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Sabu walks from court

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Sabu has walked from court today, sentenced to time served plus one year “supervised release.” He was reportedly  “praised” by U.S. District Judge Loretta Preska.  (transcript) The same judge who imposed the decade long detention of Jeremy Hammond.

“The things you did were not so good,” Preska said to Monsegur in her final words in the hearing. But “you have done as much as any human can do” to make up for those actions, she added, “and I salute you for that.”

Sabu, Hector Monsegur certainly seemed to have packed on the pounds which may have been the result of his bail revocation in 2012 between May and December or his delusional agoraphobia.

Probation and monitoring will ensue…possibly for the term of his natural life.

Monsegur was originally arrested in June 2011 and plead guilty in August 15th 2011. (originally sealed).

Sabu had been an integral part of the arrest of “Kayla,” who specialized, among other things, in “social engineering” – that is, manipulating others into divulging personal information such as login credentials;sabu27May2014

 “T-Flow,” who served as an organizer, analyzing information provided by members of the group in order to direct other members what to do next;

 “Topiary,” who served from time to time as the public face of Anonymous and LulzSec, giving interviews to media outlets and writing public communications on LulzSec’s behalf;

  “AVUnit,” who provided computer infrastructure for the group such as

  “Pwnsauce,” who performed some of the same work as Monsegur and Kayla.

In addition to the six “core” members identified above, several individuals were loosely affiliated with Monsegur and LulzSec, including, significantly, Donncha O’Cearrbhail, a/k/a “palladium,” and Jeremy Hammond, a/k/a “Anarchaos.”

>Governmnets limited pre-sentencing submission 23rd May 2014 

The complete LulzSec Indictments

> Sabu’s twitter timeline


More: FBI Press Release 

The Defence zip file (via Cryptome) 5MB

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