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Cyber Maturity in the Asia Pacific Region 2014

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The report which is available as a 3.5MB pdf which places Australia in second place, behind America, but ahead of China in cyber capabilities.




The report is written by  Tobias Feakin, Jess Woodall and Klée Aiken and published through Australian Strategic Policy Institute, or the ASPI.

It reads more like a score card, the same criteria is marked off against each country in a tabulated format. This then gives a ranking from highest to lowest.

Throughout the criteria the most common flaw seems to be out dated or poorly maintained infrastructure which is impeding the internet access to a population.

Some countries receive high praise for scoring in the eighty percents as others are relegated to “poor” and “disconnected”.

What the report fails to highlight is the difference between internet subscriptions and mobile phones connected to the internet, or is this a statistical trick, often used to make things seem more than what they really are…?

For example does an internet connection mean a ‘hand held‘ device or ‘internet subscription‘ which could include numerous devices. or are they deemed the same? For example Australia has 12.4 million internet subscriptions at the end of June 2013, and 19.6 million Australians have mobile phones connected to the internet. 

Singapore has high internet connectivity: about 74.2% of its population uses the internet, with 123.3 mobile-broadband subscriptions per 100 inhabitants.






It is interesting to note that some of the major sponsors that ASPI want us to know about at least, are not quiet the sort of companies you would expect to find in an Australian Strategic Policy Institute Report. Serco, Boeing and IBM…?


The ABC Lateline called it “A landmark report released tonight..” possibly ignorant to the major sponsor tab on the web site, or perhaps just the web site itself…but why the complete lack of  reporting on this fact in the ABC Report is a mystery. The other interesting aspect to this report  is the “overall digital strength”. How is that calibrated? Is it perhaps the population of a city divided by the number of internet connections and multiplied by the mega bit download or some other arbitrary formula intended to bamboozle and confuse?


The Bottom line of this auspicious report …we’re better than China…so everything is okay.






Below is a table which shows by country the ‘scores, by category’ each received in the ASPI report methodology.  You can also compare the 2007 report.aspi-3

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