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Israel’s ‘knock on roof” unspun

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This is the ‘knock on roof’ technique that the Israeli Forces use to destroy homes and infrastructure which is linked or associated with Hamas.

A grenade is detonated on the roof of the structure, which produces a quiet sizeable shock wave to the building. The people inside can be heard shouting and crying as they make sense of what just happened.

This is a warning…the real thing is on its way..

The video shows an apparent 85 seconds elapse and two sizeable explosions hit the building within a seconds of each other. However there is some time (allegedly 15 minutes) edited out…giving an impression that the time elapsed is 85 seconds. Of course the true and accurate time can only be made from an unedited video. The fact that Palestinian people are still dying in these attacks seems to suggest that 15 minutes may be exaggerated.

Some 869 houses destroyed by Israeli forces in this way.

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