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USA v. Barrett Brown Gag Order Lifted & Documents Unsealed, Including Plea Agreement

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Today district court judge Sam Lindsay issued an order unsealing documents and vacating the September 4, 2013 gag order in Barrett Brown’s case. A veil of unnecessary secrecy that loomed over this case has finally been lifted. Here are some critical previously sealed documents:

Plea Agreement – 04/02/2014

Brown only pleaded to three counts: transmitting a threat in interstate commerce, accessory after the fact to unauthorized access to a protected computer, and interfering with the execution of a search warrant. Statutorily, he faces a maximum sentence of 102 months imprisonment (8.5 years) but will likely serve considerably less.

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Factual Resume – 03/31/2014

Government’s Opposition to Defense Motion to Dismiss (CR-317)  – 02/14/2014

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Government’s Opposition to Defense Motion to Dismiss (CR-030) – 03/20/2014

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This order was eagerly anticipated, as for some time the prosecution has been abusing its power to request the sealing of documents, simply in order to block media scrutiny. While we welcome the sunshine, some aspects of this case, such as the detention hearing, still remain sealed for no justifiable reason. If you’re curious about the circumstances that originally gave rise to the gag order, read this transcript of the hearing:

The Barrett Brown Review of Arts and Letters and Jail

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