance impossible and targeted surveillance more difficult already exist. We just need to start using them.

Speakers: Christopher Soghoian


A Conversation with Edward Snowden

We had to keep this bombshell quiet til the last minute since some of the most powerful people in the world would prefer that it never take place. (Even at this stage, we wouldn’t be surprised at mysterious service outages, but we believe the hacker spirit will trump the unprecedented might of the world’s surveillance powers. Fingers crossed.)

Daniel Ellsberg has been an inspiration to Edward Snowden and Ellsberg himself has expressed his admiration of Snowden’s actions in releasing information revealing the extent of NSA’s spying on civilians around the globe, including within the United States. Ellsberg changed the conversation in the height of the Vietnam War through the Pentagon Papers – by revealing deceptive practices by the government. Snowden has also dramatically changed the conversation on surveillance and intelligence-gathering with his revelations.

We’re honored and proud to have HOPE be the forum via which these two American heroes converse. Snowden is, of course, still unable to leave Russia because of the threat he faces from the authorities in the United States. So he will be joining us and speaking on a video link right after Daniel Ellsberg’s keynote.

Speakers: Edward Snowden; Daniel Ellsberg; Trevor Timm


ps.. I uploaded a small part of what I had actually recorded, I believe a DVD will be made available (?)

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