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Internet Gun Runners

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Sending guns through the mail has always been a problem for authorities, but when you add the internet, it becomes a tidal power.

The numbers of parcels sorted and delivered each month by delivery centres all around the world has increased exponentially.

And where there is an opportunity to take advantage of a loop hole in a system there is little doubt that eventually it is expanded upon and all control is lost.

Criminal groups have recently been using the “dark web” or the “hidden web” to sell guns, and gun components through the internet.

The phenomenon on its own is a concern , however when corruption is added into the equation a systemic breakdown of protocol occur.

This inevitably leads to an increased danger to the publics safety and an increase in violent crimes.

Recent prosecutions have shown how corruption within the system is facilitating gun component deliveries and enabling this to continue undetected.

The extradition of  two Australian men over gun smuggling earlier this year serves as evidence as to the corruption within the system which is enabling this to continue.







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